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Planet Alert January 2011

Happy New Year everyone and may this be the best year ever. We are now in the year 2011. What will happen in this wonderful New Year? Will we continue to think with our hearts and glow with the light of God? I sure hope so because it is time for us to manifest a new reality of magic and miracles. When we feel joy or bliss in our hearts everything will start to open for us. We have a blank screen in front of us ready for our creations.

We finished a 26,000 year cycle on Dec 21, 2010 and have now moved into an entirely new reality. The solstice and lunar eclipse in December signaled the end of the Kali Yuga Vedic Astrology cycle, and the end of a 26,000 year cycle of Capricorn. Capricorn rules materialism, controllers, big business, governments and structures and is ruled by the planet Saturn which has been considered the karmic planet. This means our karma is over, and we have moved into the Golden Age of Aquarius which will bring us joy and happiness.

We moved into the transition period of the Age of Aquarius in February of 1962 when several planets lined up in that sign. We went through the roaring sixties and then entered the space age. Before we knew it we had computers, and eventually the World Wide Web. What a marvelous invention. Now we can connect to anyone, anywhere in the world, at the touch of our keyboard. Isn’t that fun?

I know there are many people out there who are still caught in their trauma and drama and they need our help. We can help them by being who we are and shining our light. We can heal them simply by our presence. We have been told in the past that there would be three different waves of light or ascension. I believe the first wave happened on December 21, 2010. The second wave will happen on October 28, 2011, and the third wave will happen on December 21, 2012 which I believe is the end of time as we know it.

We are still in the transition phase and Mother Earth will continue to cleanse herself by natural disasters like storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, snow, rain, and floods. We have sure seen a lot of storms and flooding in the past year. This has been from all of the Pisces energy from Uranus and Jupiter both being in that water sign. Now the planets are beginning to move. Jupiter goes into a fire sign on January 22, 2011. This will cause more fire events like fires and volcanic eruptions. Then when Uranus goes into Aries there will be fire energy for seven years. Fire is our passion within and lots of creative juice will be flowing through us, including the fire of our Kundalini energy.

Then Chiron enters Pisces on February 10, 2011 where it will stay for eight years. This will bring bliss to many people. Then the node moves into Sagittarius on March 3rd, and the 9th wave of the Mayan calendar starts on March 9th and time will start to speed up really fast. If you think time has been going fast in the past few years it will be nothing compared to how fast time will speed up this year until we reach the time of no time on December 21, 2012. We will then be living totally in the Now.

We are about to have lots of changes. We start the New Year of the Rabbit on February 3rd, which is a much gentler year than the year of the Tiger has been. There will be more cooperation with leaders around the world, and this may just be the beginning of peace on Earth. There will also be more cooperation with those who have started thinking with their heart.

The United States has been the leader of the world for a long time and our president Barack Obama has the signature of Ben, the Red Skywalker as his Mayan Dreamspell glyph. This means that he is a time-space traveler who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing heaven on Earth. Ben is unlimited in form but often chooses the form of the angelic messenger. Ben is at the forefront of conscious thought and ahead of its time, for it is a frequency that anchors a new vision.

Doesn’t it sound like we have the right person as our leader for this time period? Isn’t it time to support our leaders and quit fighting them? How can we create peace on Earth when there is so much dissension, critism, and fighting everything our leader tries to do? It is time to speak up, but do it in a peaceful way. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me. Maybe it is time to stop listening to the negative and fear thoughts that are so prevalent on the web and in our news right now. When I hear something negative happen I say ‘that is not my reality’. I choose to live in peace, love and abundance. All is well in my world.

I honor all the people who have brought out information to educate people on how much we have been controlled by the bankers and the secret world government. And of course the UFO information was also covered up. Many people lost their lives because of the information they brought forward. All of this negativity had to come to the surface for everyone to look at and see for themselves what has been going on in our world and more will probably come to the surface this year. We do have to deal with what is in front of us, but I think it is time to forget about the conspiracy theories and vibrate to the new energy. If we start to vibrate high enough, our problems will cease to exist. We will then be manifesting a new reality.

In numerology this year can be either a 4 or a 13 vibration. It’s 2011! Many people look at it as a 11 year which can manifest as peace and cooperation. Others see a 4 or a 13, or even a 22. I prefer the number 13 because that is the vibration of Goddess energy. It’s also the number of change and transformation. Four is the foundation of something, and this could be the foundation of the new reality we have just entered.

We also start the New Year with a solar eclipse on January 4th on 13 degrees Capricorn. This degree will affect Washington, D.C. which is 13 degrees Cancer, and run all the way down to Florida and the Caribbean. We do have new government leaders that are about to start their new jobs. Let’s send them lots of light for their highest and best good.

This eclipse also affects the longitude lines from 60 to 90 degrees west longitude, which is basically the area from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. Arkansas is around 94 degrees longitude. What caused all those birds and fish to die? Was it gas from an underground volcano in that area? Is it showing signs of erupting, or is the New Madrid fault ready to go? The energy from the December 21 solstice was directly over the New Madrid fault. Check out an old article on my blog about the Gulf oil spill the forecasts in that article have started to happen with the stopping of the Gulf Stream. Chili and Argentina are both within the 60 to 90 longitude where seven plus quakes have already happened. The other side of the world will also be affected like China and the South Pacific. The areas affected by the darkness will be North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

The meaning of 13 degrees Capricorn is ‘a fire worshiper meditating on the ultimate realities of existence’.

The mystery of fire has always captured man’s imagination because it is the mystery of all transformations wrapped in the enigma of death. This brings us to the stage beyond life itself. Are you ready to transcend into a higher frequency?

When the node moves into Sagittarius in March, and Mars and Jupiter move into Taurus in May and June of this year I think we will start to see the beginning of a new monetary system. This could be a system backed by gold. Neptune will be moving into its own sign of Pisces on April 5, 2011. Then we can welcome higher consciousness into our reality. Neptune is a beautiful feminine, magnetic planet that rules water and the oceans. It manifests a higher frequency than Venus. There will be lots of changes this year. Some will be considered negative and some positive. Out of the chaos will come a new reality. So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings.
***** Mahala Gayle *****

On December 30th I was on the Tazz and Paula Internet radio program. That program is now on my blog at for your listening pleasure.

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Planet Alert January 2011 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your input. I respect your views. We all see the world through different eyes. I am focused mainly on the higher aspect of life. I used to read all the conspiricy theories until I realized that I would get into fear and that is not where I wanted to be. In order to ascend we need to be in the love vibration. If more people would become love the world would become peaceful.

    I know there are a lot of people who do not like Obama. It seems to be that way as soon as someone becomes president and has to deal with the world controllers (bankers) behind the scene. Everyone wants everything their way thus the fighting. Then nothing gets done. Fighting does not work. United you stand, divided you fall. However, we are in the time period of the downfall of the controllers and they will soon be out of power because they can’t handle the high frequency energy that is now coming to earth. Then watch what happens.

    Love to you!

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Some people say it’s been a 24,000 year cycle, others say 25,000 year cycle and still others say it’s been a 26,000 year cycle.
    I go by the 26,000 year cycle because I had a dream last February and was told in my dream that we would end a 26,000 year cycle at the time of the winter solstice December 21, 2010. My dreams have been very accurate in the past and so I believe what I was told by spirit.
    Thank you for asking.

  3. I forwarded your last e-mail “Planet Alert January 2011” to a friend and she is requesting the following question as I often do some secretary type work for her.

    “Thanks for sharing this. I most times do not read much channeled material but this one I certainly have a good feeling with as far as her intentions for service and a type of accuracy. I had a question maybe you can ask the contact office for this web site. I couldn’t locate it and don’t have time to search but if you can…ask how the 26,000 year cycle ended in comparison to the 24,000 cycle described in Paramahansa Yogananda’s writings regarding the Kali Yuga and that we are entering the 400 year period of the electrical age..thanks when you can.”

    Thank you,

  4. Dearest Mahala,

    I’ve been receiving yours and Doreen’s Astrology reports for several years now thank you.

    Notwithstanding this I must/need take exception to your view of the US Imperium’s titular figure-head in Barack Obama. He may well be the right person for the job, but from who’s perspective? If you are a large banker (not a small one as these are being foreclosed also) or a large corporation or a elite public official or an already rich investor, he Obama might well be perceived as doing a great job!

    However if you are one of the once strong middle class or the working class or the underclass you would be entitled to hold an opposed view. Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign was supported by millions of young and idealistic folk who flocked to his message of change.. equally the folks who payed the bills for the most expensive election campaign to date also expected something for their hundreds of millions of dollars of backing.. and guess who to this date has won??

    The corporates and bankers who kicked into the “Obama for President” campaign have total control over your man Barack.

    Many have said to me that I give the fascists too much attention by looking into their activity, and they also wonder whether it affects me adversely? I sleep well at night and are reasonably fit and active for my 52 years. I am a 10th house Sun sign Sagittarian who shares the house with Jupiter resident in Scorpio, so Scorpio MC and thus need to look into and are acknowledged for looking into reality!

    Reality is a vast matrix and is packaged in diverse perspectives dependent on the paradigm and context of the viewer.

    I view reality from the shores of the distant island nation of New Zealand, which whilst not perfect is relatively free…

    so how do we come to an objective truth in respect to Obama, given our divergent views of the head of the Imperium?

    Surely one can view the man and politician through the lens of promise versus achievement.. for after all if what is promised is not forthcoming or in Obama’s case the opposite comes forth, isn’t this an objective analysis which suggests failure in the cause of “we the people?”

    For Astrology to be taken seriously which I do (I’m young in the Round art, I came to it in 2005) it needs to reflect our reality on Earth to fulfil the Hermetic cliché “as is above so below”… and whilst clichéd it must hold truth or the round art fails..

    If Barack Obama was destined to be the saving hope of contemporary times.. he fails his destiny miserably!

    Let’s look at Obama’s Mars at 22Virgo34 and Part of Fortune 27Aries14 from Marc Edmond Jones “Sabian Symbols.” Each symbol has a positive and negative potentiality.. in Obama’s case in both these his will to action and the good fortune that may of been his to call on fails to materialize and thus the potential for good/progress/enlightenment falls..

    Mars 23* Virgo “An animal trainer.. The keyword is ‘Resoluteness.’ When positive the degree is illimitable patience and adroitness in personal accomplishment, and when negative, futile showing off and idle boasting.”

    Part of Fortune 28* Aries “A large disappointed audience.. The keyword is ‘Disjunction.’ When positive, the degree is complete spiritual independence, and when negative, a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of human kind.”

    At any point he could do as Eisenhowser did link; ( and in Obama’s case warn of the current threats, Federal Reserve and Usury, Military Industrial Complex, Corporatization and Globalization, the rise of the Police/Fascist State, Corporate/Elite Money in Politics (which would be tantamount to saying that someone unseen is pulling my strings…)

    see this youtube video entitled, “The Obama Deception” this is an Alex Jones Infowars project however much within it appears to me fact despite the hype..

    in peace and light of an illuminating type one hopes, greg

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