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Astrology Report for December 2010

By Dorene A. Carrel

December is a very dynamic month, highlighted by a very powerful Lunar Eclipse aligned with the Winter Solstice, Galactic Center and World Degree. December also features several challenging Mars aspects to the outer planets, as well as three planetary stations.

The first of these Mars aspects occurs on December 3 when Mars squares Uranus at 27 Sagittarius/Pisces. This aspect produces volatile and explosive energies that are more widespread when in mutable signs. Since Uranus is stationary, that also increases its power. Mars aligns with the Galactic Center and already we have seen the recent release of certain secret documents that may greatly impact world governments. On a personal level, it is best to avoid negative communications and environments during this time.

The New Moon occurs on December 5 at 13 Sagittarius. A new moon presents the opportunity for new beginnings, according to where it falls in one’s chart. Sagittarius represents the quest for truth, justice and greater meaning. This month is favorable for re-examining our beliefs and setting intentions for the future. Sagittarius also rules education, journeys, religion and intuition, as well as our sense of freedom, generosity, trust and optimism. A favorable aspect to Saturn should help us ground those new intentions and provide practical guidelines. The Sabian symbol for this degree is the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, representing “the enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, ‘seed-men’ of a previous cycle of existence,” which shows the importance of connecting with ancient spiritual wisdom to guide us on our search for truth and meaning.

On this same day, Uranus turns direct at 27 Pisces and Mercury aligns with Pluto at 4 Capricorn. This station emphasizes our need for freedom and independence, providing the impulse to break free of any confining situations. The Mercury/Pluto alignment also favorably sextiles Venus, which gives our communications more depth and desire for mutual harmony.

Uranus will be in Pisces until March 22, 2011 and will be traveling fairly close to Jupiter until the latter enters Aries on January 22, 2011. During the next few months we will have a final chance to use the energy from this dynamic combination to attract desired opportunities and beneficial changes into our life, according to where this pair falls in our natal charts. (See Special below).

On December 10, Mercury turns retrograde at 6 Capricorn and travels back into Sagittarius on December 18 until the direct station on December 29. I have found that the Mercury shadow period, about 2-1/2 weeks prior to the actual retrograde, is equally challenging. This cycle is not favorable for long journeys and any travel will require more flexibility due to delays or other changes. Another potential pitfall is overextending oneself, especially trying to accomplish too much with limited time and resources. While Mercury is retrograde, it is wise to only attempt to do one-half of what you normally accomplish. Since this period may be more stressful, having a personal practice like yoga or meditation would be very beneficial. Be especially watchful of overextension from December 15-18, when the Sun and Venus meet up with Jupiter/Uranus.

On December 13, Mercury, Mars and Pluto align together at 5 Capricorn, which can result in volatile situations that may involve past resentments, along with power and control issues. It can also bring a penetrating awareness that leads to practical and productive solutions. As this degree also ties in with last June’s lunar eclipse, events from that period could reappear now for further resolution.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which occurs on December 21 at 29 Gemini, forms a rare alignment with the Winter Solstice. It is also conjunct the Galactic Center, the World Degree and makes aspects to Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and the moon’s nodes. All of these contacts increase the transformational potential of this lunation and set the stage for major world events. This lunation will also re-energize events from this past summer that occurred at this same degree. This is the third of five full moons occurring at 29 degrees, which represents a time of completion and transition. This eclipse will activate any contacts it makes to your natal chart. (See Eclipse Special below).

Gemini features a focus on communications, education and sharing ideas through networking and community, while testing our ability to be versatile and flexible. This is a beneficial period for writing projects, such as journaling or creative writing. The Sabian symbols for these degrees suggest that it is appropriate now to re-examine our personal standards, values and beliefs. The Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus alignment may also bring earth changes and heavy windstorms, so it’s best to be prepared.

On December 29, Mars forms a challenging square to Saturn at 16 Capricorn/Libra 33. Cooperative endeavors may be difficult as individual agendas can clash. We are inclined to be more judgmental with ourselves and others. It’s best to not tackle difficult projects or situations at this time. However, as Mercury also turns direct today, communications should begin to improve and we can move forward again with our plans and goals.

January is highlighted by a Solar Eclipse and Jupiter in Aries. Best wishes for a joyous holiday!

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All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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