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Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Hello Everyone (Dave here),

If life has gotten in the way of following physical events in the heavens, this posting may help serve as a reminder that you’ll want to set aside a little time in just a few hours (12-13) to enjoy the alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

From the NASA Science, Science News site we can find:

The eclipse begins on Tuesday morning, Dec. 21st, at 1:33 am EST (Monday, Dec. 20th, at 10:33 pm PST). At that time, Earth’s shadow will appear as a dark-red bite at the edge of the lunar disk. It takes about an hour for the “bite” to expand and swallow the entire Moon. Totality commences at 02:41 am EST (11:41 pm PST) and lasts for 72 minutes.

They boil all this down to this; if you only give it a couple minutes and if you live on the west coast of North America, you’ll want to get out a midnight.

They also provide a really nice picture outlining (in white) where you’ll get to see all the eclipse.

Enjoy the energy.


Solstice Lunar Eclipse — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Liz, (Dave here) Sorry about that. Life has been pretty busy for me, yet, now that I think of it, the email notification that’s generated by the website only happens once a day around midnight. 🙁 Thus, if I’d posted the previous day, the email would have arrived in time. I’ll try not to forget this again! Here in Seattle, that super high thin (seemingly rainless) cloud cover blocked out the moon and stars. The only view I got was to see a dimmer view of the light reflecting back out into space.

  2. Hi. Wish you had told me about this YESTERDAY, as I could have gone outside and viewed this last night here in Phoenix! Telling me about it the day after it happens just makes me sad that I missed it!


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