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Chemical Poisoning

A First Hand Experience  

I decided to write this article because there are so many people who are becoming chemical sensitive from living on a chemically polluted earth. Chemicals are used in our air, water, houses, cars, crops, on our bodies. and even in what we eat. How many of you know the effects of aspartame in your body? Did you know that it can cause diseases like MS, Parkinson’s and other illnesses, and when it interacts with MSG it can even cause death? Aspartame converts to formaldehyde in your body. I was poisoned by the formaldehyde in my new carpeting, which caused me to become chemical sensitive, which is different than allergies. If I had shampooed my carpeting the poisoning might not have happened. It is also a good idea to wash your new clothes before you wear them because they are sprayed with formaldehyde.

How many of you use the perfumed dryer sheets that can smell up your whole neighborhood? Then you wear that chemical on your body. How many of you use soaps, shampoos, aftershave lotions, or any kind of lotions, or makeup that has chemicals in it. These chemicals can be very difficult to handle for anyone who is chemical sensitive and they can also be harmful to your own body. How many of you have gone to a movie and sat down next to someone who smells like a perfume factory?  Don’t you wonder how they can handle that chemical?

I decided to share my story with you because of my experiences with this disease. How many of you are familiar with chemical poisoning? When I came down with chemical poisoning in the early seventies hardly anyone was aware of what it was. No one knew what to do about it and what the long range effects would be. I found out how it affects people from first hand experience.  First I became very sensitive to any chemical smell, especially shampoo. My eyes would burn, my brain would turn off and I would space out. I would get headaches, lose my energy and generally feel awful. I am also an empath who picks up other peoples pain.

The first thing I did on my way to health was to stop using shampoo. I found a good unscented soap and have been using soap to wash my hair for years. It apparently works well for me because I get comments all the time on how nice my hair looks. They now have unscented shampoo which I use occasionally, but I still prefer using just plain soap. You might want to check the label on the shampoo and make up that you use because a lot of them have chemicals in them that might be detrimental to your body.

I found out how chemicals affected my brain. First the smell went to the Limbic part of my brain and then to the left hemisphere where it damaged my left brain. I was born intelligent with a photographic memory. I could see anything and remember it. After getting poisoned I could no longer take pictures with my brain and remember what I saw. I became dyslexic and started turning my words and letters around. I didn’t like that but it was just the way it was and I had to deal with it. I guess I needed to learn how to use my right brain.

It was many years ago when I first became sick from formaldehyde poisoning from the house I was living in. This later became known as Sick Building Syndrome. I became poisoned in the early seventies and I became deathly sick. My doctor didn’t think I would survive. That was 38 years ago and I am still alive and kicking. At that time they didn’t know what to do for chemical poisoning. I had young children to raise and didn’t want anyone else to raise them so my will power kicked in. I said to myself  “I can cure this problem.” I had no idea what I would have to overcome. Because my body programming automatically responded to chemicals, it was hard to get well. It was a long hard battle but I made it. All is well in my world!

One thing I had a hard time with was the idea that people became uneasy around me when they found out I was chemically sensitive. I learned to keep my mouth shut and just deal with it. It was also very difficult that people had no idea what I was going through. I have always looked very healthy and no one knew I could be fine one moment and in total pain the next. I called it the silent disease because no one understood. If you have a broken arm or something like that people can see that something is wrong with you but if it is chemical sensitivity there are no outward signs. People thought it was all in my head just like they used to think that allergy was all in your head. This was very hard for me to deal with, although, when you get right down to it they are right because all disease starts with your thoughts. Either you decided to experience that disease before you were born, or you created it for other reasons. First there are thoughts, then emotions and then the physical manifestation.

I chose to experience chemical poisoning because I was born with Neptune (chemicals) in exact opposition to Saturn (the karmic lord). At least that is what Saturn used to be considered. Now Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets in our solar system. I hear that the rings around it shimmer like beautiful colored crystals in the glow of the sun. My Saturn is also on the degree of digestive problems, and that has also been a big problem for me. The smells from the chemicals go into my body and make my intestines hurt. There are also chemical additives in food, and cigarette smoke has formaldehyde in it. What a challenge living in an everyday world.

The first thing I did when I became sick was to make my home chemical free. Then I could live in it and start to become well. I still could not stay at anyone else’s house unless there was a lot of fresh air around. One time I went down to Oregon with a group of people and the house we were all staying in had a very strong smell and I had to sleep on the floor with my head sticking out their sliding glass door in order to breath. Asthma was also part of the equation.

My search for health has been long and hard but I have learned a lot from my experiences. In my search for health I tried everything. I think the most important thing is good nutrition and to keep your thoughts positive and laugh at life. There were a lot of funny things that happened to me during my search for health, especially when my brain turned off. I had a fear of talking in public because of that but I did it anyway. When the woman governor of Arizona went blank at a press conference I thought, is she chemical sensitive? How embarrassing!

One of the most important things for my healing was to be outside with nature. I love to go on walks because it is very relaxing for me. Being one with nature is very healing and grounding. It also gives me a different perspective on life. A nice sunny day is very beautiful but so is the rain. Lots of negative ions come from water and they are very good for you.

I went through many detox programs and one day I took a Bentonite clay bath with four pounds of clay. I soaked for twenty minutes and when I got out I was so weak I could hardly move. All those chemicals coming out of my body was a shock to my system but it did the job and released lots of toxins. The foot pads are also good for releasing toxins, and so is taking Chlorella.

It was also important for me to release all the trauma I had been carrying from this life and other lives. It was time to let go and let God. There are also all kinds of healing techniques out there that work. I would like to thank my friend Pat who helped me tremendously in my release work, and Mona who also did lots of healing work on me and so did Brian. Then Katy came along with her Young Living Oils and they work for me. Sandra also did healing on me when she came to visit. Thank you earth angels!  I can now say that I am very healthy. I eat a lot of rice, potatoes, fruit, and vegetables, preferably raw. I also bless my food before I eat it. Love conquers all. I now choose to live on a higher frequency earth in perfect health. So Be It!

Love and Blessings to you!

*****Mahala Gayle*****

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Please check out my son’s blog  He has lots of articles about health and healing on his site. He also has some delicious raw food recipes.

We need to get dangerous chemicals like Aspartame out of our food supply. A friend gave me a CD about the affects of Aspartame and I am putting that on my blog, along with this article. Please listen to this CD even if it is 2 hours long. It might just save your life.

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Chemical Poisoning — 2 Comments

  1. (I don’t know what an HTML tag is.) You will be interested to know that my son, Fouad Dini, has spoken and written extensively about the benefits of a raw food diet. Fouad lives in Jamul, CA, in the San Diego area. I haven’t seen him in a number of years, sadly.

    Thank you for this article and for the additional information. I will be watching for your name. I’m an astrologer, self taught, mostly.

    Barbara Dini

  2. Namaste and love to all,
    I too have recently developed the symptoms in this article. I was greatly relieved to read that Chlorella helps and will find soap that is as pure. Thank you so much for this information. Linda

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