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The New Banking System

I received this email at the time of the solar eclipse which started The Year of the Jubilee. According to the Bible all debts are to be forgiven during the Jubilee year. I’ve been waiting for the new financial system to take effect, maybe it is getting close.

There has been a financial war going on in the world between two different factions. I believe that the new system will be based on gold and will be for the benefit of all people. The powers that be have been working on this new system behind the scenes for a long time and when it finally manifests everyone will be totally surprised.

Several years ago the farmers sued the government over illegal foreclosures of their farms and won. It’s my understanding that the government never paid the farmers but the law is still on the books. This is now coming up for settlement and it will affect everyone. At least that is my understanding.

Here is the email! I think there is a lot of truth in it-use your discernment.

Subject: The Harvest is NOW!
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 19:30:47 -0400

The funding process has begun – not quite the way we thought it would be, it’s even better. Obviously things change as they need to.  A whole  bunch of bad guys who didn’t want you to be free had a lot of money.  Consequently, changes had to be made continually to get this accomplished. Money speaks
volumes.  The bad guys had all the money but they had borrowed that money – and now, that borrowed  money, called debt, has been called.  They’re running on a negative banking system – debt- and debt is AIR
They monetized AIR. And they foreclosed on the AIR.

In Chicago in 1984, the decision to foreclose, which had been made, was actualized.  Plans were all in place to change the entire banking system.  The resources for shifting the wealth of the world were already in place back in 1984.  It was known that if the bad guys fought the changes, they would bankrupt them.  All you have to do is look on your TV to see who has filed for bankruptcy and whose bankruptcy is pending.  Pay attention, folks, there are more on the horizon.  While you’re being distracted by the news, many transfers of ownership have occurred that’s not being broadcast.

The banks have to be and are being scrubbed out, in preparation for the new banking system, which is already on line.  It means  that they can’t steal any money, because it’s already transparent now. There’s something called “The System” that watches every banking transaction throughout the world so no one can get away with Jack.  There never was any such thing as money disappearing.

The way the game was being played, they allowed the power brokers to “do stuff”, giving them opportunity to do the right thing.  For example, in the beginning of the 21st century, during the second bush administration, it was given numerous opportunities to relent, to do the right thing, to clear up corruption that was rampant.  When the people they borrowed from ran out of Patience, the game was called.  Because the bad guys would not relent, their only alternative was to pick their pockets clean.  “They’re just not going to behave, so they’ll be lucky to afford hamburger helper without the meat.  You’ll have to use road kill to make the hamburger helper.”

So fast forward to Now, and the funding process has begun to move forward, more than you can even imagine, awaiting activation.  At the completion of the funding process, all will be activated.  Unemployment will change very quickly; taxes will eventually go away; mortgages will be reset; debt will become a thing of the past. All this is funded by the resources belonging to Humanity, a gigantic sum.

There is much work for all of us to do in making out contribution to the whole.  Here are the priorities:

1. The children and the Elderly: there are 30,000 children who die every day from lack of nutrition and Seniors are forgotten

2.  Vertical Farming to address Urban food needs:

3. Releasing new Medical Technologies to reverse all of the human conditions and increase longevity

4.Special Dome shelters and housing to withstand sudden earth changes
5. Anti-Gravity Technologies to enhance wellness   and reverse longevity

You are about to walk through the Omega door.  We’re living in exciting times.  There’s no time in the past that resembles this time.  There’s nothing to compare it to.  It’s all brand new.  This is what you’ve been waiting for.

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Love and Kisses,

“Poofness” and Friends


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