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The Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010

This was a total solar eclipse and we will feel the effects from it for about three years. The Sun and moon were on 19 degrees Cancer. This degree was right over New York City, which includes the Stock Market and the United Nations. Watch for events to happen in those areas. 

My friend Krsanna decoded the first crop circle of 2010 that appeared in England and I put her article on my blog – please check it out. She says that Sirius was also eclipsed on July 11 and this ends a 49 year cycle. The Bible says that the Jubilee Year starts in the 50th year where all debts are to be forgiven and it is a year of celebration. This means to me that the war between the bankers should be winding down and a new money system for the people put into place. Be prepared for some good things to manifest this year. What appears negative might just turn out for the best.

If you look back 50 years it was 1960 when John Kennedy was elected president. He tried to usher in a new era although the timing was not right and it didn’t work. Now the time is right. Sirius rules Washington, D.C. and we are now starting a new cycle. Sirius is located on 13 degrees Cancer and this is where Washington D.C. is located. We started out with 13 colonies. The symbol of the number 13 is all over our dollar bill, and number 13 rules the Goddess, as witnessed by The Statue of Liberty.

Venus was conjunct Regulus, the royal star of the lion, on 0 degrees Virgo at the time of this eclipse. Virgo is the sign of the Goddess and Venus rules love. Regulus rules the leaders and this star will be moving through the sign of Virgo for the next 2,160 years. The goddess energy will now rule, which includes the soft feminine energy that is in both males and females. This means to me that many women will now come to power in the political arena. I just heard on the news that many women are running for office in the upcoming elections. There will also be many women becoming leaders of corporations. It’s time for the Goddess energy to manifest on Earth. So Be It!


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  1. I am interested in what you say about the Biblical Jubilee …I believe the sabbath is lunar based and not ‘counted’ from Creation (we can’t trust man to do anything right). If one loses track of where we are in the ‘week’ we can look at the moon. Similarly if we forget where we are/were in the sabbatical/jubilee count i expect the answer to be in the sky ..Various sites suggest Sirius B is the answer but no-one explains if its possible to see/work out how long to the next jubilee. any thoughts would be apprciated

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