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The Sun, Alcyone and the Central Sun align – now!

May 18/19/20, 2010

Today and tomorrow are very important days astrologically. There are seven planets on 27-28 degrees of various signs. Vulcan is moving into a conjunction with our Sun on May 20, and our Sun is making a conjunction with Alcyone which is our Central Sun that our Solar System rotates around every 26,000 years. Our Earth is the eighth planet in the Pleiadian star system. Venus is 29 Gemini, Saturn is 27 Virgo, Jupiter is 27 Pisces, Mars is 21 Leo, Uranus is 29 Pisces, and Neptune is 28 Aquarius. This is very unusual.

This means there are three Suns in an aspect early morning May 20, 2010 PST. The three Suns are: our Sun, Alcyone the central Sun, and the great Central Sun that holds 27 galaxies in place plus our Milky Way Galaxy. Then to have Jupiter/Uranus conjunct the great Central Sun and Saturn opposing that aspect  makes the energy very intense. In fact, I think this is telling us that we are at the end of the 26,000 year cycle. Saturn rules the old and Uranus rules the new. On the full moon of May 27, 2010 the planet Uranus moves into the constellation Aries which indicates new beginnings. How exciting!

I received an email saying that 13 Grandmothers were holding a world wide day of prayer today for the healing of the waters of Earth. Everyone is invited to join in the prayer group. Clean water anyone?

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