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Planet Alert for May 2010

I’m writing this article on the full moon of April 28, 2010. The Mayan Dreamspell glyph for this day is The Yellow Sun which focuses into England. The glyph that goes along with the Sun glyph is the Yellow Hand which rules the heart and the Gulf of Alaska. This glyph is also ruled by the planet Uranus. There is very intense energy in the world right now with the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Saturn rules the old and Uranus rules the new. Time to let go of anything you have been holding onto that you need to release. This energy will be in effect for the better part of May. Then on the full moon of May 27, Uranus goes into Aries for the first time in 84 years and we start a new beginning.

It’s my understanding that the area just off the Scandinavian coast was the headquarters of Atlantis. I believe that Atlantis was similar to England in the fact that they ruled countries all over the world. I believe that Atlantis had outposts in different parts of the world like Bimini, and the sunken city off Greece. This means that Iceland was formerly part of Atlantis and that energy just exploded with a fiery violent eruption. Was that all the old Atlantian energy being released to be transformed into love and light?

When I said in my last article that there would be storms in England, France, and the surrounding areas, I never dreamed it would occur as an ash storm that would shut down the airports. England was considered the original Holy Land. The disciples of Jesus went there after the crucifixion and the story of King Arthur and the round table originates from the ancestors of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is also the area that receives energy from the great central Sun that holds 27 galaxies in place plus the Milky Way. There is a lot of energy focused into England. The dark took over that area and set up the World Bank. This area needs to be cleansed and this is happening because the planet Uranus (which rules storms) is right over that area and will continue to be there for a while longer. England’s government also needs some light.

Other parts of Europe are also experiencing great financial difficulties. This is triggered by the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn which causes legal, business, financial, and professional problems. This is particularly focused on Europe right now, although the rest of the world is also feeling this energy, along with the United States. Our government has filed a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs for fraud, and there is also discussion in our government about breaking up the banks. By the full moon of May 27, Jupiter and Saturn will be in exact opposition so financial dealings will probably come to a head by that time. Then when Saturn moves back into Libra again on July 22, Italy will definitely start feeling the affects of this energy, and lawsuits will continue against the Vatican for sexual abuse.

I have been experiencing a transformation process that started on Easter – April 4, 2010 and I think it will continue until the new moon of May 13, which my astrology calendar says is Ascension Day. I intuitively know it will last for a total of 40 days. It’s kind of like when Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and came out transformed, or when Moses led the people to the Promised Land. I think there are others who have been going through this same process because I usually experience what other people are going through. It has been a mental, emotional and physical cleansing. I know my DNA is changing, along with the chemicals in my body. It’s kind of like a moth transforming into a butterfly.

I was given a book called A Change of Heart-The Mystical Power of Love, by Jane Elizabeth Smith. It is a wonderful little book. When I started reading this book I noticed that she talked about a period of 40 days. I thought, wow, this is what I am going through. There is a chapter in this book called Forty Days to Love. It says, “You are now standing on the precipice of Heaven on Earth. Your soul’s quest for love has brought you here. The hidden treasure rests inside you. The keys to unlock the golden bounty are housed in your heart. Be at one with Divine Love and truly all things shall be added unto you.” Her web site is

Then I received an email of a channeling called “2010 Experiencing-Teleportation through the Secret Heart Chamber.” You can Google that title if you are interested in reading the channeling. It says, “in this year 2010, you will disappear so deep within your new experiences of heart creation, that you will feel like you have finally begun to live for the dream you originally came to Earth for in the beginning. In your own way, you will share and experience the secret of your greatest freedom; the return of the origination point of your Source through the blue-black hole sun chamber in your heart. All your miracles, your new creations, meditations, relationships, and joy will come and go; teleporting from this place as you begin to precipitate your dreams where choice will become creation. You have never experienced this secret in a multi-conscious universal DNA cell body before.” Is this the outcome of the 40 day search for love? I sure hope so.

Now what are the planets doing? The Sun is moving through the sign Taurus and because the area from San Francisco up through Canada is affected by this sign there is the possibility of some Earth or volcanic movement along the coast. We are still in the year of the earthquakes. The Sun will be over Seattle for six days starting on May 13 and culminating on May 19, when the Sun lines up with Alcyone our Central Sun. The Middle East is the opposite point of Seattle and will also feel the effects of the planets.

Then the Sun goes into Gemini and southern California and Mexico will be under pressure. After that the Sun will start to move across the Plains so look for more tornadoes and storms as it moves across the United States. There is a huge oil spill occurring in the Gulf of Mexico right now. We just had a Scorpio full moon which is ruled by Pluto, and that planet rules oil and things underground. Pluto is stationary over the Gulf right now and it looks like it will be some time before they can stop the spill and clean up the mess.

Jupiter is in the water sign Pisces which rules ships and the oceans. This planet will rule the upcoming new moon. The Mayan Dreamspell for that day is the Blue Solar Eagle, which is over Japan. The glyph that goes with the Eagle is the Monkey, and this is over the Arabian Sea. The meaning of this glyph is I am guided by the power of magic. And of course Jupiter is opposing Saturn which brings financial challenges.

Mars, the red planet is still in the fire sign Leo and will stay there until June 6th. It is very powerful in Leo. The Sun will square Mars from May 1-5, so this might activate some violence in the Middle East, or possibly the Gulf of Aden area. Or it could cause people’s anger to flare in various parts of the world. The positive side of this energy is that Leo rules the heart so this is a good time to connect with your heart energy.

Chiron has just moved into Pisces and this means it is a very good time to heal the waters of Earth. Chiron is considered the wounded healer and now the energy from this planet can focus on healing the oceans, rivers, streams and all water on Earth, including what we drink. Don’t forget to bless the water you drink and the food you eat.

Thank goodness Mercury will be direct by the new moon of May 13th. I don’t know if Mercury retrograde affects you as much as it does me but I find it is a challenge. My computer doesn’t work right when Mercury is retrograde. I tell my computer it’s great but it still complains, and my phones go crazy.

We do live in challenging times. It’s definitely time to be heart centered. Let there be love in the world and let it begin with me. All is well in my world! So Be It!

I send you love and light!

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