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Planet Alert for March & April 2009

Hi Everyone! I had a wonderful trip to Mexico last month, and would like to thank Carol Heywood-Babrauskas for making it possible. She is a wonderful person, and has also written a book. The web site for that book is Check it out. I enjoyed Mexico very much – the warm weather, the ocean, the beautiful flowers, the beautiful scenery, and the people. I loved Puerto Vallarta and would like to go there again sometime. I also liked Yelapa which is a small village without any cars. It is very rustic and interesting. The only way to get there is by a water taxi from Puerto Vallarta. Yelapa is where we spent most of our time. To get to the house we stayed in we had to walk up 200 stairs. What a climb.

The first day we were in Puerto Vallarta we went shopping and exploring the city as a group. We stopped for lunch and one of the women there told me that Yelapa is located at the bottom Wing of the Dove. This information is from the book, The Keys of Enoch. If you have that book check out page 315. She also told me there is a huge vortex in Yelapa and surrounding area. I really felt the energy when we got to Yelapa and I was spaced out for at least three days.

Before I left home I printed out a channeling by Metatron through Tyberonn. Check out I didn’t read the channeling until after I was in Yelapa, then everything started to fall in place. I realized that one of the reasons we were there was to help anchor the energy for this upcoming equinox and the coming of the Dove. The return of the Dove is the return of the Magno-Crystaline Firmament. It is the crowning completion of the Crystalline Grid. If you haven’t read that channeling, it is very interesting.

Quote from the channeling: “The opening triggered by the March 20, 2009 Equinox will be the first full-throttle flow of this energy since the Atlantean era. During the 21 days, after the Equinox, the magnetic shield around the planet will be somewhat opened and weakened slightly in a rebooting effect. During this time there will be literally thousands of ships from the Intergalactic Command and the Intergalactic-brotherhood/sisterhood of benevolent Masters brought to the periphery of the planet to provide stability and protection and oversee the transition while this phase of open portals occurs.”

From The Book of Knowledge-The Keys of Enoch: “The Brotherhood will land in America. They will come within the formation of a magnificent ‘Dove’ – whose head of crystal knowledge will be over the Yucatan peninsula, whose wings shall sweep across the Eastern and Western flank of North America, whose feet will land within the pyramidal area of the Bermuda Triangle and the ocean area near Mazatlan.” Another quote: “The Brotherhood will bring the new Law and educate Man to build temple communities of Light. And Metatron said: A new meridian of time will come and the foundations of the Earth will be shifted to a new magnetic foundation as the orbit of the Earth is reset within the ocean of Light.” The Aquarian energy is in effect right now to build the communities of Light.

The Crystalline Grid was destroyed at the time of Atlantis and is what caused the great flood. There were different factions that were fighting at that time for control of Atlantis, and like Edgar Cayce said in one of his books; they tuned the crystal too high and that is what caused the destruction. I know that Beings have been working on restoring the Crystalline Grid for several years now. This grid is Electro-Magnetic and Crystalline in nature. Our bodies are also changing from a carbon based one to a crystalline body. We also have magnets in our brains along with crystals. I was told a long time ago to take silica cell salts to help my brain become more attuned to the higher vibration energy. I’m not telling anyone to take silica; I’m just sharing what I have taken over the years.

Now we have the return of the Dove to set up the firmament for the New Earth. The 21st and 22nd chapters of Revelation in the Bible talk about the New Heaven and the New Earth. It says, “and then I saw a new heaven and a new Earth; for the first heaven and the first Earth had passed away, and the sea was no more”. Sounds like a dimensional shift to me. The spring equinox on March 20, 2009 is the beginning of the New Heaven and the New Earth. It will take until 2012, or longer to complete, but this is the beginning. I’m really excited.

We still have to complete the 19th and 20th chapters which, in my interpretation of Revelation, is the downfall of the controllers. This is the process we are going through right now and there is still lots of violence on Earth which will continue as long as we are going through the downfall process. It could get worse before it gets better. Time will tell. Right now there is the possibility of a war with Korea. I just read an article from the Internet about how North Korea has put their troops on alert and warns of war danger. There are still five planets plus the node in Aquarius which is right over the Koreas. Mars is also in Aquarius and that has been considered the war planet for a long time. This is a very powerful full moon (March 10). There will be different trigger points that will be activated as time goes on. Somalia also falls under this energy.

In my January article I talked about the war that culminated on the Sun on November 22, 2008. The negative entities that lost that war were teleported to Earth and continue to fight. They are very violent and are trying to stir up trouble all over this beautiful planet. First they stirred up violence in India and tried to start a war between India and Pakistan. Then they stirred up the Middle East (Israel) and tried to start a major war there. They did cause a lot of damage and loss of life but they could not get the war to spread to the rest of the world. Now they are working on Korea. Will they be successful in stirring up that war?  The final war is supposed to be between Gog and Magog, which could mean North and South Korea.

The 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation talk about the destruction of Baghdad (ancient city of Babylon). This was prophesied to happen and it did. The 19th chapter of Revelation talks about the continuation of wars, and the 20th about the downfall of the controllers. This is definitely in process right now. Then we have the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Another interesting event was the appearance of a brilliant Light green comet in the heavens for the whole month of February. It was at its closest point to Earth in late February. Was that comet bringing the green light body for Mother Earth? Was it bringing green light to our heart chakras? Green is the color of our heart chakra and inside that chakra is a beautiful bright pink light, which is the color of love. Pictures have been taken of thought forms that are brilliant pink when people think loving thoughts.

I was told a few years ago that just before the beginning of the new century the leadership of this world would be changed from male to female. Archangel Ariel is female and is considered the Dove. The male part of her is Uriel. Ariel is now the Goddess in charge of Earth. The Dove is the symbol of peace. Before too long we will be living in peace. Of course that depends on us. We need to find and express the peace within us first before it can manifest on Earth.

On November 9, 1998 the earth’s magnetic field went to zero magnetic energy. This is when solar energy came into earth to plant the seed for a new Earth. Then the triple circle magnetic (feminine) energy started coming into Earth very strong at the time of a lunar eclipse on July 28, 1999. It’s my understanding that this is when the earth opened her body to this strong magnetic energy.

Before that there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico City on July 11, 1991. There was an ancient Mayan prophecy (there are different systems) that the ships of light would return over Mexico on that day. They did return as witnessed by everyone who was watching the solar eclipse. There were thousands of pictures of space ships taken on that day. On that day the Mayans moved into what is called the sixth day. The sixth day refers to the sign of Virgo, the goddess, and also ended a 2,160 year cycle. It takes 72 years for a fixed star to move through one degree of the zodiac. (30 degrees per sign – times 72 years = 2,160 years).

I was told by my guidance several years ago that they measured a 2,160 year cycle by the star Regulas, the royal star of the Lion, moving through one zodiac sign. Regulus had been moving through the sign of Leo since, or before the birth of Jesus. Leo rules the heart and love energy. Jesus was called The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He came to teach us about love. That was his only commandment – love one another. You first need to learn how to love yourself, and then you can love others unconditionally.

The Book of Knowledge says that the Sphinx symbolizes our body of space and time within the Lion solar evolution that must be conquered by Man before he can wear the face of brilliance and indwell in the presence of the Master. This means that we need to overcome our animalistic characteristics like violence, and war, and accept our shadow side. The vehicle of the Sphinx sits on the threshold between our zero point evolution and higher light technology, as the stepping stone to other consciousness zones. The Sphinx has the body of a lion and the head of a woman. This means it symbolizes the signs of Leo the lion and Virgo the Virgin.

I believe that when the Earth moved into zero degree energy in November of 1998, Regulus moved onto 0 degrees Virgo. Now Regulus has started its journey through the sign of Virgo. We are now in the Age of Virgo. This does not negate The Age of Aquarius. There are cycles within cycles. That monument was put there to let us know when we moved into the age of Virgo. This is when the feminine energy within everyone would become dominant. It is now becoming the dominant force. Our president Obama is pushing for a new health care system. That is such a Virgo characteristic. Saturn is in the sign of Virgo and has been there for a couple of years. There is a strong Virgo energy out there right now.

We do live in interesting times. The financial system is falling apart and the new will be born from this downfall. It’s time for the old way of doing things to collapse because it doesn’t work anymore. How will the new energy manifest? How will the system be different? Does anyone know? It’s like the Phoenix that burns and is reborn from the ashes. Now we have the Earth about to be reborn into a New Heaven and a New Earth. Isn’t that exciting? So Be It!         I send you my love and blessings!

                                       *****Mahala Gayle *****

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