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Planet Alert for May 2009

We are almost in May. Where does the time go? May is such a beautiful month here in Seattle, the flowers start to bloom and the trees are out in all their glory. I love the month of May. The beauty of this month is from the positive energy of Venus. Do you know that Venus is the only planet in our solar system that rotates backwards? Why do you think it does that? Could it be because it manifests the Goddess energy which is negative and magnetic? Do you also know that Venus has a spin force around it just like we do? This spin force can be huge. Some people’s spin force is clockwise and others are counter clockwise. It’s my understanding that there are actually two spin forces around a person. One is inner and the other is outer, like a Star of David.

Do you also know that when Venus is retrograde and close to Earth the spin force around that planet can interact with the Earth’s spin force and cause physical Earth changes like the volcanic eruptions in Alaska, the earthquakes in Italy, and all the snow and storms that went across the United States in March and early April. Venus was retrograde at that time. Venus went retrograde in the sign of Aries. This sign rules Alaska and the opposite sign of Libra rules Italy and the Midwest is right in the middle. The force really hit those areas. Venus went direct on April 16th and is now in forward motion in the sign of Aries. Now the Sun is in Taurus (earth sign) and the West Coast, Middle East, Koreas, the lower South Pacific Islands, and Mexico will experience a lot of energy and possible earthquakes. There is a strong planetary aspect in mid May.

As Mars went through Pisces in March and most of April there were lots of stuff we had to look at and release. Some people got sick because that is their way of releasing and cleansing their body. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and brings up things from the past that needs to be looked at and released. Now Mars is in Aries, which is its own sign. It is very strong and sometimes war-like in that position, so keep your cool. It’s also time to move forward and start new things, even if Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury goes retrograde on May 6th and stays there all month. This is not a good time to sign contracts because things tend to get mixed up when Mercury is retrograde. Accidents may increase during this month because Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini, which rules transportation and communications. The positive side of Mercury retrograde is that things from the past that need to be settled can be settled during this time period. Mercury will be in Taurus for half of this retrograde period. Taurus rules money, so issues around money may arise at this time which can be either positive or negative. It depends on how you view life.

Pluto stays retrograde from April 4, 2009 until September 12, 2009 in the sign of Capricorn which rules business, governments, houses and structures of all kinds. Pluto is The God of Transformation and is also considered The God of the Underworld. We will see lots of Saturn/Pluto energy this summer. This energy will affect bankers, business people, and our leaders. This could be the time period when control issues come up to be looked at and transformed. There may also be demonstrations in various parts of the world when people start to wake up and realize how much they have been controlled. This could be an interesting summer.

Uranus is the planet that rules change, revolutions, and riots. It has been in the sign of Pisces since 2003 and will stay there until March 12, 2011. Being Pisces is a water sign, the Earth has been taking a bath. This means that the storms, winds, and flooding that have been covering the Earth for several years will continue for a while yet. This includes melting of the Ice Sheets. When Uranus moves into Aries in 2011, we will start a whole new seven year fire cycle. Pisces also rules ships. Now we have the Pirate War. Could there be more to this war than meets the eye? It’s my understanding that there is an underground base in the Gulf of Aden. Maybe the Dolphins are guarding this base. Did you see the picture of hundreds of Dolphins coming out of the ocean and blocking an attempted attack against a Chinese ship by a group of pirates? What an amazing event. I believe we will see more wondrous events in the year to come.

I received an email by Jose Jaramillo that said we have completed the 13 Heavens and the 9 Hells of the Mayan Calendar that started with the Harmonic Convergence on August 16-17 1987. I believe that is when we jumped a time-line into the fourth dimension, and most people did not even know that happened. The 13 Heavens started on August 16, 1987 and lasted until June 7, 2000 when we entered into the 9 hells. I must admit that the energy on Earth has been very violent in the past nine years.

Thinking back from 1987 to 2000 it was quite peaceful on Earth. Then in September of 2000 tremendous violence broke out in Israel. Then we had 9-11, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq in 2003, and many other wars in various countries. Israel and the surrounding area of the Middle East, which includes Somalia, has experienced much violence. Violence all over the world escalated as we went through the 9 Hells.

I believe we jumped another time-line October 14, 2008, although we still had to finish the fire initiation. In November we elected a new world leader. There were celebrations all over the world after Barack Obama was elected. I felt the energy from those celebrations. It was a wonderful energy. According to his chart he has had a lot of Saturn/Uranus/Mars energy against him which has made it difficult for him to make the changes he would like to make. We need to give him a chance. Look at how he is trying to bring the leaders of the world together so they can settle their differences in a peaceful way.

We have been walking between two worlds for several months. Now we have completed the Fire Initiation and will be able to manifest Christ consciousness on Earth. This is what I have been waiting for all these years. I think it is very exciting! I’m not saying that everything will be great on Earth right away because Pluto is still retrograde until September 12, 2009, and Mars is in Aries right now. What I am saying is I believe that light workers, and others who have love in their hearts, will be experiencing a new energy on Earth. I thought some of us passed the fire initiation three years ago but I was wrong. It was just the start of that initiation and now we have indeed passed the 9th initiation at the ending of the 9 Hells in the Mayan Calendar.

The fire initiation is the manifestation of love in our hearts. Some people believe that love is only a wayward feeling or an emotion. No, love is the first cause of all life. Love is light and heat and life itself. Fire brings warmth and light and beauty into life. Have you said to yourself in the past few years, “How can I become free? No matter how I struggle I cannot break my bonds!” The reason for this is you have been striving through logic to find your way out. This you will never do. The way to release your self from bondage is through simple love. The fire initiation opens the door for us to love unconditionally because we have looked at all our garbage and are becoming free spirits.

The spinal fluid or spirit fire in our bodies is ruled by the planet Neptune. This planet on the lower level is the deceiver, and on the higher lever is the master of spiritual energy. We have been living under an illusion for a long time. In fact we live in a holographic Universe. Now we will be able to break free of the illusion and become free spirits, but we still need to use discernment in life. We are about to see the last act in the drama of the Dark Masters. In the last few years we have come under the control of those Beings, and they are very cunning. Most of the world is not aware of this and there is going to be a big wake up call this summer. Before long the dark ones will leave Earth because they will not be able to handle the high frequency.

We need to be grounded on Earth if we are to live here in love and harmony. Your base chakra is what grounds you to Earth. This chakra is red in color and is ruled by the planet Mars. Red and Green are color opposites. If you stare at Red you can see the green energy of its polarity. Green rules the heart chakra and if we focus on sending out green energy from our heart chakra we will attract red energy. Actually the base chakra has been infused with white light which makes it more of a red/pink color. This red/pink energy can heal our base chakra where all of our fears of survival have been stored. It’s the chakra of fight or flight. We need to make sure this chakra is in good condition.

I received an email of a channeling by Lord Kuthumi through Michelle Eloff. In this channeling it talks about a shift in energy that happened on April 4, 2009. Quote “In this key date activation the 4:4 Gateway is also the Ninth Fire Gate. You have come to a point now where a new structure will be born; this will be integrated through the four lower bodies as you have come to know them – your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. As you integrate and anchor energy through these four aspects of self you begin to learn how the various mechanism of life influence you and how fate often governs the direction your life moves in, not because you don’t have a say in the matter but simply because your understanding of that dynamic has as not yet moved to the next level. When you remain within one level of understanding you are like a dog chasing its tail, running around in circles working with the same ideas, the same morals, values, truths and preconceived notions of what that dynamic in your life is all about.” In other words; change your thoughts, change your life.

It’s my understanding that when we moved into the 4th dimension in 1987 we needed to look at our shadow self and own and accept who we are. Then we needed to love ourselves unconditionally so we can move into our God power. Love is the strongest force in this Universe. The 4th dimension is where everything exists, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is also where the war in heaven and Earth has been played out. This war culminated on the Sun on November 22, 2008. At that time many negative entities were teleported to Earth to cause trouble. They have definitely been causing much trouble the last few months.

Just because we went through the Fire Gate on April 4th does not mean that there will magically be peace on Earth over night. In fact, the 5 months that Pluto will be retrograde could be very challenging. You graduate from school and then go look for a job. It may take a while to find that job. The Fire Gate channeling says “after this activation you are required to give a lot of thought to where you are at on your journey right now. The new structure that comes into play is a result of this time and energy that we are asking you to invest in observing the patterns, the habits, the beliefs and attitudes that you have adopted that play out in your life.”

There is another interesting thought in that channeling. It talks about changing the way the dynamic of the law of attraction works for you by looking at life as being something that you are attracted to rather than everything being attracted to you. In the past we have brought our experiences to us by our old programming and fears. Now, if we finally accept the fact that we are great Beings of Light, maybe we can start creating what we choose to experience instead of garbage from the past. The Bible says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, then all else will be given unto you.” This means that if you have released your garbage and are ready to manifest love, you will have everything you need in life plus more abundance than you ever dreamed possible.

I love all of you and don’t forget to walk softly on this beautiful planet. Love is soft and gentle. So Be It!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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