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Planet Alert for February 2009

It’s February already. Where did January go? Time is just flying by. We had the Inauguration of a new President on January 20, and what an occasion that was. Did you see all the people that showed up for that event? I saw a picture of the Capital building with thousands of people in front of it. This is an awesome event because the Capital is a Stargate to a higher dimension. William Henry has done a lot of research on that subject. He has interpreted all the symbols in the Capital building. If you are interested in his research work type into your search engine.

Washington D.C. lines up with the star Sirius in the heavens. This means that the capitol building is the Sirian Stargate. The Sun was lined up with Sirius on July 4, 1776 when The Declaration of Independence was signed. The Egyptians start their New Year in July around the twenty third when Sirius is rising in the heavens. The symbology of the Egyptians is found in the layout of Washington D.C. and it is also found on our dollar bill. I was in Washington D.C four years ago just after the Sirian Stargate had opened. I was sight-seeing on the Mall and felt love energy just pouring into that area. I thought; am I the only one feeling this energy? I felt it the whole nine days I was there and it was wonderful. I knew at that time this energy would change our government but it would take awhile. First of all the corruption had to be brought to the surface for everyone to see. This is what has brought the desire for change. It has taken awhile but the change is now here. Only a very highly progressed loving Being can now be head of our government.

I know there is mass unemployment, and many people have lost their jobs and their houses. This is very hard for those who are experiencing that energy, but I don’t believe this will bring our country down. We are just experiencing change because the old ways of doing things has to be changed for the new to come in. The name Jerusalem has USA written in the middle of it. I think God has great plans for our country. We are the land of the free and have been a leader to the rest of the world for a long time. I believe this will continue to occur, although for this to happen we all need to create the world we wish to live in. United we Stand (in thought) Divided we fall.

There is so much bad news on the TV that we need to counter this energy by creating what we choose to experience. We need a new money system that is more equitable, and this is why the old one is crumbling. Stay out of fear as this happens. Become an observer, not an actor. Unite in thought with all those in the world who choose to create a new reality. Maybe we should have a day of no TV or Radio. Turn off the negative vibes and see what happens. We could even make it a holiday.

There are many people who say we are moving into a totally controlled world. I believe we have already been there for several years and we have finally awakened to the fact that we have been controlled and are ready to be free. The planets say freedom right now! What could be a more freedom oriented sign than Aquarius? Think back to February of 1962 when seven planets lined-up in the sign of Aquarius. What kind of energy came in during the sixties? It was a very rebellious energy. There were many demonstrations during that time period because people wanted their freedom.

Now, in the early morning of February 12 we start the new Aquarius alignment. This is when the Moon moves into Libra (7th house). This alignment culminates around 6:00 AM on February 14, which is Valentines Day. There will be five planets in Aquarius, plus the node. During this time period Jupiter will align with Mars in Aquarius and the moon will be in the 7th house.

Remember the song Aquarius. “When the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars than peace will guide the planet, and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of The Age of Aquarius. Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehoods or derisions. Golden living dreams of visions, mystic crystal revelation, and the mind’s true liberation. Aquarius! Aquarius! As our hearts go beating through the night, we dance into the dawn of day. To be the bearers of the water, our light will lead the way. We are the spirit of the Age of Aquarius.” When the planets lined up in 1962 the moon was not in the 7th house. In this alignment the moon will be in the 7th house. The year 1962 brought in the first inkling of the new age and now it is ready to mature.

In the Mayan Calendar, the way Carl Callaman interprets it, we are in the year of the Goddess energy which started on November 12, 2008. On that day the Dreamspell glyph was The Star. For those of you who have Tarot cards look up the 17th card called ‘The Star’. This card has a picture of a women pouring water from a pitcher into a little pond. This is the same symbol that has been known for a long time as the symbol of the sign Aquarius, even though Aquarius is an air sign and I think it should have a symbol of a bird like it does in the Stone Zodiac on the Salisbury Plain. Incidentally, a crop circle of The Mayan Star glyph appeared in England in August of 2006. The Goddess energy has arrived and we now have a new president who is very soft and gentle in his ways but also firm and able to hold his ground.

There was a solar eclipse on January 25, 2009 with five planets plus the node in Aquarius. This eclipse symbolized the beginning of a new era. The Sun and Moon were on the degree of “A Child is seen being born out of an egg. The ancient symbolism of the Cosmic Egg out of which a new universe is born can be interpreted at several levels. Here we see the appearance of a new type of human being who is not born from ‘Ancestors’ and who therefore are free from the inertia of mankind’s past. He is a new product of evolution, a mutant. He constitutes a fresh projection of the creative Spirit that emanates from the cosmic or planetary Whole, and not from any local culture and racial tradition.” (Taken from the book ‘An Astrological Mandela.’)

This eclipse could bring forward some Earth challenges – one of which is the huge storm that is covering a large part of the United States as I write this article. Aquarius is an air sign and rules storms such as wind, rain, snow, and then flooding. It also rules electricity and power outages. Then there will be a lunar eclipse on February 9th. This means there will probably be more storms in various parts of the world.

Uranus, which rules the sign of Aquarius, also rules light and space ships. Maybe there will be more sightings of UFOs or maybe even contact for some people. Who knows? Time will tell. The sign of Aquarius also rules the ankles. Pluto is in Capricorn, which rules the knees. Uranus is in Pisces, which rules the feet. There is a lot of knee, ankle, and foot pain going around. And of course Saturn is in Virgo which rules the intestines. Have you experienced any of that pain?

With Pluto in Capricorn we are seeing a real transformation of our governing systems. There is also a revolution going on in the business world. This will continue for a long time. Maybe we will see communities spring up all over the place with many small businesses. Many new inventions will spring up leading us into a new way of life. There are so many people being laid off that they will have to create a new way of doing things. Hopefully, there won’t be violent riots. I am hoping this will be a peaceful revolution, and revolution is what we are definitely going through.

What we think and feel is so important right now. We are co-creators with God and it’s time we acknowledge our own power and use it for the good. Don’t let fear or negativity get you down. If you start to feel that way exercise, play music, call on the angels to help you, or do whatever it takes to change your attitude. This can be a great year if we create it as such.               So Be It!      I send you my love!

                                       *****Mahala Gayle *****

I decided to use the name Mahala Gayle because it adds up to the number five, which is also my destiny and brings me the travel vibration. Mahala equals nine and Gayle is five. I will be in Mexico for 11 days in February. I’ve never been there before so this is very exciting for me. Please don’t send me a lot of email while I am gone. It’s too hard to catch up. I will not be doing any Edgar Cayce Past Life Readings while I am away.

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