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Planet Alert for November & December 2008

I was going to write an article for November about the upcoming election but God had other plans for me. I ended up in the hospital emergency room on October 15 with massive internal bleeding. The doctor put me in the hospital for two days so they could find out what was wrong with me. They ran all kinds of tests on me and couldn’t find anything wrong. I’m fine now but it has taken me a while to get my energy back.

In my last article I talked about a possible UFO sighting in October. A large ship was predicted to hover for three days, possibly over Alabama on October 13-14-15. This did not happen and I wondered what that was all about. I did receive numerous emails and videos of ships seen all over the world at that particular time, so something happened. I received an article that was channeled by Kryon about October 14. In this article it said that those on the other side had been expecting a large world wide earthquake around that time period. In the past, every large consciousness shift was accompanied by a large earth event. This is apparently the first time a major consciousness shift has happened without a large earth event.

A friend of mine was informed by a psychic that there would be an anomaly over Seattle on October 15 at 3:00 PM. She called me a little after 3:00 and said look at the sun – it is blue. I did look at the sun for a couple of seconds and it was a gorgeous blue. (I don’t recommend looking at the sun in the afternoon.) The inside of the sun was a beautiful blue and the rim was an intense electric royal blue. There was also a green aura around the sun. I’ve never seen a blue sun before, have you? Then three hours later I ended up in the emergency room. Something happened, at least to me.

I believe we went through a consciousness shift at that time. I know I did because I look at life a lot differently than before I went to the hospital. My thinking has changed. It’s like the old stuff is gone, and I look forward to the future. This consciousness shift gives us an opportunity to look at events in a different way. We need to change our thoughts about life. How can we create something new for ourselves when we continue to think the same way we have always thought? Don’t our thoughts create? When we think a thought it activates our emotions (energy in motion) and then comes the event we thought about. To get your emotions under control you need to change your thoughts. First there are thoughts – then emotions – then physical reality. To change your life, change your thoughts!  It’s as simple as that. It also helps to change your attitude.

At the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987 we jumped a time line into a higher frequency called the fourth dimension. Was anyone aware that our consciousness caused this shift at that time? It wasn’t until later that things started to happen on earth that had not happened here before. More people started seeing ghosts big time, they saw shadow people, and lots more space ships. These things were here before but most people could not see them so they did not exist in their reality. The whole psychic reality of the fourth dimension opened up with a vengeance. This is also the reality where the controllers exist so that also came to the foreground. We began to see that we lived in a reality of control and didn’t much like that. This became the war between the light and the dark. Isn’t it time to let go of that reality and move into a higher frequency where those things do not exist. Now we see Orbs. They are obviously from a higher dimension.

We now have the ability to move into what the earth calls the fifth dimension and stay there. Some people have been moving back and forth between realities. It’s now our choice if we want to stay in the fifth. Look at what happened at our election. I felt a wave of hope and love move around the world on the night of November 4, 2008. Let’s keep that wave going. To do that we need to see the world the way we choose to experience it. Please don’t let negative thoughts creep in to change that energy. We’re at the beginning of a whole new era of life. Sure, there will still be challenges to go through but they can be solved if we work together. United we stand, divided we fall. The Orbs were very happy about Barack Obama being elected president. Have you seen the pictures of the celebrations after the election? The pictures are full of Orbs? That is awesome!

We finished the Mayan year of Armageddon on November 11, 2008 (11-11), and what a year this has been. Many people experienced their own Armageddon by losing their jobs, money, business, partnerships, or possibly the death of someone close to them. We entered the Mayan year of the Goddess (feminine energy) on November 12, 2008. The Dreamspell glyph for that day is called Lamat or The Star. Lamat is a springboard that can literally shift your idea of self to a more expanded view point. It is also the harmony that unites all things. The Star has the ability to draw on love to prune away the disharmony in life’s experiences. This is the glyph that appeared in England in August of 2006. There have been a couple other Goddess symbols that have appeared in crop circles recently. On July 27, 2008 an actual picture of a Goddess appeared. A number eight crop circle also appeared in England recently and eight is the number of the Goddess or The Star.

To me Barack Obama carries a soft, gentle feminine energy. He is very strong and yet he is gentle. Look at how he treats his wife and children. I must admit that I had misgivings at first. The fact that so many people were just mesmerized by him bothered me a bit. I thought – does he have everyone hypnotized? Then I did his Astrology chart – particularly his Edgar Cayce Past Life reading and here are some quotes from that reading.

He is a very unusual, highly intuitive and psychic individual. He is one whom others may be greatly benefitted by their contact with him. High ennobling qualities are his from his soul journey in the Jupiter sphere between lives. In his past life he has held positions of prominence, most likely on a high, history-making level as a spiritual leader, or politician.

He would be very successful in management, administration, economics and politics. High and ennobling conditions are his criteria in every thing his does. He has considerable capacity to counsel others in the use of their financial resources and investments. This same aspect gives him the ability for careful study of investments, followed by prudent action. Coming from his past life of service to others, he may guide and direct many souls this lifetime. His mental-emotional harmony together with his powerful intellect gives him an extraordinary capacity to communicate his ideas to others. These communication skills, together with his alert mind, interesting conversation and sharpness of perception, all combine to make him a natural leader.

According to the Chinese calendar the year 2009 is the Year of the Ox, and it starts on January 26, 2009, right after the Inauguration. Barack Obama was born in the year of the Ox. A person born during the Year of the Ox will be dependable, calm, and methodical. The Ox person will be entrusted with positions of authority and responsibility. He will not fall short where duty calls. In times of turmoil, his presence of mind, refusal to be intimidated and innate self-confidence will restore order. He walks with his head held high. You can rely on his promises; once he gives his word, he will stick by it. Those are the characteristics of our new president.

Last year was the year of the Rat, which is ruled by Sagittarius and is why the banking system came to a crisis. Pluto went into the sign of Capricorn the first few months of 2008 and the housing mess came out into the open. Then Pluto went retrograde back into Sagittarius and the banking system went into crisis. In January of last year I said there would be speculation and fluctuations in the prices of commodities and the stock market, and those who speculated indiscriminately and overextended themselves would come to a sad reckoning. This has happened.

The Year of the Ox is ruled by Capricorn, and the planet Saturn which rules business, governments, the housing market, and structures. Pluto goes into Capricorn this month to stay for several years, and will continue the transformation process of those things ruled by Capricorn. The year of the Ox will be much different than the year of the Rat. We will feel the yoke of responsibility coming down on us this year. The Ox sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. Every day we hear talk of people losing their jobs. What will they do? How will they survive? These are the things we have to deal with now and in the year to come.

Now, what are the planets doing? The full moon of December 12, 2008 looks very awesome to me. Be prepared for the unexpected. There is an almost perfect cross in the heavens in the mutable signs, which is considered the feminine cross. This full moon is also on the day of the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is considered The Virgin Mary and is very highly honored in Mexico. She is also considered the image of the Woman of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation. This woman is arrayed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. On December 12 the sun will be on 21 degrees Sagittarius, and Mars is conjunct at 19 degrees, Uranus is 18 degrees Pisces, Saturn is 21 Virgo and the moon is 21 Gemini. What an activation of feminine energy.

This planetary aspect will be affecting the United States very harshly because the moon will be exactly on top of the United States Mars, and squaring all those other planets. George Bush’s node is on 20 degrees Gemini conjunct Uranus on 19 degrees. Mars will be opposing that aspect at this full moon. This energy could take him suddenly out of power, or he could make a sudden military move, although it will more likely work against him. This degree (20 Gemini) gives military honor, and also danger of sudden dishonor. This node activation could also bring death, violence or arrest. The Sun/Mars conjunction, making an aspect to Uranus is a very explosive energy. This is the energy that causes revolutions. It brings fires, violence, and revolutionary action because it gives the desire for freedom at any cost. It causes conflict over money and the banking systems, so it looks like there will be more money challenges.

Saturn will be conjunct Neptune in the United States chart. The energy from this conjunction is one of fear and anxiety. Brooding and self-pity should be avoided. There will be uncertainties in business, partnerships, and in family affairs. Public disgrace and scandal may arise. This energy will be felt by all.

This full moon will be activating Barack Obama’s chart very strongly. Saturn is conjunct his Mars. This energy gives him a time of heavy work and responsibility, which requires organized action. This means that he can produce practical results. The square to his Mars from Uranus is what concerns me. Large scale forces beyond his control may suddenly disrupt the affairs of his life. If he keeps his cool he should be able to handle this energy all right.

The parts of the world that will be affected by this cross are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe, the South Pacific, the Midwest states, and the states along the Mississippi River. At the same time this cross is in the heavens, Mercury and Pluto are conjunct over the New Madrid fault. This could bring storms, flooding, earthquakes, or both. This is a very powerful chart. It may also affect the West Coast of America.

The energy from this planetary cross will be in effect for about a week before the full moon, and about two weeks after. We will soon start to feel this energy. What energy to have in effect right before Christmas. Just remember – we as a group consciousness create our world reality. We as an individual create our personal reality. All is Well in My World! I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday Season. Enjoy the company of your friends and family, give thanks for all your blessings and stay cool, calm, and collected.

So Be It!          I send you my love!               *****Mahala*****


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