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Planet Alert for October 2008

The children of light have spoken! We stood up to the controllers and said no more control; do not pass the Bailout bill. We do not want to live under the control of the bankers any more; we want to be free to live the way we choose to live. Thanks to all of you who stood up and called your representatives in Congress and told them what you thought about the Bailout. They heard you and voted down the bill, and this happened with Mercury Retrograde. Mercury retrograde usually causes chaos, but it can also bring good things. Events from the past that have been on hold can be settled during Mercury’s retrograde phase. Now if the senate and the house go along with what the people want, the USA will come through the great tribulation in flying colors.  If they don’t listen to the people and pass another Bailout bill, the USA will be in big trouble because the law of cause and effect will come into play. (I just heard the Senate passed their Bailout bill).

Here is some information from the book of Exodus – Chapter 2 verse 23. The people of Israel (children of light) groaned under their bondage, and cried out for help, and their cry came up to God. And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob, And God saw the people of Israel, and God knew their condition. Now Moses went up to the mountain of God, and the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire. Then the Lord said, “I have seen the affliction of my people and heard their cry because of their taskmasters. I know their sufferings, and I have come down to deliver the children of light out of the hand of the controllers, and to bring them up out of the land to a land flowing with milk and honey.” Sounds like a higher frequency Earth to me. God said to Moses “when you have brought forth the people out of Egypt, you shall serve God upon this mountain. This is the God within. God said to Moses, I am That I am. This means that I am one with everything. I am the tree, I am the flower, and I am part of God. We are all one.

Didn’t the people of the USA just cry out for freedom? They stood up and said no more bondage, no more control, and no more money to the corrupt banking system, who have been our controllers. The fourth dimension controllers have been controlling us big time since 1987 when we jumped a time-line. The fourth dimension is where the financial war, the mind control war, the physical wars, and the war in heaven between ships (government ships and other ships) has been played out. Now the people have said, it’s over, no more control. I think God has heard this cry. When we look back on September 29, 2008, we will realize that this is when everything started to change.

We are in the beginning of the major fall, or transformation of the financial Babylon system. The 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation talk about the fall of Babylon which started with the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Then in March of 2003 the USA attacked the city of Babylon (Iraq) and that city completely fell. Now, seven years later in September of 2008 we are in the process of the transformation of the Babylon world financial system.   This is not a one day event. It will take a while for the transformation to be complete.

In October of 1973 Egypt attacked Israel and the headline of the Seattle Times said, “The Yom Kippur war of judgment has started”. This is because that war started on a Jewish holiday. Did you notice that the financial fall of September 29, 2008 was on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, also known as the Jewish New Year or The Feast of Trumpets.

I looked up in my Bible dictionary the meaning of the fall festivals. Here’s what it says, “The Feast of Trumpets speaks of the son of man at his second coming and how his angels, with a great sound of a trumpet will gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. The 24th chapter of Matthew says the same thing. It also says that the son of man is coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Don’t space ships come in the clouds of heaven? Many people have said to me that God is within and there will not be a second coming of Jesus. Could they be wrong? I don’t mean about God being within because we all know that is where the Christ spirit lives. I’m speaking of the ships returning in all their glory. Isn’t there a space ship event set up for October 14, according to Blossom Goodchild?

The Bible says that no one knows the day or time of the return of the Lord. October 14 may or may not be the day of this event. It might just be the first of many such events. I find it interesting that this large mother ship is to be seen over Alabama. This state is really close to Arkansas. Glenn Kimball says that the original Garden of Eden was in Arkansas and this is the place where the four rivers come together with the names of them given in the Bible. Arkansas (Ark) refers to the Ark of the Covenant. Arkansas is full of beautiful crystals which are communicators to the higher dimensions.

The Day of Atonement, also known as Yom Kippur, starts at sundown on October 8. The webbots say something major will happen on October 7. Could they be a day off? My Bible dictionary says this holiday is the time of a national cleansing from sin and refers to the time when a fountain will be open to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jer(usa)lem for sin and uncleanness. Could this have to do with the financial crisis we are in? This festival also portrays our conversion, as a nation, at the second coming of Christ. Being the Christ energy is within; maybe this is the time we move into a higher dimension Earth or as some people say we ascend. When we move into a higher frequency Earth we will not be able to see the lower level Earth unless we choose to do so. The lower level Earth will not be a pleasant place to be. I honor all light workers who choose to stay on the lower level Earth to help people go through some major Earth changes. It will not be fun.

There is a division talked about in the 14th chapter of Revelation. It says, “Then I looked, and lo, on Mount Zion, stood the Lamb, and with him 144,000 (symbolic number) who had his name and his father’s name written on their foreheads”. This means their third eye is open so they can communicate with spirit. “Then I heard a voice from heaven like the sound of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder; the voice I heard was like the sound of harpers playing on their harps, and they sing a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth”. It’s my understanding that 1/3 of the population (or 2 billion people) will move into the higher dimension Earth, although I don’t think that happens right away.

Then another angel, a second, says, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, she who made all nations drink of her impure passion.” Then another angel said, “If any one worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, they also shall drink the wine of God’s fury.” Not a good place to be.

Let’s go back to the festivals. At sundown on October 13 we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. This festival corresponds to the ship sighting that is set for October 14, which is the first day of that festival. This festival represents the time period when the children of light (Israel) were released from bondage. This is a very joyous celebration and people rejoice to the lord during this time period. My Bible dictionary says, “The Feast of Tabernacles will be a memorial to Israel, going back to Egypt and forward to the millennia. The eighth day following the Sabbath points to the new heaven and the new earth following the millennium and to the dispensation of the fullness of time before the eternal state.” Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Could this be the time when those of us who choose to move into the new Earth, actually do so? Those who have love in their heart will be the first ones to move into the higher frequency Earth. I believe that we, the people of Israel, have cried for our release from bondage and that God will answer our prayers.

There are two groups of people who go to planets that are in the process of change to help them out. One group is called The Children of Light, and the other group is called The Children of Love. Actually we are both love and light but these groups have chosen to call themselves by those names. The job of the Children of Light is to break up the old paradigm by bringing forth information, and the Children of Love wait in the background until that is accomplished and then they set up the new governing system. The Children of Love are very gentle people and this is why it says in the Bible that the meek shall inherit the new Earth.

I had an interesting event happen to me on the night of October 11, 2007. I was home alone watching a movie on TV when all of a sudden a song started playing on my TV called After The Gold Rush. I wondered how that could happen. Obviously someone took over my TV. If you are not familiar with that song it goes something like this. “I dreamed I saw the silver ships flying in the golden haze of the sun. There were children crying and colors flying all around the chosen ones”. The song is by Neil Young and was very popular in the late seventies.

Do you remember the event at Fatima in 1917? Mary appeared to three children in that town and said she would appear on the 13th of each month starting on May 13, and ending on October 13. She told them that on the last day she would perform a miracle for all to see. There were thousands of people gathered in Fatima on October 13, 1917 when a ship appeared in the heavens for everyone to see. It started to move and it appeared to them that the Sun was falling from heaven. We know that the Sun cannot fall so it was obviously a large ship. The sky turned colors and it was a very awesome appearance. Don’t you think it is strange that the Galactic Federation would announce a ship appearing on October 14 of this year, on the Feast of Tabernacles? The night of October 13 starts the festival. We do live in interesting times.

Now, what are the planets doing? I’ve said many times in the past that the sign of Sagittarius rules the banking system, and Pluto rules the transformation of that system. Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 1995. From 1995 to 2008 is a period of thirteen years and thirteen is also the number of transformation. Pluto first moved into Capricorn in late January of this year. This sign rules real estate, business, and governments. However Pluto went retrograde back into Sagittarius in June of this year where it will stay until November 26, 2008. This means the challenge we are facing right now is the bankruptcy of many banks. Some banks are being taken over by larger banks. It’s like a big power play. The challenges started with the defunct mortgages’ on homes and businesses. The government has had to handle all of this.

We’ve had both the energy of Pluto in Capricorn, and Pluto in Sagittarius this year. We are on the tail end of Pluto in Sagittarius and soon Pluto will be in Capricorn to stay for many years. When Pluto moves into Capricorn we will see the transformation of governments, which probably starts when five planets, plus the moon are all in Capricorn just after Christmas.

Mars was square Pluto at the time of the lunar eclipse on August 16, 2008. This set up the banking crisis which will continue for a while longer. The energy from a lunar eclipse lasts for at least three months, and sometimes longer. When the Sun moved through the sign of Virgo these events started being triggered. That’s why I said in my last article that there would be a money crisis in September. I also talked about a hurricane moving into the Gulf and that happened right on schedule on the day the Sun was opposing Uranus, which rules storms. Isn’t astrology interesting?

The planet Pluto is still activating the Gulf and the states along the Mississippi River, and will continue to do so. The opposite side of the world that is being affected by Pluto is Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. I’m sure you have heard about the trauma occurring in those countries. The Sun is now affecting the European countries and I just heard there is a hurricane moving into Ireland. Then on October 3, we have Mars moving into Scorpio – watch the news that starts coming out of the Middle East and Russia. On October 6 the Sun will make a square to Jupiter, and will be very close to a conjunction with Mercury. This could mean more financial problems, troop movement, or both.

Sagittarius also rules lawyers and the courts of law. Do you remember the nine lawyers who were fired in 2006? Well, court proceedings sometimes take a long time and these lawyers are back in the news. Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey on Monday named a veteran public-corruption prosecutor, Nora B. Dannehy, to continue the investigation, directing her to give him a preliminary report on the status of the case in 60 days. This is for the illegal firing of the nine lawyers. It will be interesting to see what the outcome will be, especially if it includes the White House.

I’m still not too sure how the election will turn out because of the times we live in. Totally unexpected events may transpire. On Election Day the planet Saturn will be exactly opposing Uranus on 18 degrees Virgo and Pisces. Who can call this election with Uranus in action? In October Saturn is on the degree of volcanic energy ready to erupt. This month will see the dramatic release of energies which have been kept in check by the outer shell of the ego-controlled consciousness. It may be a spectacular catharsis (a purifying of the emotions), but it often takes the path of destruction. The inner pressure of the karmic past, or more recent frustrations, will shake up the very foundation of the world. On Election Day Saturn will be on the degree of the stimulation that comes from a group effort toward a spiritual goal. In other words, it looks like the light will win. Does this mean we will be living on a higher frequency Earth?

There is another very important astrology cycle that is based on 60 – 36 year cycles. This adds up to a period of 2,160 years. This is how long it takes for a fixed star to move through one sign of the zodiac. Edgar Cayce said in one of his books that the Earth first started shifting on it’s axis in the fall of 1936. Thirty six years later is 1972 and 36 years after that is the fall of 2008. We have reached the end of another cycle. Drunvalo talks about how there was a solar flare in August of 1972 that was larger then any ever recorded. That flare must have been headed toward Earth because he said that the Earth would have been destroyed if the Sirians had not interfered and put a holograph around the Earth to protect us as the lower level Earth was burned up. No one was aware of what happened. He said this experiment threw us into a very fast pace of Ascension.

The color of our heart chakra is green. The inner color of our heart chakra is a beautiful magenta or bright pink. This corresponds with the number 13. Of course the number 13 is the Goddess number and the 13th tribe of Israel. The year of Armageddon in the Mayan Calendar is over on November 12, 2008. Then on November 13 we move into the year of the Goddess. The Goddess appeared in a crop circle in England on July 27, 2008. Isn’t that exciting? Now don’t forget to walk softly on this beautiful planet and remember that the meek shall inherit the New Earth. So Be It!

So Be It!          I send you my blessings!               *****Mahala*****


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