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Planet Alert for January 2009

We start this New Year with Jupiter moving into the sign of Aquarius on January 5, 2009. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, and this planet and sign rules light. Because Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and it’s in the sign of Aquarius there will be a large amount of light coming to Earth this year. Use it wisely. The sign of Aquarius also rules computers, the Internet, technology, community living, riots, strikes, and revolutions.

There was a line-up of planets in the sign of Capricorn at the time of the new moon on December 27, 2008. There were five planets plus the moon in Capricorn at that time. Also, the planet Mars, which rules violence, was conjunct Pluto, which is considered the God of the Underworld. The combination of those two planets caused a war to break out between the Israelis and the Hamas. This has caused the Arabs to start demonstrating against the war and there is a lot of anger erupting in that part of the world.

I’ve heard there are ships from many countries massing in the Gulf of Aden. They are there because of all the Pirate attacks on commercial ships off Somalia. The Gulf of Aden forms a part of the commercial shipping route from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea by way of the Suez Canal. This is an extreme hot spot right now. I’ve heard there is a very powerful Stargate in Iraq, and an under-water ET base in the Gulf of Aden. Why are so many ships in that area right now?

Our Sun is a portal where space ships come and go from other Universes. It’s my understanding that a war was happening on our Sun that culminated on November 22, 2008. At that time a doorway was opened and some negative entities were teleported to Earth. These entities could no longer stay where they were because of the war being over. The light won! Have you noticed how bright the Sun has become lately? Those negative entities are now on Earth causing a lot of havoc. They are drawn to violence and anger and they will eventually destroy themselves. I believe they are behind this war in the Middle East.

In my last article I said that the full moon of December 12 would be affecting the United States very harshly because the moon was exactly on top of the United States Mars, squaring all the other planets. This morning an Israeli patrol boat rammed a ship full of medical supplies headed for Palestine. There were people from the United States on that boat. Is this the manifestation of that harsh energy, or will we end up being drawn into the war? Saturn is still in a 90 degree angle to the United States Mars. I also said that some violent energy would be in effect against George Bush and he had two shoes thrown at him. He’s lucky that’s all that manifested.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. This planet is considered the tester until we finish learning our lessons and then it brings rewards. Capricorn is an Earth sign. This will bring many Earth events like storms, flooding, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Other things Saturn rules are the governments of the world, business, all structures like buildings, building materials, bridges, wood, concrete, churches, houses, and bankruptcy. It also rules commodities. It rules all the bones in our body; especially our teeth, knees, and the calves of our legs. We are already witnessing many structures going down during this current war.

According to the Chinese calendar, the year 2009 is the Year of the Ox. It starts on January 26, 2009, right after the Inauguration. It also starts with a new moon and an eclipse of the Sun. This makes this Year of the Ox very powerful. Barack Obama was born in the Year of the Ox, so it is his year. A person born during the Year of the Ox will be dependable, calm, and methodical. The Ox person will be entrusted with positions of authority and responsibility. He will not fall short where duty calls. In times of turmoil, his presence of mind, refusal to be intimidated, and innate self-confidence will restore order. Once he gives his word, he will stick by it. Those are the characteristics of our new president.

Pluto is now in the sign of Capricorn where it will stay for about 20 years. Pluto, being a planet that brings transformation, will be transforming all of the things ruled by Capricorn, including our governments. The Year of the Ox will be much different than last year. We will feel the yoke of responsibility coming down on us this year. The Ox sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. Every day we hear talk of people losing their jobs. What will they do? How will they survive?  Isn’t it interesting that one of the things our new president is talking about doing is starting a large project to rebuild our infrastructures like roads and bridges. They are definitely in need of being rebuilt. He will also have to deal with the housing market and all the foreclosures. Maybe he will come up with a system to solve that problem. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Pluto rules breakdown, so there will probably be lots of broken structures this year, possibly from earthquakes. Last year Jupiter was in Capricorn and we witnessed many earthquakes. There was a very large one in China that killed 90,000 people. The two main points in the world ruled by Capricorn are China and the East Coast of the United States, which includes Washington D.C.  China seemed to be the main country affected by Saturn last year. They also had more snow than they have had in fifty years. The East Coast also had a lot of snow, which also seems to be happening this year. In the Mayan Dreamspell we have been in the year of the Blue Storm, ruled by Pluto. The storms have sure manifested, and this energy will continue to be in effect until July 25, 2009. We had a major snowstorm in Seattle and the whole state of Washington which was activated by the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto at the full moon of December 12. It was a mess here in Seattle because we are not used to having snow, especially so much of it.

Saturn has been in Virgo for the past year and will remain in that sign the better part of 2009. Virgo rules health and healing. On the negative side it rules illness. This is why there has been so much emphasis on health care issues this past year. Obama’s Mars is on 22 degrees Virgo and this gives him a lot of interest in health and health care issues. I’m sure he will work very hard to obtain some kind of change in our health care system. Virgo also rules food, famine, and genetically altered food. Parts of Africa are already feeling the effects of famine.

On Election Day Saturn was in exact opposition to Uranus and the old went out, and a whole new energy came in for change. People are tired of the old way of control and dictatorial attitudes. They want someone who is for the people, not the bankers, although he will have to deal with the bankers because they are the ones who run our country. Obama has a lot of Aquarius energy in him. He has Aquarius rising and his south node is in Aquarius. He came in to bring change to the people. Aquarius is one of the signs of freedom. It is also the sign for the people and of the people. His north node is in Leo along with the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. His Aquarius rising makes him honest and sincere, very idealistic and humanitarian in his outlook. He has a very strong will power because Aquarius is a fixed sign. Aquarius rules computers and the Internet, which means that computers are a good tool for him to use to keep in touch with the world. He also likes to be with people and socialize, and his fiery Leo energy makes him enjoy being a leader.

Isn’t it time to stand behind Obama and help create a better world? Every thing is created by thought. Our combined thoughts have created the reality we live in. Isn’t it time to change those old thought patterns? If we all start to visualize the reality we would like to live in, eventually it will manifest. If we pray for peace we are affirming there is not peace on Earth. If we visualize everyone living in harmony, this is what we will create. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

There will be a major Astrological configuration in mid February. Remember the song “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars. February 13-14 finds the moon in Libra (seventh house) and Jupiter, Mars, and the node conjunct in Aquarius. They are conjunct on the degree of ‘A flag is seen turning into an Eagle’. This means the dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential. This aspect will probably manifest as something negative first and then whatever happens will activate people’s desire for peace.

Last year we were in a number one year (2008), although it seemed more like we were in a number eight year. The number eight rules money, power, control, and death. On the same basis we will be in a number nine year in 2009 and that number rules completion. The year 2009 also adds up to the number eleven so a lot of creative energy will be floating around this year. The eleven is also a two. This means that many people may choose to marry or have a new partner this year. The astrological year does not start until the Spring Equinox so the next three months may be a little challenging. Hang in there and remember to watch what you think, and live in joy.

         So Be It!   I send you my blessings for a very Happy New Year.



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