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Planet Alert for September 2008

In my last article I talked about the possibility of another war. I was not thinking about Georgia but that is where it occurred. If I had studied the eclipses better it would have been obvious to me that is would start in that area. Whenever the darkness of an eclipse is over your area, it brings trouble. Unfortunately, the effects from a solar eclipse are felt for a long time, at least a year or longer. I had been waiting for Russia to start its power play because the final scene in the Bible is between China, Russia, and the USA. A conflict between those countries has been going on behind the scene for a long time, now it is coming out into the open. The Bear is awake and ready to move.

All you Light Workers out there need to hold the light as we go through the final phase of the Tribulation. Vladimir Putin is a person who I have been concerned about for a long time, and he has now made his first move. He has a very powerful astrological chart. His Sun is conjunct Saturn (symbolic of Satan) which is on 17 degrees Libra. This is the degree that gives him his oratorical ability, and gives him lots of publicity. His ambition is to be the most powerful person in the world. His north node (dragons head) is on 20 degrees Aquarius, and his south node is on 20 degrees Leo. The Sun was close to that degree when he attacked Georgia. This is the degree of eminence and exaltation, great energy, and one who will affect many people. This is his destiny.

Right now the planet Pluto, in its retrograde phase, is on top of Putin’s Mars (considered by many to be the planet of war). The solar eclipse of August 1 was seen over Russia. There is a picture of it on the Astronomy picture of the day web site. It’s actually a beautiful picture. The end of this eclipse was seen over China, and of course they had the Olympics in their country. The lunar eclipse on August 16 was on 23 degrees Aquarius. This degree is subject to trial and tribulation. This eclipse opposed Putin’s Pluto (considered the god of the underworld) and brought his desire for power and control to the forefront. His Pluto is on 22 degrees Leo, which is the degree of rulers and leaders of humanity. The lunar eclipse was seen over Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

I read an article called ‘Oil, Israel and Iran’, by G Ronen. This article was from the web site The article says “Analysis of the war in Georgia points to a fight over a major oil route as the main reason for hostilities, and also to an Israel connection. Channel 2’s expert on the Muslim world, Ehud Ya’ari, told viewers of the central evening newscast that Russia and neighboring countries were vying for control of a strategic oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean. This relatively new pipeline passes through Azerbaijan and Georgia to Turkey and is the only pipeline between Asia and Europe that does not pass through Russia or Iran. Israel is expecting to receive oil and gas through the pipeline. By using the ethnic Russian population in South Ossetia to destabilize Georgia, Russia was making a play for the pipeline.”

The country of Georgia sits between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. This is a very strategic location and is needed to get the gas and oil out of Russia. Putin has the European Common Market over a barrel because he is the one who exports gas to them. What would they do without Russia’s gas? Now today August 20, 2008, Condoleezza Rice signed a missile defense deal with Poland. The Seattle Times says “The US-Polish agreement comes at a time of rising tensions over Russia’s invasion of Georgia”.   Hours after the signing, Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned “Russia will be forced to react, and not only through diplomatic channels, without elaborating.” President Bush is pushing the Bear to react. I hope we, the people of the world, stand up and say no to war. The final prophecies in the Bible are when Russia, China, and the USA come into conflict. It looks like we are there.

I do not like to put out negative information or to activate fear in people, although sometimes we need to face reality. This is what is going on in the world and what can we do about it? It’s always darkest before the dawn and we have almost reached the morning light. We are on the home stretch. Light Workers unite and use the combined power of your positive thoughts to anchor light on Earth. It’s the time of choice for many people; will they chose the light or the dark? Actually, the power is in neutral energy where there is no good or bad, life just is. There is a tremendous movement in the USA for change. I think there is also lots of people all over the world who want change, and who choose to live on a peaceful planet. United we can be a powerful force for good.

There has been a war going on between the light and the dark for a long time. Now we are in the final phase of that war. It’s been mental (mind control), financial (banking system), and actual physical fighting. The bankers are in big trouble. Cell phones, computers, and TVs have been a blessing and a curse because they are the tools used to control us. If the satellites were to go down for any reason, mind control would be over because they use satellites to beam frequencies to control towers and then to us. Maybe it’s time to turn off our gadgets and go for a walk. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

August was a very intense month with two eclipses, and the Mars/Uranus and the Mars/Pluto aspects. The Mars/Uranus aspect caused the surprise attack on Georgia, and ruled the Olympics (Mars rules sports). The Mars/Pluto energy was at the time of the lunar eclipse and the effects will last for a while. The first effect was the signing of the Missile treaty between the USA and Poland. Other effects will soon come to the forefront. September will also be very intense. Instead of Mars making an aspect to Uranus and Pluto, the Sun will make aspects to Saturn on September 3 – Uranus on September 12 – and Pluto on September 20, right before the fall equinox. On top of that, Mercury goes retrograde on September 24, and will stay that way until October 15. That is always a chaotic time period.

The Sun/Saturn aspect will bring power events to the forefront. The Sun Uranus aspect will bring unexpected events, and the Sun Pluto will bring major events that will last through the last three months of this year. It’s time to be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically. Anyone with love in their heart will be protected as we go through the next four months. Remember, the Mayan year of Armageddon will be over the first part of November and then we move into the year of the Goddess energy.

Another event that happened in August was the downfall of the president of Pakistan. What will happen there? Pakistan is a nuclear power and the Elders say there will be a war between Pakistan and India. Pluto is directly over that area and was just in a ninety degree angle to Mars when the president resigned. Next month the Sun will activate Pluto over that area. What will that bring?

The opposite side of the world affected by that aspect is the Gulf of Mexico where the Hurricanes come in. The Sun is now in the Earth sign Virgo where it will stay until the fall equinox. Earthquakes will probably increase during this time period, along with storms in the middle of the USA, plus all over the world. On September 12 the Sun will be opposing Uranus in Pisces. This aspect will probably cause some major storms and quakes. The Sun will be affecting the coasts of Europe and may bring storms to England. France, etc. And Uranus, which is over the Pacific Ocean, will probably bring cyclones into the Philippines, China, Japan, etc.

Mars is now in the air sign Libra and is affecting Europe and all of the Balkan countries. Mars will make a 90 degree angle to Jupiter the first couple weeks of September which brings troop movement and financial problems. This will probably also brings storms to the East Coast USA. Jupiter is on 13 degrees Capricorn which is over China and in opposition to Washington D.C. which lines up with 13 degrees Cancer. This energy also affects Russia. We will either send troops somewhere at that time or there will be a money crisis, or both. We have entered a critical time period.

People are waiting to see who will be our next president and I’m wondering if there will even be an election. Many channels have said that Barack Obama will be our new president and if they are right then we will obviously have an election. A dream I had last September told me that there will be a new Government of Light set up unexpectedly and suddenly, like over-night. No time was given in my dream but since we have an election coming up soon I am assuming this is the time period. If not, then my dream may or may not happen in the future, although I have a good track record of my dreams coming true.

Many people have been asking for help from angels and Space Beings. The Space Beings have already been helping us by destroying asteroids that were in our path, toning down earthquakes, and disarming missiles about to be fired. Now I believe it is time for open contact. These ships are definitely here to help us. If we try to destroy this planet, they will intervene. They will not allow that to happen because it is against Universal Law. The negative ships have also been around Earth for a long time, and a lot of them are owned and operated by our own government. They are not the ships I am talking about. The ones I am talking about are brilliant ships of light that belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. A big celebration is on the agenda when we finally meet our brothers and sisters from space.

Information has been going around the Internet that a large ship will hover over a city in the south for three days starting on October 14. This is interesting because the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (judgment day) is on October 9 this year. Then on the full moon of October 14, the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles starts. This is considered The Harvest Festival and is a perfect day for contact.

It’s taken too long to release our fears and we don’t want them to come back. However, it is time to be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is also time to manifest our light bodies. We are great Beings of light. I believe there are enough of us light workers to make a difference in the world. Remember, the new Earth is just around the corner and all we have to do to manifest it is to live in joy, and stay in the Now. Blessed are the meek (the gentle people) for they shall inherit the New Earth, and don’t forget to walk softly on this beautiful planet.

So Be It!          I send you my blessings!               *****Mahala*****

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