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Planet Alert for June 2008

Here it is June already and we are fast approaching the new moon and the Summer Solstice. There is an interesting chart for the new moon on June 3. We find four planets (Sun, Venus and moon all conjunct) along with Mercury in Gemini making a nice trine to Neptune and Chiron plus the node in Aquarius. Actually this is a very nice chart. Chiron (the wounded healer) is on 21 degrees Aquarius along with the node. This particular degree means that what has appeared dark can now be turned around for the good. What has happened in your life that can now be changed? On the world scene the controllers are being exposed.

You have probably seen the YouTube by Benjamin Fulford talking about the scalar wars that have been going on big time since the Tsunami on December 26, 2004. If you haven’t seen this YouTube you can search it out on Google. The scalar wars are caused by HAARP in Alaska, and one in Russia, which is called SURA. This is located 150 kilometers from the city of Nizhny, Novgorad. Their SURA is as powerful as our HAARP. The Chinese say they can guarantee good weather for the Olympics. Will they be getting help from the Russians to make this good weather? If the Alaska HAARP was used to cause the Chinese earthquake, then watch out USA.

The 13th chapter of Revelation says that a beast arises on earth and is given power over the whole world for 42 months. This beast can bring fire down from heaven to Earth. Isn’t that HAARP? Isn’t that used to heat up the Ionosphere? These beasts (the controlling bankers) were allowed to make war on the light workers and to conquer them. Don’t you feel like you have been walking through a dark tunnel or a false reality since December of 2004? This war has been both on the inside (facing our dark side) and on the outside affecting the whole world.

It looks to me like we have been in a weather/earthquake war for quite a while especially since December of 2004. Do you realize that a time period of three and a half years, or 42 months from December 2004 ends on June 26, 2008? The dark side was given total control of the Earth for that 42 month period of time. Have we reached the turn around time for light workers, or those who have released their dramas? The planets say we have. We have just entered the Stargate of Asklepius. It takes the Earth a period of 16 days to move through this sign so we will be coming out of a black hole birth canal just before the Summer Solstice. There were several planets on 22 degrees at the May full moon. This energy activated our 22 strands of DNA and is allowing us to ascend into our light bodies if we are ready for that experience. Asklepius is ruled by the caduceus which is symbolic of our DNA and the rising of our kundalini. When that rises we become full of light. We are in this process right now.

This major war has been fought on the fourth dimension because this is where we live. This dimension is like the astral plane where everything exists; the good, the bad, and the ugly and this is the home of the controllers. Once we reach the fifth dimension we are out of reach of the controllers and will be able to live in a peaceful world. We’re in an ascension cycle which means we are raising our frequency by releasing our dark stuff and reaching for the fifth dimension. Some people are already there and waiting for more people to arrive. When we start living in the NOW (no time) we will have reached this higher dimension.

Wars have been ongoing for as long as I can remember, but this energy has really accelerated in the last few years since HAARP came on-line. The thing about this war is that not many people have been aware that it is even going on, or it is too devastating to think about so they just turn off that information. Nuclear bombs are obsolete. We now have the technology to destroy the whole world with our Star Wars Technology, which is a repeat of Atlantis energy. I don’t believe the world will be destroyed because we will ascend out of the fourth dimension into the fifth. I believe the whole world will be in that dimension by 2012 but who knows what will happen on the lower dimension Earth until that time? That’s why there are so many prophecies out there and some come true and others don’t. It depends on what dimension the prophet is looking into.

The really accelerated time period of Revelation started on September 11, 2001 when the woman (New York City with the statue of liberty) was attacked. This event changed our world dramatically. Then we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and the old Babylon fell. That is talked about in the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation. Now the war is also being fought over the price of oil. This is really affecting the economy big time, and is changing the way people are living. Right now, as I am writing this article, there are demonstrations going on all over the world because of the rise in the price of oil and gas. This is caused by the planet Uranus being in the sign of Pisces, which rules oil and gas. Uranus will be in that sign for another couple of years. Seven years from September of 2001 is September of 2008. We are in the turning point of prophecies. According to the Mayan prophecies, Armageddon is over in November 2008.

Uranus went into Pisces in 2003 and will stay there until 2010, which the Vedic Kali Yuga says is the end of this age. Uranus is the planet of change. It rules wind, storms, tornadoes, lightening, light and technology. Pisces rules water, the ocean, rivers, fish, ships, oil, and gas. The combination of that planet in a water sign has brought many storms and lots of flooding. This will continue as long as Uranus is in Pisces. When Uranus moves into Aries in 2010 it signals a new beginning or a new seven year cycle.

This month the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are moving through the air, wind sign of Gemini. This brings with it lots of storms, particularly over the Midwest states like Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, etc. Pluto has been stationary over that area since Katrina came in and will continue to activate that area. The opposite side of the world is India and they just had a 6.6 quake. When the Sun moves into Cancer at the solstice it will be activating a water sign and Jupiter will be in opposition which will activate the Earth sign of Capricorn. This means there will be more large earth events. The sun was in a perfect aspect to Jupiter over China when their quake happened. That’s why I said in my last article that the planets would be activating China and Japan.

I’ve always looked for what some people call the Rapture. This means to me a rising of consciousness out of the darkness into light. There has been a group of people who have been on the ascension path for a long time and they will finally reach the point where they burst into their light bodies. I believe we are at that point right now or very close to it. I believe we were forced to look at ourselves with a fine toothed comb this past three and a half years. It’s like we fell asleep and are just reawakening. It’s like we had to have our own space to discover who we really are and so lots of people went into a period of hibernation and lots of groups broke up. I believe it is now time to reconnect with friends and family that we haven’t seen for a long time, which includes our friends from space.

I reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time and she told me about going to a class that really set her on a new course of action. The class was about how a trauma that happens to everyone before the age of five sets our course of action for life. When the trauma happened our brain was actually affected and this set us on a certain path. This became our story. Everyone has a different story. My story was that I lived in an unsafe world, so everything became unsafe for me. I became chemically poisoned and the after-effects were that I became chemically sensitive to almost everything. This meant that I could not stay at anyone’s house overnight because I would get sick. I couldn’t eat certain foods because they were unsafe for me. I had food poisoning three times. Of course my Astrology chart showed all of those events but I didn’t know how to overcome them. I tried everything. It was very frustrating.

Now I’ve learned a new technique. Part of this technique I got from the book The Moses Code by James Twyman, and the other part is from my friend. In the Moses code it talks about breathing in and out the name of God, I am that I am. Becoming part of God is the secret of creating. Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, then all will be given unto you.” God said to Moses “I am That I am.”  When you breathe out you say I am That and when you breathe in you say I am. This is you talking to God and God answering. First you get yourself into a quiet place and then you breathe. I’ve been saying to myself as I breathe out, I am That and as I breathe in I say I am totally safe and I live in the Now.  I breathe several times and I will be saying this particular affirmation for 21 days to reprogram my brain. I always give thanks when I am done. You can say anything when you breathe in, like I am radiantly healthy. We all have different wants and needs. To get more information read The Moses Code.

We do live in exciting and interesting times if you can raise yourself above the darkness. The challenge is to become an observer of what goes on around you and not an actor in the play. We need to learn to balance our emotions. The object is to still feel compassion but not emotions that bring us to the verge of trauma. Be silent and know that you are part of God.  Change your story. It’s time to create a new one full of love and happiness. So Be It!

Written in love and light!          ********** Mahala Gayle *********

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