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Planet Alert for May 2008

Happy Mother’s Day! Where I live May is one of the most beautiful months of the year. The flowers are in full bloom and are gorgeous. It makes me feel good just to look at them. This year of 2008 is the ending of a cycle that most people are not even aware of. We are ending a 72 year cycle which started in 1936. Edgar Cayce said the magnetic shift started in 1936. This 72 year cycle is based on the time it takes a fixed star to move one degree in the heavens. Then it takes 2,160 years to move through the full cycle. In 1972 (when lots of people started to wake up) we entered the 36 year yang energy of that cycle. Now (2008) we are moving into the yin part of the cycle. According to the Mayan cycle we move into Goddess energy this November. May is the midpoint of this year and I think very exciting events are on the agenda.

I’m writing this article on May 2, as Saturn finally turned direct at one degree Virgo. Hallelujah! The Goddess energy can now move forward, although Saturn will still be in the shadow period until it moves onto two degrees Virgo which is just after the full moon of May 19. Saturn has been retrograde since the Winter Solstice in December, 2007. In Astrology Saturn (Satan) is considered the tester. It really did a good job of testing us this past five months. Once you have passed your tests, Saturn brings the rewards. Have you passed your tests so you can graduate at this Wesak Festival that culminates on May 19, 2008?

It’s also interesting that there was a program on Nova last night (May 1) talking about the rings of Saturn. The rings are beautiful. They are bright, beautiful colors and I think every color of the rainbow was there except it was not in the order of a rainbow, the colors were random. It was a good visual of Saturn, and maybe we should start seeing Saturn that way with brilliant colorful rings around it. Since Saturn represents looking at our dark side, could this be part of the Ring Lord legend? That legend is about the battle between good and evil (power and control) in the underworld. This battle continued until the ring was thrown into the fire and our karma was burnt up. This is the fire initiation. Then the true King and Queen reigned over the land. This is symbolic of moving into our light bodies. The fairies are part of the underground kingdom.

May 3-4 is the first ever world wide celebration of the fairies. They are ready to manifest in their kingdom again in peace and safety. The war inside some of us is over and we are ready to manifest our light bodies.

A whole series of events have been transpiring since April 5. At that time the planet Mars was aligned with the Sirian Stargate at 14 degrees Cancer. Here is a quote from the Lazarus book The Sirius Connection. “She (Goddess) begins all her creation by creating space. To create your universe, a universe of free will, first she had to create space. Out of nothing, She created a bubble through a tiny tear, if you will through a tiny rip. She created space. She created a vastness that is beyond anything you can imagine or believe, beyond anything that you can conceive. She created a mighty and majestic vastness that seems as if it is everything-as if it is all that is. It seems as if there could be nothing more. This tear, this rip, through which She created the space that is your universe, is what we call the Vortex of the God-theVortex of Sirius. It is through this gateway represented by the brilliant blue-white star Sirius that all the energy enters your universe.”

So, here we had the sixth dimension Sirian Vortex activated on April 5, along with our bodies and Mother Earth’s body. Now at the full moon of May 19, our Sun lines up with the central sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian system. This system represents the seven sisters or seven Goddess. The culmination of Wesak is May 19. On May 18, Venus is on 22 degrees Taurus, which rules money. Jupiter is on 22 Capricorn. Uranus is on 22 Pisces which means a prophet carrying tablets of the new law down the slopes of Mount Sinai. The node at 22 Aquarius is the warmth of understanding which comes to those who are open to new possibilities. The number 22 is a master number and very powerful. On May 23, Mercury is on 21 degrees Gemini making a perfect trine to the node at 21 Aquarius which has the meaning of evil turned to good. Then Mercury goes retrograde and brings more chaos to lower dimension Earth, which could start with the new moon on May 5.

The Middle East and the West Coast will be the focus of star energy this month, along with China and Japan. Mars will be opposing Jupiter all month by declination. This energy can bring troop movement around the world with the focus on the Middle East. Aside from that there is some nice energy coming in this month. Venus is in Taurus and this means it is a good time to create more money. Most people are getting their stimulus payment from the government this month. Isn’t it interesting how astrology works?

The other really good news is that major Stargate is opening in the sign of Asklepius this month on May 29. The Earth will be moving through Asklepius from May 29 to June 15. There is a very interesting article on called Cosmic Events May – December 2008. I would like to quote from that article, “When a Stargate is opened it is when humanity is ready to move through the doorway into a higher frequency of their divinity. Stargates are opened when their particular energies are relevant for another shift in consciousness. Ophiuchus (Asklepius) has been busy; different layers have opened before in 2004 and 2005 as well as the star aligning at the tenth gate June Solstice 2007. Asklepius is showing us ‘as above so below’. We are at the time when we can hold the serpent, and the kundalini flows through us igniting our chakras and opening us up to our body of light.”

“Asklepius is the thirteenth sign of the zodiac and is between Scorpio and Sagittarius and extends into the rich star fields of the Milky Way looking towards the Galactic Centre. Asklepius is opposite Orion in the Heavens and when we have moved beyond duality and unified, the Serpent rises within us, the Kundalini, up the 22 vertebrae, the 22 initiations and is illuminated out the Crown. Then we become our Body of Light and master of our molecules. (Just before the full moon Venus is on 22 Taurus, Jupiter is 22 Capricorn, Uranus is 22 Pisces and the moon’s node is 22 Aquarius. These planets will be the trigger to activate our 22 vertebrae.)”

“In the Great Pyramid, Cheops Orion, and Asklepius are aligned in the Kings Chamber where the initiations took place. Going through Asklepius is the next initiation. As the Orion doorway is closing so Asklepius is opening. In Orion we experienced duality and birth and death. In Asklepius we experience Life, Physical Immortality and Being our Body of Light fully present in a body. This gate assists humanity to raise out of the underworld and the desire body, out of the illusion of survival and lack and into total trust in the Creator, divine love from within our heart and the Source of all. We are the Creators of our world and we become a being that walks between worlds, in the world but not of it.”

“With Asklepius aligned now through the Inner Earth and it merged with Orion at the Tenth Gate, triggering us to remember the creative essence of our being from the Source, and when we are connected through our heart, we will co-create Heaven on Earth. Another deeper level of our union, as the Kundalini now flows more freely through us it ignites the light codes and we open to our body of light. As the light illuminates through your central channel and your chakras spin all glowing balls of light as they glow and radiate until they become One Chakra, (expressing through the heart.) With this deeper level of the stargate opening up to us now it means we are ready to be at the level of our White Light Body and 15,000 strands of DNA, and master of our molecules.” It’s Ascension time! Doesn’t that sound exciting? By manifesting our golden white light bodies we will be able to create heaven on Earth.

Attention empaths – Quote from Karen Bishop – “Because the state of compassion vibrates lower than love, we can easily take on the energy of what we are showing compassion for. This lowers our vibration. The answer is to stay in love and stay out of the drama. This is what was holding us back from moving into the new world. We may have cared too deeply for others with a strong desire to help and assist. We no longer need to assist in this way. We can retire now from our old roles. Our mission has been accomplished. As we learn to vibrate differently, we can now move on into a higher frequency.”           So Be It!

Written in love and light!          ********** Mahala Gayle *********

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