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Planet Alert for July 2008

I’m writing this article right after the SolarWave Celebration that was held on June 21, 2008. In the past, the summer solstice was known as the celebration of the little people. They like to come out and play on the night of the solstice. They sing, dance, and party all night. I was just thinking, do you think that some of the orbs we see in our photographs could be the little people making themselves known to us?

Judith Moore received information from the 13 grandmothers about a tone that would go out from the galactic center creating the sound harmonic that would shift the Earth into the new dimension on the solstice. She received information that the Time Shift spoken of in the Galactic Mayan calendar would happen on June 21, 2008 when the harmonic overtone was created. One overtone aligns all the galactic suns, solar codes and the One Harmonic of Source.

The tone of love vibrates to 528 hertz. This is the tone that connects us to all of creation. This tone comes from the galactic core and connects to the vibration of our heart. The color of this tone is green which is the color of our heart chakra. This tone can be used to heal your DNA. Check out the music by Jonathan Goldman. His music is very healing. The number 528 adds up to six (5+2=8=15/6). You can also tone the vowels AEIOU. Those letters also add up to six. The Tribe of Levi vibrates to the color green. They are the Priest Scientists that are here to bring in new healing modalities. They are also here to bring in sacred geometry. Most of these people are from the Star System.

Did you know that we all have a diamond core cell in our heart? This cell carries memories of who we are, and connects us to God and all there is. Once we activate this cell we become consciously aware of being connected to all of creation. Inside this cell is a beautiful bright red/pink light. This bright pink light is the mirror image of green, and pink has always been known as the color of love. By touching this love you can open yourself to the universe. This color vibrates to the number 13, and the Tribe of Judah. It is also the Goddess number, and rules the immune system.

The seed of life, which consists of six lilies and seven circles, is the creative mathematics of the universe. The six lilies and seven circles add up to thirteen. Walter Russell talks about the cube. In geometry a cube is a solid with six equal square sides. Crystals are six sided objects and the clear ones are the Christ Vibration in solid form. I think this is why so many people are drawn to crystals.

Our bodies are changing from a carbon base to a crystal base entity. Our bodies consist of cells. A cell membrane encloses a mass of cytoplasm that contains a nucleus and various ultramicroscopic structures. A chromosome is a rod like body formed in the cell during cell division and is the carrier of a gene. A gene is a unit occupying a distinct position on a chromosome and it transmits certain characteristics from parent to offspring.

There is a certain gene that was passed down through the lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdelene that now encompasses one third of the world population through a recessed gene. This is approximately 2 billion plus people. That is a lot of people. I believe this gene is in all Light Workers whether they know it or not. These are the people who came here to overcome fear and to set the course of the world on a new track of oneness. By being aware of this gene you can tune into your Christ Consciousness. I’m not dismissing the rest of the world. Everyone has the diamond Core God cell within their heart and this is what was just activated at this past summer solstice. We have reached the turning point from darkness into light. This means that a lot of us have released our fear, pain, sorrow, and drama and are ready for a new life.

It might not appear like the light has won for a while because Mother Earth still has a lot of challenges to go through. We’re in a five month period of time when the deceptive things the dark ones have done for a long time will start to surface big time for all to see. Neptune is the planet that rules deceit on the negative level, and when that planet went retrograde the end of May the energy to uncover the deceitful deeds of the dark became very strong. On a positive level Neptune rules psychic and spiritual energy, it also rules Messiahs.

On the solstice chart Mars was in an exact opposition to Neptune so watch what will be uncovered from this time forward. As the light becomes stronger, the dark falls apart. Neptune was on 24 degrees Aquarius when it was opposed by Mars, and this degree rules danger by water and makes a person ready to fight. Neptune also rules oceans, gas, oil, and ships. No wonder we have had the so-called oil crisis. The positive effect of this crisis makes us want to use an alternative type of energy which can now start to manifest.

Israel is again threatening to go into Iran. There is some very stressful energy coming up the rest of June and July as Mars approaches Saturn. These two planets together rule military or police action. Repressed anger and resentment characterize this energy and can cause a very unsympathetic attitude so conflicts may arise. This energy will be in effect, by declination, for about three weeks in July. Don’t become involved in any negative action that may happen. Be an observer and stay in the dimension of love and peace.

In my last article I said that if the Alaska HAARP was used to cause the Chinese earthquake, then watch out USA. Because China and Russia signed a pact, I believe the SURA was used to hype up the storms along the Mississippi River. These storms and flooding caused great economic loss. I also said that the Sun, Venus, and Mercury would be moving through the sign of Gemini which brings storms, and the Pluto line was activated which runs right down the Mississippi River. The Sun was opposing Pluto and the moon conjunct Pluto at the full moon of June. This longitude line is 90 degrees west, and the effects are felt on both sides of that line for several degrees.

Now Pluto is retrograde back into Sagittarius until November 26, 2008. Sagittarius rules the banking system and they are in big trouble. We just heard about the arrest of over 400 people who were involved with the downfall of Bear Stearns. This came out into the open because the top men of this bank were arrested for mortgage fraud. We will hear about many more events that have been covered up in the mortgage fiasco as time goes on. Then Dennis Kucinich set the process of impeachment before the house. He named 35 articles of impeachment against our president. I will write on the upcoming election later.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will now be crossing the East coast so that area will be under pressure for awhile. Probably more storms and flooding are on the way. Hurricane season may start a little early this year and there will be some large ones I am sure. We will be having a very active summer this year with weird weather all over the world. It will be a long hot summer in places where heat is a normal experience.

We have reached the point of no return. We are in the change. It’s time to manifest love in our hearts and to live in peace and happiness no matter what happens on Earth.   I am That – I am! So Be It!

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Written in love and light!           ********** Mahala Gayle *********

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