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Planet Alert for March 2008

Today is March 7, 2008 and we just experienced a new moon with the Sun conjunct Uranus. This planet rules light so start expecting some good changes in your life. We could also focus on creating some good changes for Mother Earth. According to Carl Calleman’s work, this is the year of Armageddon. It started in November of 2007 and continues until November 13, 2008. In November of 2008 the Goddess energy will take over and everything will start to flower. He also says that the Mayan Calendar ends on October 28, 2011 which is not very far away. I’m not looking for any drastic events to occur at that time because I believe we are in the changes right now.  By the time we reach 2011 or 2012 we should be through the changes and into the period of no time.

Time rules the fourth dimension which we have been going through since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. There are many levels to each dimension. We are now on the higher level of the fourth looking into the fifth. There is no question in my mind that time has speeded up, and it will keep moving faster and faster until we reach no time and then we will be totally in the fifth dimension. The new earth energy of the fifth dimension is already here although we barely feel that vibration. Before long it will become very strong. The fifth dimension is one of joy, happiness, love, and getting along with each other. If you have reached that level you are vibrating to fifth dimension energy.

January and February were very intense months. Hopefully this Spring Equinox will push us into a different energy. Because the fourth dimension relates to the Astral plane there has been much distorted energy appearing on earth. This has been basically the culmination of the psychic mind war that has been occurring on the Astral plane for a long time, and it can focus into the earth plane. The Reptilian controllers rule from the astral plane. They use the technology of holographic insert projected from the Astral Plane to influence human behavior on earth. This can cause distorted realities. I experienced this when there was a forest fire burning out of control at my cabin. I stepped into such a weird reality that I couldn’t believe it. I can’t really explain it but it was like I had suddenly jumped into an alternative reality. This energy has continued for me since August of 2006. The planets change for me at this new moon so maybe it will also change for other people. Life has been very intense and it’s time for a break!

I received an email called ‘Urgency in the Cosmic Vacuum’ by Lisa at which really relates to what I have experienced. She says, “There is a process underway in the astral layers at this time, which is point blank, one of the most distorted and damaged of all of the time spaces. Hence from dimensional sound wave bleed-through of these current events, humans will be feeling incredible pulsing momentums caused from the grids shifting through these magnetic storms. Earthquakes have increased since we secured the Astral Portal Project which became aligned on February 17th. More earth surface changes are suspected to reverberate through our system as the astral layers shifting will impact our reality. There are extremely powerful intersection points that exchange massive frequencies coming in at the March Equinox, the middle of May and through August. However much is being done to circumvent these magnetic shift impacts during those high risk timelines. Using platinum to protect your energy field and to stabilize your environments is highly suggested.”

She goes on to say, “We are now experiencing a timeline collapse on this planet. Those on the Ascension Timeline feel very much as existing within a void space and have no ability to sense directionally what is next as these systems are collapsing. Even future identities and parallel possibilities are collapsing now as they can no longer be energized. The primary project of where this is underway during this phase is the Astral Plane or zero point fields. In accordance with the Law of Harmonics, whatever structure does not resonate to its original blueprint pattern, either self-corrects as it is overridden or it collapses. The collapse of the structure is due to distortions to such degree the integrity of the blueprint has been corrupted.”

This energy has been in effect since August of 2006 when Mars was in a 90 degree angle to Pluto. That is also when the Dreamspell glyph ‘The Star’ appeared in a crop circle in England. This glyph is ruled by the planet Venus. This is the glyph of the Goddess and unconditional love. This crop circle said to everyone ‘The Goddess Has Returned’. The 17th Tarot card called ‘The Star’ is an eight pointed star signifying radiant cosmic energy and is surrounded by seven smaller stars that radiate solar energy. This maiden is eternal youth and beauty. She is Mother Nature and this card represents the Waters of Life flowing freely and perpetually renewing creation.

The controllers have been trying to hold on for dear life but their time is soon over. The Mars/Pluto opposition that has been going on big time since September of 2007 ended at this new moon. Those two planets in opposition rule the negative side of life. It is a very powerful opposition. Now that Mars is moving through Cancer it will energize that sign because Mars rules energy. Pluto is now in Capricorn and this sign rules structures. Because Pluto is the transformer all structures will be changed. If the structure fits the new vibration it will continue but if it doesn’t it will be either changed or destroyed. This is why I have been saying it’s time for the controllers to go down. Control or manipulation is a negative manifestation of energy.

Capricorn rules the housing market, business, governments, and all structures. Pluto rules change in those areas. Pluto also rules the masses. Have you noticed how Barack Obama creates mass people at his meetings? He is a very magnetic Being and he is also riding the wave of the desire for change. I’ve had many people say to me that they are very concerned about his safety. Do they realize what they are creating? How about seeing him and his family in a safe environment. Of course, he has the final say in his reality. Whatever he has created for himself will happen and there is not much we can do about that although we can send him positive thoughts of safety. With all of the changes that are occurring who knows how the election will turn out.

Speaking about mass thoughts, how about all the complaints about the cost of oil and gasoline. If we complain about something, that is what we will create. Wouldn’t it be better if we just all visualized the cost of gasoline going down to a reasonable price like $2.50 a gallon? That would sure change the economy for the better. The cost of gasoline affects the transportation industry which in turn affects the rest of the economy. We could also work on creating better gas mileage for our own vehicles.

Carl Calleman says that we are in the Mayan fifth night from November 2007 to November 2008. This year will bring the desire to stop wars (which is definitely in effect), and financial problems. Financial challenges are happening to a lot of people right now and also banks. I just heard that the Carlyle Corporation is in a big financial crisis. The Carlyle group includes such people as the Bush family and their controlling friends.

In the middle of this dark night a wave of love will come to earth in August 2008. This will be the beginning of the fourth world of Galactic energy and will bring all kinds of new energy creations and peace will eventually start to manifest on earth. That sounds good to me. The sixth day starts on November 13, 2008 and goes to November 7, 2009. This will activate goddess energy. Soon we will start using alternative energy sources, the war industry will collapse, we will develop a new health care system, and our economic system will recover. The future looks pretty bright once we get through this negative energy overlap that we have been experiencing. Have a happy Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year!

I send you my love and blessings.     ***** Mahala Gayle*****

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