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Planet Alert for February 2008

We just entered the Chinese New Year of the Rat. The rat is a very industrious rodent. It always manages to find something to eat because it is a survivor. The Rat Year corresponds with the sign of Sagittarius in the western zodiac. This means there will be lots of activity this year and people will desire their freedom. Have you ever tried to hold a Sagittarian down? This was also a very special Chinese New Year because it started with a new moon solar eclipse. The Sun is in Aquarius along with four other planets. They are Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and the Moon. The node is also there on 27 degrees Aquarius. This is an interesting line-up of planets and it will activate lots of Aquarian energy. The sun was exactly conjunct Mercury in its retrograde phase at the eclipse. Have you had computer problems, ankle injuries, or auto accidents? Mercury goes direct on February 18, and is out of its shadow a few days later.

They say that Aquarius is the Water Bearer although that never made sense to me because it is an intellectual air sign. It rules science, the Internet, TV, new inventions, air travel, UFOs, electricity, light, lightening, storms, wind, and change. There is an ancient stone zodiac in England that is ten miles long and it has the symbol of an Eagle for the sign of Aquarius. This makes more sense to me because an Eagle flies in the air. It also has a boat for the sign of Cancer. The first thing my Cancer son did when he started making his own money was to buy a boat. Maybe the ancients knew more about Astrology than we do.

This past solar eclipse was on February 6 at 7:44 PM – PST. The Sun was conjunct Mercury on 17 degrees Aquarius. This particular degree rules air, gas and gasoline. This degree has been in affect for a while and we know what has happened to the price of gasoline. It could also rule the gases that come from volcanoes. The areas that actually saw the darkness from this eclipse were Antarctica, Australia, and that general area. Those areas will be highlighted with events in the coming year.

We also found the Sun almost conjunct Neptune at this eclipse. This is a big deal. Neptune rules the female higher mind, and Uranus rules the male higher mind. Neptune (female) is in the sign of Aquarius (male) and has been there for a while. This is like the balancing of the male and female energies, or the balancing of our right and left brains. Our right brain is emotional and creative, and our left brain is intellectual and scientific. We need to balance them to move into the new energy of oneness.

Neptune is now on 21 degrees Aquarius. This is the degree of leaders, or someone who can accomplish anything they undertake. This is an interesting degree to be in effect this year because of the elections in the USA. The other meaning of this degree is that evil (dark) will be turned into light. Does that mean this is the turn around year? Does it mean that the dark Beings that have controlled the world for thousands of years will be suddenly out of power? Does it mean that the leaders of the New World Order will be stopped in their tracks? Is this eclipse the turning point? Time will tell! Remember that the effects from a solar eclipse are felt for at least a year.

The way I interpret Bible prophecies is that we are in the time period of the downfall of the controllers. It’s also the time period of meeting our brothers and sisters from space. Have you heard of all the UFO sightings around the world, and the landing of a ship in Mexico on December 31, 2007?

Life is a big illusion and it’s interesting to watch the dramas we create. The presidential election always becomes a big show and almost everyone is caught into the drama. It’s like a movie with everyone waiting to see how it turns out. When I try to see the results I just get a blank screen. I don’t know what that means except maybe the outcome will be surprising. I just hope we end up with an honest government that has the people’s best interest at heart.

Another important event that happened on February 5 was the passing of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who started the TM (transcendental meditation) movement in the USA in the sixties and seventies. His goal was to teach people how to meditate so they could get in touch with their higher selves. His group expanded to include thousands or even millions of people. He was a very powerful Being. Let’s bless him on his new journey.

Maharishi has said in the past that February starts a new cycle. We are there, and it’s time to start responding to the new energy. Of course Mercury is still retrograde until February 18, so it’s kind of hard to move forward when Mercury is retrograde. Mars was retrograde in January and what a month that was. I felt like I was pulled into a black hole that I couldn’t get out of and it was like the energy was spinning out of control. Mars rules energy and when that planet is retrograde it feels like the energy kind of stands still.

The fact that Mars was retrograde opposing Pluto brought up a lot of what we consider negative energy. Mars is still opposing Pluto but it is now in forward motion. It won’t be exactly opposing Pluto until March 5, which means that we will have a very powerful month of Mars/Pluto energy in February. Mars can be aggressive and cause people to get angry, so it’s still time to keep your cool. It can also cause problems with foreign countries.

To see how the Mars energy has been affecting Earth look at the tornadoes that went through the southern states as Fat Tuesday was in progress, along with the Super Tuesday elections. The Mars/Pluto opposition is still affecting the Midwestern and southern states along with the other side of the world which are Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Those areas will still be under pressure for several months to come. If you are wondering why there has been so much snow this year it is because Jupiter (the planet of abundance) is in the cold sign of Capricorn. There is also Global Warming going on which, as strange as it sounds, brings an abundance of snow as portrayed in the movie ‘The Day after Tomorrow’. When the Sun moves into Pisces and the snow starts to melt watch out for flooding, especially in the Western States where there has been so much snow in the mountains.

Jupiter is also affecting China and they have had an over abundance of snow and cold weather this year. Because of the snow they had problems with their transportation system at the time when people were looking forward to traveling home to enjoy their one holiday of the year which is the Chinese New Year. I hear they finally got their trains and buses moving and people were able to get home for the holiday. I bet they were happy. Watch China this year because this is their year.

On February 20 there is a lunar eclipse on 2 degrees Virgo, which will be visible in North America, (except the extreme Northwest), Central America, and South America. Last August there was a lunar eclipse that was seen over the West Coast and shortly after that eclipse the fires started in California. This time I think it will be floods. Pisces is a water sign, and Uranus is in that sign which activates lots of water events.

There are many predictions of dire events to happen this year. Is this what you choose to create for yourself, or are you ready to take control of your life and create what you choose to experience? Are you ready to create your day before you get out of bed each morning? To reprogram your brain you have to repeat what you want in positive affirmations every day, such as I am abundantly wealthy, or I am radiantly healthy. Our thoughts and emotions create our reality. What you focus on is what you get. Your old thoughts got stuck in a box and you need to think outside of that box to change your life. The first thing to do is to change your perception of life – look at things in a different way. I think there are enough of us who would like to see things change, and if we all started creating what we choose to experience I bet things would change in a hurry.

So Be It! I send you my love and blessings!     ***** Mahala Gayle*****

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