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Planet Alert for July 2005

Congratulations to everyone! We have graduated from the water, emotional initiation that has been going on for the past two plus years. The solstice and full moon on June 21, birthed a new energy. Now we can move into the Fire Initiation. This starts when Saturn moves into Leo on July 16, 2005.

Everyone seeking mastership has to go through four initiations connected with Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. The air signs rule thought, the water signs rule emotions, the (Leo) fire sign rules the birth of Christ Consciousness, and the earth signs rule the manifestation of creating what we choose to experience. First we create the thought, then our emotions put the thought into action, and then the fire (electricity) runs the energy through our bodies. The earth energy then brings it into manifestation.

Saturn is the tester! This planet has been going through the sign of Cancer, which is water and emotions. Our emotions have been dramatically tested in the past couple of years. We needed to pass the air and water initiations before we could start creating from our higher mind instead of from our programmed subconscious mind. As Saturn moves through Leo we will start to learn how to manifest our Christ Consciousness.

We went through the air initiation when Saturn went through Gemini, which is an air sign. That was when the (air) planes crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. This caused our economy to fall because of all the challenges to the airlines. During that cycle we learned all about our fear thoughts and the power they have. It was especially hard for the people who found themselves out of work. They had to face their fear big time. We watched as the war in Iraq started in March 2003, when Saturn was still in Gemini. In May of 2003 Saturn moved into Cancer and we started thinking that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea we attacked Iraq because we have had to watch all of the suffering caused by that war.

May of 2003 started a very turbulent, emotional time period for the whole world. During this emotional time we had to have a good actor on the world scene so we could learn our lessons. We choose to have a president who was born on July 6, which means he is a Cancer. His actions have caused much emotional turmoil in the world. He is the leader of a Cancer nation. The United States chart of July 4, 1776 is a Cancer chart. The planet of testing has been moving through this sign and has caused much turbulence. Cancer rules the home, family, and emotions.

The opposite sign of Cancer is Capricorn, which rules control issues, and governments. We have also been experiencing power struggles. Some people think our government leaders are out of control and that big brother is here! What have we created? If control is on the outside, it is also on the inside. As above, so below. Are you a controller? Do you try to control yourself and those around you? Are you even aware that you are a controller? Maybe it’s time to let go of your personal control issues. Let go and let God!

Cancer rules problems with the stomach, breast, and cancer. Capricorn rules the bone structure of the body, particularly the knees and many people have had knee problems the last couple of years. The challenge of the water initiation is to calm your emotions. When you are carried away by joy, or you are over stressed emotionally, you are out of control. The control over emotion, anger, and fear is the outcome of this initiation. Nothing causes a more severe reaction upon your physical body than violent emotions. Emotions can shatter your finer bodies which eventually causes illness. When you learn to control your emotions, so you are not out of control, health and joy will follow. We had the great Tsunami during this time period and many people felt the tremendous emotions caused by that event.

Passing the water initiation is like being baptized by water. When Jesus was baptized, the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Holy Spirit of God descending like a dove which landed on him. This is when the voice said “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. After his baptism he started to teach through his Christ Consciousness. If you have passed this water initiation, your emotions will become tranquil and the result of this will be a healthy body.

As soon as you reach a state of tranquility and peace, your burdens will begin to fall away because you have entered into an illuminated consciousness. This is because you have found your Holy Christ Spirit within, and you have learned to let go and let God. We should all be grateful for the emotional testing Saturn has brought us because we have become very strong. Now we can handle anything that comes along.

We are just entering a two year plus time period of Saturn in the fire sign Leo, which rules the heart. The positive vibration of Leo is love, and the negative aspect is Ego. Do you hear voices in your head? Do you wonder where they come from? One is from your Ego (dark energy) and one is from the Holy Spirit. Remember the comedian who used to say “The devil made me do it”. He was listening to his Ego. Which voice do you choose to follow, the Holy Spirit or the Ego?

When Saturn moves through Leo we will probably hear about people having problems with their heart or back. Leo also rules kings, queens, presidents, and all leaders. With the testing planet of Saturn moving through this sign it means that many leaders will fall. The leaders who try to control everything and don’t have our best interest at heart are the ones who will fall. Their will be much turbulence in their down-fall so be prepared. This fall will also affect the economy. Many new leaders who have love in their heart will come to power. They are the ones who will manifest the feminine principle of love. They could be either male or female, it doesn’t matter.

The fire energy also rules kundalini energy. This energy will start to rise in many and that is when they will become illuminated. Fire is heat and warmth and light. Love is the first cause of all life. This is the secret the Fire Initiation reveals to the soul. Many people, although they have learned to control their emotions and have trained their minds, remain imprisoned and unable to live in the world without feeling trapped. No matter how hard they struggle, they cannot break their bonds. The reason for this is that they are trying to find their way out by logic, and this will never happen. The way to release yourself from bondage is through unconditional love. Those who have long neglected to love others are going to find themselves in a state of darkness.

The children will also play a big part in this world drama in the next couple of years because Leo rules the fifth house of children. The parents who lost their children in the Iraq war are going to work to bring peace to the world. Their cry will be “No More War”.

The opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius, and this sign rules freedom. There is going to be much rebellion when people wake up and realize they have been treated like slaves. Uranus is the wake up planet. It says “wake up – wake up – it’s time to wake up.” If you don’t wake up you will be shaken awake. Uranus rules lightening and sudden events geared to wake up people. Uranus also rules the ankles and is in the sign of Pisces, which rules the feet.

After Saturn finishes its sojourn through Leo and moves into Virgo in September of 2007, we are going to see the Goddess energy in charge. If there is ever going to be a woman president, this is the time. It’s interesting that the negative prophecies in Revelation also end in September of 2007. By that time some of us will be living a higher vibration Earth. So Be It! I send you my love and blessings!


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