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Planet Alert for August 2005

There are some very intense planetary aspects coming up in August and September. Mars moved into Taurus on July 28 where it will stay for seven months until February of 2006. This will be a very volatile period of time because Mars will be making a negative angle to Saturn and Neptune during that transit. Mars still manifests a very fiery, explosive, nature because it has been known as the war planet for a long time. It will still carry that energy until people start focusing on it as a planet of peace.

During Mars sojourn through Taurus the energy will be focused on the West Coast of America, and the opposite side of the world, which is the Middle East. Having Mars focused on the Middle East for seven months is not the best energy. It looks to me like there will be much turmoil in the Middle East for the next few months.

The sign of Taurus rules the Earth. It also rules money and anything connected with the economy. The end of July found Mars in a square to Saturn. This is the start of a change in our economy. Jupiter rules business and Mars will be opposing that planet from October to February of 2006. This means there will be problems with finances, business, taxes, and money in general.

Saturn is now in the sign of Leo, the lion. The emblem of England is the lion of the tribe of Judah. Leo also rules kings, queens, and leaders in general. We now have Saturn making a square to Neptune by sign, which means secret misdeeds from the past will be publicly revealed to the world, leading to a reversal of fortune and damage to some people’s reputation. This is not good news for some of our leaders. This time period has started, and will last for a year or longer.

Neptune rules gas, oil, deception, oceans, fish, and disease. Notice that Neptune has been over SE Asia for awhile, and the Bird Flu started in that area. With Mars making an aspect to Neptune for awhile, we will probably see a larger outbreak of infectious diseases starting in August.

The new moon on August 4, 2005 finds the Sun in a square to Neptune, which is right over Korea, Japan, and SE Asia. Then, just before the end of August we find Mars making a square to Neptune. It looks to me like there is a major event set up for either Korea, Japan, Taiwan, or SE Asia in the near future.

This afflicted Mars energy will also cause a lot of smoldering anger within people, and governments. This is a time when leaders will flex their muscles and try to bring in more controls. There will also be conflicts between countries.

There has been a battle going on between the light and dark forces for a long time. This battle is about to reach its climax. Watch who comes to control out of this upcoming drama. Russia, China, and the Arab league still have their parts to play and they are all against the United States. Russia has always wanted to take us over and now they have the help of China, which is the dragon. China already owns 40 percent of our home mortgages.

The United States built up some major karma when we entered the second world war. Then we dropped hydrogen bombs on Japan in August of 1945. We were part of the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the Middle East wars, and we are still in Iraq. There is a law in this Universe called cause and effect, which means that what you do comes back to you and sometimes with a vengeance. We have reached the point where the Arabs, Russians, and Chinese are all angry with us. Karmic energy came back to us with 911 and I think there is more violence coming to our country.

Remember, there is a world of light overshadowing this world of darkness. Those who have done their homework, and have found the Christ spirit within their hearts will find they will be living in a different world. They will be protected as these events transpire. This is the time when Saturn will bring them rewards for work well done. The rest of the world will find themselves in a very challenging time period, which will continue until September of 2007.

We are in the process of manifesting the 19th chapter of Revelation and now is the time when we will have contact with our galactic brothers and sisters from space. This contact probably happens during a major war and will be called Divine Intervention. We need their help because the world is out of control. We have worked very hard to raise our frequencies to a higher level so we can meet them with love. The light ships are beautiful.

I think people should be prepared mentally and physically for the changes that will transpire in the next couple of years. Some people will be totally shocked by what happens and we will need to help them through their trauma.

Remember, Saturn brings rewards to those who are ready. Are you ready? Do you feel love for all beings? Are you starting to manifest the Christ love that is within you? Have you found peace within? Let there be peace on Earth, and let it began with me. So Be It! I send you my blessings!


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