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Planet Alert for January 2002

Wow! We made it through 2001. What will 2002 bring? We started this year with some interesting planetary aspects. The planet Mars made a 90 degree angle to Pluto. This is a fiery, explosive aspect, and is why there were fires in Australia, and a large fire-works explosion in Peru. The Sun/Jupiter opposition is what caused all of the snow in the southern states, and the East Coast.

Another interesting astrological event was the lunar eclipse that occurred on December 30, 2001. This eclipse was on the day of the Dragon glyph in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. The Dragon glyph is ruled by the planet Neptune. This glyph represents the primal spiral of creation, or our root source of life. It represents the beings whose ancient beginnings go back to the very beginning of this world. It represents the Divine Mother – its energy is creative, and its gift is abundance. It’s time for the return of the Dragons.

Do you know who the Dragons were? I read an article called ‘Star Fire – The Gold of the Gods’ written by Lawrence Gardner for the Nexus Magazine. It is very interesting. He says that the true Grail bloodline originated with the Anunnaki gods in southern Sumeria at least 6,000 years ago. The creation story is about two gods who were brothers. One was called Enlil and the other Enki. Enlil had another name which was Jehovah. It was Enlil who brought the flood. It was Enlil who destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Dead Sea – not because they were dens of wickedness, as we were taught, but because they were great centers of wisdom and learning.

It was Enki, on the other hand, who, despite the wrath of his brother, granted the Sumerians access to the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. It was Enki who set up the escape strategy during the flood, and it was Enki who set up the tables of scientific law which became the bedrock of the early mystery schools in Egypt.

Many books talk about the hermetic school of Tuthmosis III of Egypt, who reigned about 1450 BC, although it is not generally known that the school he originally inherited was the Royal Court of the Dragon. The Dragon line was from the Royal Bloodline of Enki, and his sister Ninhursag. The Holy Grail, or bloodline, ended up in Ireland, Scotland, France and England. We know this story today as the tale of King Arthur, who was the Pendragon.

Do you know that all of the cathedrals in France are dedicated to Mary Magdalene? If you draw the temples on a piece of paper and connect the lines, they form the symbol of the sign of Virgo, the Virgin. Mary Magdalene has been misjudged by the churches. If Mary was such a sinful woman, why are all the Cathedrals in France dedicated to her? It was fully recognized that the prominent gene of the succession was carried within the blood of the mother. Today we call this the ‘mitochondrial DNA’. And so was born a tradition inherited by their kingly descendants in Egypt and later by the Celtic rulers of Europe. True kingship, it was maintained, was transferred through the female.

It’s time for the return of the Dragon power. It’s time to activate the feminine energy within. It’s time to operate through the heart chakra instead of the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the power chakra and brings up issues of power and control. The average person is operating through their solar plexus. This is why there are tremendous power and control issues on Earth right now. Who is going to control who? This is why it is so important for the Light Workers to be working through their heart chakra.

Power and control issues will be very dominant on Earth until we reach the final Saturn/Pluto opposition in May of 2002, although it may continue longer than that because Saturn and Pluto are in opposition by sign until June of 2003. Actually, on the world level this will be quite a year. We started the year with a Mars/Pluto square. This is a fiery war-like aspect and sets the stage for the coming year.

The United States appears to be preparing for a larger war in the Middle East. There is talk about attacking Iraq again, and also Somalia. Pakistan and India are at odds with each other. I hear that China backs Pakistan, and that could cause problems if a war starts between those two countries. China is the Red Dragon, and is the last country to play it’s part – according to the Bible. Mars moves into the fire sign of Aries on January 19, and will stay there until March 1. This will be a very volatile period of time. Actually, the whole year will probably be that way, if you respond to that frequency.

There is a bright spot on the horizon. We enter the year of the horse on February 12. This means the economy is suppose to improve this year, although we may not feel the effects until later this spring. This Chinese New Year starts with the Sun conjunct Uranus on 24 Degrees Aquarius. This is the degree of a butterfly. The butterfly represents your spiritual body. Basically it means the transmutation of emotional energies. I think that is very good news. How many of you have been working on your emotional bodies? Have you released all of your emotional challenges?

We create through thought, emotion, and then physical manifestation. In order to move into your light body you first have to clean up your thoughts, then you go through the process of emotional cleansing, and the last process is your physical body. I believe this is the reason so many anti-aging products are now on the market. It’s time to be healthy, happy, and young in spirit and body.

The Chinese description of the year of the horse describes a very lively and high-spirited year. Life will be hectic and full of adventure. This will be a time when decisions and projects will be incorporated at high speed and with efficiency. Action will be the key word. It’s a good time for letting off steam and doing all the things you ever dreamed about. It’s the time to follow your intuition, and it’s time to go into business for yourself if you are so inclined.

Expect the unexpected in this great year of 2002. Many events will transpire. There will be many earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, and weird weather. The energy from the solar flares went into the core of Mother Earth and she is heating up. This energy is being felt by people on Earth – they are also heating up and releasing their anger. This is what causes so much violence on our beautiful planet. Everything is surfacing to be looked at and released.

We are in the cleansing, and every year it increases in intensity because of the change in frequency. There are different events that have helped increase the frequency on Earth. The solar flares have been very intense. The largest flare ever recorded happened in April of 2001. We are partially in the Photon Belt, which can be seen as black light. This black light has started appearing as streaks in the sky when the northern lights appear. Gamma Ray bursts have hit the Earth, which are very high in frequency. All of these events are changing our Earth, and our bodies. We are becoming great beings of light. Pretty soon we will start glowing for all to see.

The year 2002 will be a very interesting year. This number can either be experienced as a four or as a twenty-two. The number twenty-two allows both the good and bad to be experienced. The number four rules the Earth, and physical manifestation. It is the number of work, or limitation, and it is also the time of responsibility and accomplishment. The number 2002 is the bridge. How many of you have been walking between two worlds? Does it seem like one day you are in one world, and the next day you are in another world? The gap between the two worlds will get farther and farther apart as time goes on, and you will see a separation between people who no longer think the same way anymore. It’s a year of choice.

Being we are also experiencing Dragon energy this year, it should be easy to experience creativity and abundance for those who are ready. It should be a good year for those who have had their twelve strands of DNA reconnected. Remember, all you have to do is ask your higher self to reconnect your DNA. The Bible says, “Ask and you shall receive.” When all of your strands are plugged in you will experience full power to create your new life. This power will happen after you go through a period of adjustment.

Do you know that the new Earth has a blank screen ready for us to create our reality? No one on the other side can tell you what will happen in the new Earth energy because they don’t know what we will create. The old energy Earth is completing its drama. Many people who are still in the old energy will wake up this year and will need our help. They will ask many questions, and will be ready for answers. Then you can say- I will help you, for I have already been through that experience – and they will listen, because they are ready.

We have been part of a play that has been in progress for a long time. We have reached the end of that play, and all we have to do is wake up to the fact that everything is a hologram. Then it’s time to create the reality we choose to experience. It may seem like it is very dark on Earth right now because the puppet masters want to control the world. Their power will be short lived because they are finishing the last act. The new energy does not support power and control issues. Just think, the energy that is here right now has never been here before, ever. It’s a whole new ball-game. The polarity energy is on its way out, and the oneness energy is here. All you have to do is move out of your solar plexus into your heart energy to create Heaven on Earth.

So Be It!



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