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Planet Alert for December 2001

As I am writing this article (November 29) the moon is activating Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter. This means there is rain, snow, and storms all across the United States. The planet Jupiter will be in Cancer for several months. Cancer is a water sign and Jupiter brings abundance, so I believe there will be a lot of rain, snow, and large storms all over the world this winter.

Tomorrow is a Gemini full moon with the moon conjunct Saturn still opposing Pluto. This opposition rules terrorists so unfortunately it looks like fighting will continue. The Sun is moving through the sign of Sagittarius right now, which is a fire sign. War and violence are a manifestation of fire. Mars is conjunct Uranus which brings explosive events.

We will feel the intense energy of the Saturn/Pluto opposition for at least another six months. The energy from those planets bring a lack of jobs, money, food and material things. It looks like it will be awhile before the economy turns around. On December 6 the Sun will start to again activate George Bush’s node. His node is his destiny, and it is conjunct Mars (war president) in the USA chart. In June of 2002 Saturn will be conjunct his node. The next six months will be a very critical time period for George Bush, our country, and the world. The Sun will be exactly conjunct Pluto the night of December 6, and the moon will be squaring it on December 7. This is not a good aspect. Pluto is right over Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and this aspect will also ignite the rest of the Middle East. There was an eight point earthquake just north, and east of Afghanistan on November 14. There was also a six point quake in the Russian country of Turkistan on November 23. This country is just north of Afghanistan, and is where the Northern Alliance comes from. I don’t think Mother Earth likes all of this violence. There will be two eclipses in December. This means the energy will be very intense so be prepared for anything. The first one is a solar eclipse on December 14, at 22 degrees Sagittarius which will be seen over the Pacific Ocean, South America, the United States and Canada. The degree this eclipse is on rules military action and it will activate our president’s node. This doesn’t sound too promising. A solar eclipse stays in effect for at least several months. The areas that experience the darkness will feel the strongest effects. Next is a full moon eclipse on December 30, at 8 degrees Cancer. This eclipse will be seen over North, Central, and South America. The moon will be conjunct Jupiter on this eclipse which will activate that planet. This is a degree that causes many accidents – probably weather related.

Enough about the world. We create our own reality, and we can live a life full of joy and abundance if we so choose. Remember, there are two Earths existing side by side in two different frequencies right now. It’s our choice which frequency we choose to live in. Those who choose to manifest a high frequency are moving into a very joyful time period. Those who choose the lower frequency will live in chaos. Tobias says that when we left home eons ago, and crossed over the wall of fire into the void, we became separated from the oneness energy. In the oneness energy we had been connected to everything in existence. We became lonely because of this separation. We had moved into the void where there was nothing. Out of this void we created polarity consciousness. This universe has been the home of polarity challenges ever since then.

Tobias comes through a channel called Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) on the Crimson Circle web site. If you are interested in reading his channeling – type WWW.Crimson into your computer and his web site will come up.

Our physicists searched for years to find a unified theory that tied everything together. They came up with the String Theory. This theory is based on strings that exist through-out our universe and tie everything together. Each string is a different color, or frequency, and yet they are all interconnected. We have twelve strands (strings) of DNA – two are visible and ten are invisible. They are connected to our heart which vibrates to the number thirteen.

We were disconnected from our ten invisible strands thousands of years ago. Now many people are having their twelve strands reconnected. When these strands are reconnected to your heart, and operating in full force, we will become great beings of light who will be able to access all twelve dimensions in our universe. How exciting that will be. We will then be connected with the strings that run all through our universe, and other universes. We will become one again. How exciting!

A friend of mine takes pictures of very interesting anomalies. His guides tell him when to take these pictures. He went outside to take a picture of the heavens, and when he had the film developed it was a picture of different colored strings that were everywhere. It’s a very interesting picture. Imagine these strings all over our universe, in all different colors, and frequencies, and all interconnected. The Bible says that in the beginning the planets all sang together. They were all interconnected and played a beautiful tone in this universe. When the planet Maldek (also called Lucifer) was destroyed, the planets no longer sang together because there was a missing frequency. The missing frequency is E#. The frequency of E is connected with the constellation of Leo the Lion. The energy in the Leo constellation was healed of its missing frequency in May of 1997. Many highly advanced individuals worked for eons of time to heal the energy in that part of our heavens.

Leo the lion rules the Tribe of Judah. The Bible says that Jesus was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I believe he was born in the sign of Leo. Leo rules the heart and love. He left us with just one commandment. This commandment is to love one another.

The Lucifer rebellion was the time period when many people shut down their heart chakras and turned to fear. Now that our heart chakras are starting to open we will be able to start manifesting Christ Consciousness. The September 11 event opened our hearts – big time. Then Mother Earth started opening her chakras by having 5.2 earthquakes all over the world. The meteor showers that occurred on the night of November 17 came from the constellation Leo. We were blessed with all of that energy coming to Earth – especially the United States because the meteor showers were seen all over our country. Think of those meteors as little balls of love falling from heaven to bless us with their energy. We are now being giving the opportunity to reconnect with all there is by reconnecting our twelve strands of DNA. What an opportunity. If you would like to be reconnected, ask your guides or higher self to hook you up. Everyone has twelve strands of DNA – it’s just a matter of plugging them into your electrical system to be activated. We actually have more than twelve strands. The other strands are what the scientists call junk DNA because they don’t know what to do with them. In this universe, twelve strands is probably enough to deal with.

Many children have been born with their DNA already connected. After the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, a wave of children were born. They are very psychic, and many of these children cannot get sick. One of the gifts you will receive by having your twelve strands reconnected is that you won’t be able to get sick anymore. Once your strands are reconnected, and integrated (this may take a while) you will find that sickness disappears. This is why Earth will eventually be a planet of health. We will then have a new immune system. Our old system is from polarity consciousness. Our white blood cells fight viruses, and bacteria, which means there is a war going on in our body. Our new system will be a peaceful one. Our energy will flow from our hearts into our other chakras, and then it will run through our endocrine and lymphatic system. The job of our lymphatic system is to transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells and tissues, it removes protein waste and other waste matter (including environmental toxins) from the cells and the body’s interstitial regions. It maintains fluid balance in the connective tissue, and transports fatty acids from the small intestine to the liver for storage and later use.

When the lymphatic system becomes congested, these functions are impaired, depriving cells of oxygen and affecting the ability of the body to rid itself of its own waste material which can then cause disease. This means our lymph system will pull all of the toxins out of our body so there will be nothing for the bad guys to live on, which means there will be no reason to be sick anymore.

How is your lymphatic system doing? Is it full of toxins? Maybe it’s time to clean it out. Jumping on a small trampoline will help get your energy moving, and steam baths will pull out toxins. Massage also helps. There is also a machine that will activate this system. It is called a Light Beam Generator. If you are interested in more information on this machine – type in Light Beam Generator on your search engine, and information about this machine will come up on the Internet. Most of us have passed all of the tests that are connected to the twelve signs of the zodiac and are ready to be reconnected. The twelfth sign is Pisces. This sign rules emotions. Have you been able to heal your emotions and bring them into balance? Most of us have been working for a long time to cleanse our minds from negative thoughts, our emotions from anger and fear, and our bodies from toxins. Now it’s time to manifest cosmic consciousness.

When we are reconnected we will be able to use more brain power. Scientists say we only use ten percent of our brain capacity. What about the other ninety percent? I believe that part is connected with higher frequencies, and we haven’t been able to use it because many strands of our DNA were disconnected. Think of everything we will be able to do when we are using the other ninety percent. We will become multidimensional beings.

An energy from the core of creation came to Earth in November of 1999. The frequency on Earth is now high enough to support this new energy. This means that it is now time to reconnect to all of creation. Isn’t that exciting? We’ve waited a long time for our solar system to be cleansed. All of the planets in our system have gone through their change, and they now manifest a new frequency. Once Mother Earth finishes her cleansing, and manifests her new frequency, all of the planets in our solar system will again be able to sing together in peace and harmony. Hallelujah! What a great time to be alive.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, and a Happy New Year. May love manifest in your heart, and may you shine like the brightness of the firmament in all its glory. My blessings to you!

*** By Mahala ***

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