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Planet Alert for February and March 2002

I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night and was very impressed. It was a ceremony of light. There was light everywhere. They had a young boy leading the procession with his lantern. To me this represents the blue race of children who will bring peace to our Earth. The Bible says, “And a child (or children) shall lead you.” This is referring to the new race of children who are now here on Earth – the children of love. It could also represent the inner child within each of us.

I found it very interesting that the Olympics are being held in Utah this year. The planet Saturn is right over that area and is opposing Pluto, the transformer. I believe this means we should start looking at Saturn as a great planet of light because it is transforming darkness into light, as witnessed by the ceremony. The energy from the old Saturn was also there because security was intense – there were police and soldiers everywhere and they represent control. The vortex in Utah that has held the control energy of the IRS for such a long period of time is also being transformed. Once we let go of the control of Saturn, we can manifest the freedom of Uranus.

As I am writing this article we are about to start the Chinese New Year of the Horse. This starts on February 12, 2002. This should be a very exciting year because the Sun is conjunct Uranus as we start this new year. This is the planet of light and freedom. I believe we will see freedom on many levels as this year proceeds. Right now that doesn’t seem possible because we are in a terrorist war, and many controls have been imposed because of this energy. Remember, Uranus is also the planet of surprises so expect the unexpected. Uranus rules the lower legs. Leg pain anyone?

There was a supernova explosion in the galaxy next to ours on February 24, 1987. The energy from this explosion has been affecting us for a long time. This supernova caused many people to wake up in 1987, and start their search for wisdom. This also activated the energy for the Harmonic Convergence that occurred in August of 1987. There are many unseen events going on in our galaxy, and on our Earth, that are not always apparent to the normal population. One of the events that just happened was a dimensional blend that started on January 13, with a solar blast from our Sun.

We live in the Milky Way Galaxy. There is also a parallel galaxy. These two galaxies used to be one. They split apart eons ago so we could have a polarity universe. The two galaxies together form a figure eight. This figure eight needs to become a circle so we can once again be one. At the new moon of January 13, we entered into the infinity gateway number eight. This means that our galaxy and our parallel galaxy are starting to blend together.

We have been in a duality universe for eons of time. The polarity game is almost over and we have started blending with our parallel Earth body. Did you know that we have had an exact double on the other Earth? On January 13 we started experiencing a dimension blend between our Earth and our parallel Earth. I really experienced this energy and it was very disturbing at times. One day I was in one reality, and the next day I was in another reality. In order to become one you have to acknowledge or accept your dark side. I think many people blended with their shadow self from the parallel Earth in the past month.

I think that many prophecies that have not come to pass on this dimension were played out on our parallel Earth, like a nuclear war in 1988. This atomic blast may have turned the parallel Earth into light, which changed the frequency of that dimension, and allowed us to start the blending process that has taken so many years to complete. Many of us started releasing our old belief systems and started our body transformation in 1988.

In January of 1994 our body transformation started big time. Here we are eight years later and we just experienced the opening of the number eight gateway in our solar system. This corresponds to the opening of the soul star in our bodies. The soul star is light aqua in color. How many of you felt pain in the area just above your heart in the past month? This pain was because that area was bursting into light.

Beginning in 1987 many light workers started looking at their shadow self. Could this be the manifestation of what is called Shadow People? Are they actually the shadow side of ourselves? I think many people manifested shadow people outside of themselves which made it appear they were separate entities and not part of themselves. We have gone through a long hard process of releasing and letting go of old energy and thoughts from the past. Many people have had much body and mind work done which helped release this energy. I believe this process is now complete for some people, and I think some are totally blended with their shadow self, or will be by February 12, 2002. This means we will have a tremendous opportunity to manifest love and light on Earth this year as we enter into the Sun-Uranus energy.

Our Sun is the light of this solar system and it has been going through many changes. It is increasing in light, just like we are. We have light switches in our bodies, and all we have to do is ask to have them turned on. We are moving from a carbon based entity to a silica based entity. Silica is crystal, and holds the light of the rainbow. When all twelve strands are reconnected we will be able to manifest all twelve colors in balance and will become multidimensional beings.

The year of 1987 was also the year when the planet Saturn erupted into light. Some kind of event caused a ring of white light around Saturn and Astronomers wondered what had happened to that planet. We have to pass through the gates of Saturn to reach the outer planets of Neptune and Uranus. Neptune rules the female higher mind, and Uranus rules the male higher mind. Saturn has always been known as the hard task- master because we have to pass the tests from that planet before we can become enlightened by Neptune and Uranus. Saturn rules the limitations we feel in our lives. Because the light from the 1987 supernova will be coming to Earth this year, we will have the opportunity to start vibrating to Uranus, the planet of light.

There will still be many events on Earth that people consider negative because the rest of the population needs to look at their shadow selves. Actually, what is being shown to everyone is power and control issues. Who is going to control who? Do you really want to control anything? Control is polarity energy that is connected with your solar plexus. It’s time to manifest heart energy.

The dramas that are now occurring on Earth have to be looked at and released by the general population before they can move into the heart chakra and manifest love on Earth. I think we should bless our politicians for acting out such a great drama for all to see. Remember it is all an illusion so don’t get caught in the drama. ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD.

Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman states: “As you and the Earth return to balance in the STILL POINT of perfected harmony, polarity consciousness will no longer be able to dance and weave between the Light and the shadows. There will be no need for conflict, separation or anything which will hinder you in perfecting your mastership and creating that which will bring peace, prosperity and great joy for all. It is surely being brought into your awareness that the light is becoming more predominant in certain people and areas, as the shadow/negativity is becoming more pronounced and chaotic in other areas. This is because a separation is taking place, both within each of you and all around you.” It’s decision time for all of us. Are you ready to manifest love and light?

On the Earth level there will be many changes this year. There will be many earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and fires all over the world. If our rulers vibrate to the energy of Mars squaring Uranus, there will be more wars, or violence this spring. We started February with a large earthquake in Turkey that caused much damage. I believe that earthquakes will increase in intensity as the year moves on. The west coast will be under pressure from quakes this year starting this month of February. It can also affect volcanoes.

As Mars moves through Taurus from March 2 to April 13 there will be a lot of pressure on the west coast, Mexico, and the Middle East. The first part of March looks very traumatic for Israel, Iraq, Iran, and the other Middle East countries. The Ides of March finds the Planet Mars in a 90 degree angle to Neptune. This aspect brings biological or chemical events. Then Mars moves into a fiery, explosive, energy caused by a 90 degree angle to Uranus which could activate fires or volcanic activity.

Because the fourth and fifth seals in the Bible are open, there will be much trauma on earth this year from wars. Remember, we have a war president leading the United States right now. Saturn moves up to 17 degrees Gemini by the end of May, I see this as the culmination of the Saturn/Pluto opposition which caused the terrorist war in the first place. In June the planet Saturn will be conjunct Mars in the United States birth chart. This rules police action. At the same time Saturn will be on top of president Bush’s node, and his Uranus. This means to look for unexpected events at that time concerning our country and our president.

There is a world of light superimposed over the world of darkness and all we have to do is reach for the light. Although it may seem very dark on Earth right now, remember that you create your own reality and you have the choice of what you choose to manifest. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and we are at the dawn of a marvelous new creation. Let’s reach for the light and create a new reality of peace, love, and joy.

I send you my blessings!

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