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You have a Lunar Return

All the Community Members should now have a current Lunar Return Report on the website. If you bought a One Year Subscription, login on the reports page and you’ll get to view your reports.

Now for the details.

The Lunar return is a cart that represents the moment that the current position of the moon is directly conjunct your birth moon. Because of the 28-day cycle of the moon, this conjunction happens 13 times a year. Not only are there thirteen cycles, but because everyone’s birth moon is in a different location in their chart, Lunar returns start and end of different days for everyone.

When it comes to publishing these reports, I’ve tried to make sure that everyone in the community has a report that represents time in, and through, October.

The Influences of a Lunar Return are aligned to the cycle of the return. They start at the lunar conjunction and last until the next one. When viewing your Lunar Return Report, look for the section title that looks like this: “LUNAR RETURN: 15 September 2018 at 6:55:42 PM”. The title represents the starting date for the influences. Expect them to last about 28 days.

Lunar Returns are also aligned to your current location. If you look at either the wheel or report, you’ll see the location that I used for you. If you have moved, or the location was simply not accurate, please email me the location that would be appropriate for your future Lunar Returns.

Moving forward, I’m hoping to review the Lunar Returns around the 15th of the month to make sure everyone has a report that is current until I’m able to put up the next Lunar Report. This means that for anyone that joins the community now, they should receive up to 13 of these reports!


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