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Mahala’s Astrology Community Update August 10, 2018

Here is a video update for Community Members.

In the video, I show the layout of the planets for the eclipse that is happening today (into tomorrow) followed by a request for community members to send me the location of where they were on their last birthday. I can’t run a Solar Return Report for you until you’ve done this.

For those of you that have sent me this information, I show you how to log in to the website so you can view your reports.

Also, there are a few people that still haven’t gotten through the registration process. If you bought a subscription and you haven’t heard from me, it’s probably because my email has ended up in your junk folder. Thus, please send me an email so we can get the process started (and completed).

Lastly, I added a “Current Planetary Positions” widget to the side bar on the website. It displays the current location of the planets when you visit the website.

I hope you’re all having a great Eclipse!


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