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Creating your life, from the inside out

Guest article by Mona.

Full Moon Blessings

We are starting a new month and coming into Spring right after this beautiful full “snow” moon has presented its beauty and grace to our world! The moon has been in Virgo/Pisces, which is a rare occasion. It gives us light and a definite reprieve from the challenges we have had to face recently.

When the moon is full, the gravitational pull is strong, meaning we feel more than usual. The Pisces influence is also apparent with this timing, and Pisces is all about emotions. I love how the Universe knows how to steer us in a new direction!

When I teach my classes with the Shift network, one thing I always seem to mention is that “life is like a book.” We turn the page every day to a new beginning, which requires a different perception. The Universe is trying to help us achieve unity, balance, and peace – which is actually our natural state! We are being reminded that we have an individual life that entails new choices that come from the knowledge that freedom itself is a priority. How we choose to adapt to that is up to us.

A true relationship is when you work with yourself (the most beautiful soul), to communicate just as you would with a partner. Knowing your feelings, recognizing new decisions, and allowing yourself to support yourself. The physical body changes when you do this. For instance, your low back may not bother you when you give yourself permission to support your daily needs (the low back is significant to not feeling supported).

Right now, we are experiencing stress differently than we have in the past. We have reached a new pinnacle in time when stress is like living in the past. It means we didn’t know how to handle or deal with things that we can today. This is what the full moon in Virgo feels… too much stress is not for us anymore. Taking action when it is needed is another tool that this energy is helping us with. It is time to move forward.

Subconsciously, we may not have known how to move forward when we were in our patterns – only living from what we thought we knew. This is a time for internal shifting! It’s like getting new furniture but having to get rid of the old stuff to make room for it first.

I was laughing with a client today when I mentioned that scenario, and she said, “Oh, like getting a new easy chair!” Exactly. We are sorting out and rearranging our priorities, and can even think of it as “spring cleaning” what is not essential – what is not our responsibility or ours to deal with, and what no longer needs to be a part of our field.

Give yourself permission to pull back from old ideas or actions that keep trying to infect your adrenal glands (fight or flight). That is a pattern that continuously makes us feel like if we don’t do this or that, then there will be consequences. So then, prioritize. Illusions create patterns and are there from old insecurities. Now is the time to face this and move on.

Every time we go through transformations it means we are paying attention to what we really know or feel in the moment. When we ask ourselves what we are afraid of, we may have to dig for that answer. I always say, “the only way out is through.”

Confronting the boogieman of fear-related patterns can now become your reward as you realize there actually was nothing to fear in the first place. Even death isn’t total death, it’s a rebirth into a new dimension that you are ready for. Even in death, we move forward.

May you celebrate the true YOU for this springtime, within and without!

All my love,



Creating your life, from the inside out — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Mona,
    I do love riding the grace, fluidity and understanding of your messages.
    Thank you for helping us to participate with greater awareness.
    Love and blessings to you, Elizabeth Berg

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