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Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution

Guest article by Elizabeth Berg.

A revolutionary evolution of our hearts has begun.

We have crossed over a line between old 3d and the new fresh ground of unlimited creative potential.

Being new to this degree of unlimited life energy, the unfamiliarity of it can leave room for interpretation.

The old 3D of interpretation might be to meet these new sensations, feelings of unsettled time as an unidentified problem. Here may be a feeling of anxiousness as the heart is now pulsing with radiance.

Each cell of our body from within and throughout pulsing with a palpable radiant alteration. The heart as the Altar Center of our beingness, no longer the head.

This radiance is the hearts evolutionary expansion in process. This changes everything.

I am reminded of a similarity of this feeling to the sensations when we first fall in love. We may feel not just that strange disconcerting intoxicating confusion, but also the apprehensive aspects of discovering life is changing. That uncontrollable change!

Feelings may arise like concern of losing oneself in this overwhelming experience in your heart. A feeling that is so easily misinterpreted as a problem. Perhaps concern for the unknown. What will I become? Be patient. This time is a predestined agreement we made with our souls. We instinctively know how to do this when we stay in our hearts.

One of the most wondrous and magical aspects of this portion of awakening is with our ability to manifest.

Imagine everything quantified, pure life energy, everything. As we follow this movement of the heart, we expand our connectedness to all and surrender into unity consciousness. From envisioning and feeling our hearts desire to manifestation, we can live an idea as a feeling and simply live it into being.

Living it as if it were so and it is so.

“Meet up with your creations with the like frequency of which you wish to meet, like meets like.”

Trusting in this process is actually how it all works, keeping our heart connected.

“We are now living into the art of surrendering into the connectedness”

As we manifest, it may all appear as if it were miraculous. That is simply the difference between unconscious creation and consciously creating beauty out of our innate interconnectedness, a completely natural process.

“How sweet is our reality in a state of expansion.”

Our incentive to create may encompass what will serve more of the world and all life in it in better ways, very often more simple ways.

Health in general, vitality, the product of a unified heart experienced connectedness, our natural state.

This is a new level of surrender that connects one to all, where all needs are met. Come to it with what you are at your core, whole and complete.

Blessings, Elizabeth Berg Psy. readings, illustration


Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Haraldur,
    I appreciate the lovely encouragement of your responds to ‘Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution’.
    We have a delightful task wherever we may be to hold the Light. Thank you for doing your part.
    Peace be with you. Elizabeth Berg

  2. Its wonderful to see you writing and yes it is like falling in love for me too

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