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Changing Filters

by Brian Roberts

Meditation is hard some people say. I tried it and all I could hear was my own mind. Well for some people that might be a step forward. I used to be amazed at some of the things people would say, especially from people who did meditate. Essentially, I would offer some coaching like this; if you can’t stop the mind at least you could stop it from flowing out of your mouth. Habits are killers for some people, for others they perform masterful service. Aristotle said that our actions are not responsible for our success, our habits are.

What if the new world was not an external event? Seems everyone is awaiting the great awakening and the coming of the Aquarian Age. The Jewish people have been waiting 2 thousand years. The Catholics now are content to think they are going to heaven. This is to say, “I’m happy to know I can deal with this existential later”. The Buddha was once asked if he could grant enlightenment to his disciples? He told the monk to go ask all the disciples if they want this enlightenment now. The monk returned to the Buddha with his findings. No they all said they are happy to follow the Buddha. The Buddha just smiled because he already knew!

I can imagine what it must have been like to hear Jesus expound the Sermon on the Mount. I can almost imagine sitting with the Buddha. I have sat with many Guru’s and teachers in my life and eventually they failed to give me what I had hoped to receive. No one can give us what we already have. You just can’t fit two cars in a one-car garage, it’s impossible. But if just for a minute or an hour or a day you could “drop the filters”, with which you perceive your reality and get naked with the truth, what a day that would be. Like Jesus said, go in the closet and pray and then when your eyes will be single your whole body will be full of light.

It’s a Quantum thing. It’s a NO Duality Thing. I was recently asked to help a person and to pray for a person who was in a ridiculous lawsuit. I basically told this person I would pray and clear the opposition. I did clearing work on the “enemy”, for one week. When I met with my client I believe she saw the wisdom of ending the battle. It cost her $10,000 dollars before she waved the white flag. She had talked to me about Jesus and I realized this at the time. Jesus said two very important things and if this was all you could glean from Christianity was this you would be well on your way to the kingdom.

#1. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Love them even as I have loved you!

#2. How many times must we forgive our neighbor? Seventy times seventy, or in other words, always.

What I heard in my head really surprised me and that was this. If one fails to comprehend the above, “You are sure to keep crucifying yourself”. The Father is love. The Mother is love, the creation is love and the great Mahatma Gandhi said,

Be the change you want to see in the world. Blessings

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