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~The Way of Words~

Guest article by Mona @

Recently it has dawned on me that words are a very important connection to your feelings and in sharing your perceptions. Interestingly, the way words are used isn’t necessarily the way they were intended; and it could be that the meaning doesn’t fit the new energy coming in anymore.

People communicate and express themselves by using phrases in texts or writing an email, for example, that can be misinterpreted. Sometimes our reactions to reading these messages from others are emotional, and we may take something personally when it was never meant in that context. I feel this is important to write about this month because, with clients, I’ve noticed a hanging on to ways we’ve perceived meaning, especially through the old meaning or interpretation of words.

For example, the word “responsibility” has created a hardship for people who were raised with burden, overload, taking care of others, and so on. The idea of “we better do it right or else” comes up for many. Yet, who designed what that meant in the first place? Responsibility in the energetic sense has shifted into our ability to respond. Action, reaction, or non-action can be the choices we relate to instead of what we must do to be accepted or appreciated.

I’m sure there have been times where we have judged ourselves or others over the meanings of words alone. “If that person doesn’t do such and such, they are worthless!” Old dynamics of our language and the meaning behind it has changed just as much as our way of feeling! The same occurs when we speak about the body. “I’m fed up” can create a feeling in the gut of not being hungry or where food doesn’t taste good. If we address an emotion, it can be taken physically. “That’s gut-wrenching” or “I don’t have a leg to stand on,” or even, “she doesn’t have my back” are just some of the ways we speak without realizing it’s truly all connected to the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

The world today is transforming into a higher frequency and we are connected to it, therefore we may forget names, situations, or even words that don’t just come to mind anymore. Some say they don’t even know who they are and are afraid to move forward without the comfort of old thinking. Yet, if a situation occurs today where once you would have been angry or hurt, you might find it doesn’t bother you the way it might once have.

In this changing world and with these new phases of energetic transformation, we are now more capable of releasing what is no longer compatible within us, and the new you is developing a new energy signature. It can make you feel a bit lost, unsure, or even insecure over not knowing how to react. COVID has contributed to these changes, as the world is no longer the same in our daily lives, and we have been confronted with having to be creative with work, family, and everyday life.

What we are learning is that as a global community, co-creators, or even a unified collective, down deep what matters is the allowance of perception shifts and for change to take place. We are always in charge, just not in control. Becoming individualized is the ticket for releasing the way you’ve accepted how people treated you, how you feel about yourself, and what your heart is truly desiring. Now you can ask yourself “what do I want to do”… not “what do I have to do.”

Your voice matters, your words are heard, and mostly, your body hears it all. Be kind to yourself during these changing times. After all, we are in the process of creating a new world together!

Happy September!
All my love,



~The Way of Words~ — 2 Comments

  1. I have tended to use the word responsibility way too much, so this hit home for me.m. Thank you.

  2. Plagiarize much~!? On an inspired site created a “decade” ago states, “… all words carry definitions we all adopted from others that lead to feelings…”\ As long as individuation (i.e. di-vision) continues, duality will persist! If those who are truly awake desire real “unity” (you-an-i-to-I), then the false learned from others adopted by us “ego”, needs to dissolve back into the ethers for which it originated! We’ve played the “me” game for millenniums and because of these redundancies, we’ve recycled these false belief mechanisms like a gerbil wheel, creating the; same script, same outcome! It’s time to ignite the Divine “within” (which we “all” have and become awake to, “only” if and when we aren’t busy regurgitating the old meanings given to us, and instead actuate true workable Unity!). We were provided an owner’s manual from others, to navigate our outer lives to appease other’s egotistical proclivities… What is awakening “now” is dissolving the old, realizing the Real owner’s manual provided by the Divine within, is the only readable and workable Way! Inspiration (in-spirit-at-I-on) is our guide to what will work for “all”! New earth, new directives with new policies that honors “all”~! “BE the change you want to see in the world”… Love begins and ends within only… Once this is fully actualized, inspiration extends outwardly! Namaste…

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