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Clearing Macro Mantra

Guest submission by Brian Roberts of Life Seed Codes.

Clearing Macro Mantra

From the Point of Light

Within the One -Mind-Divine-Source,

May the appropriate and exact vibrations, frequencies, waveforms, spirals of Light & Prayers of intent, move through the body, mind and spirit of (the collective world government)

At all bodily levels, frequencies, realities, incarnations,

Dimensions and for all times,

To clear all blocks & memories, for the intent of harmony,

For balance, integration and healing.

Now flood with unconditional love.

The call to Love, Forgiveness or at least staying neutral

The formula above is the prayer, mantra or statement of intent that some of us use in our “Be Clear Now” dowsing clearing method. The picture is a Yantra that I was able to download from the Internet; it is also known as the Sri Yantra or the Divine Mother yantra. A picture is worth a thousand words or in the case maybe a million words. There is a story associated with the Hindu tradition that when the Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva wanted to create the world they had to first get permission to do this from the Divine Mother, so much for absolute power of this trinity. Some scientists say that the universe is all about energy and vibration. Energy never dies but is always in a state of motion through birth, life and of course death.

Brahma represents creation, Vishnu represents maintenance and Shiva’s function is about destruction. The Divine Mother is somehow above and beyond the necessity of all this. There is a saying in Buddhism that the “purpose in life is to discover the purpose of life”. And in Zen there is the saying that: The great way is easy for those who have no preferences, when love and hate are both absent everything becomes clear and undisguised; make the smallest distinction however and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart. If you wish to see the truth hold no opinion for or against. (Sosan) We need a new view, the right view. We need a new attitude too.

What about unconditional love?

How can we reach a state of empowerment, freedom, liberation and sovereignty? Maybe the collective consciousness is arriving at a new state of awareness, I hope so. I for one wonder what this may be. Jesus said, “judge not least you be judged”. There is so much division now in our nation between democrats and republicans and in our affairs with other countries. Many, if not all the spiritual teachers on the planet right now are saying that as the truth of the drugs (pharmaceuticals), guns (military industrial complex) and sex merchants (satanists) comes into plain sight, we need to be much more merciful. We need to observe without our projections, our blaming, and without out assessments. Let he who is without sin, throws the first stone. Is this easy to do? Please excuse the expression, but no way Joshua.

Residing in a fluid state of unconditional love? I seriously doubt it. I AM not able to do this with any consistency. What I am able to do though is to make a second effort through the application of mindfulness. Unconditional love is not something we generate, period. It is something that we access, or download, or perhaps we have intention with it. It is the state that the “ Holy Spirit” resides in, a love state like the sun shining. It may be in the energy and vibration of the Divine Mother. And the distinction here is all about choice. It is about a choice to NOT be in duality or judgment and to make a call to a “higher power”, to do the loving for us. Let’s just face it some shit is just unlovable. There is a story about Jesus walking down a road with his disciples and they came upon a dead dog. One of the disciples, probably Judas said, man that dog smells really very bad. Jesus responded by saying, “ yes, but look how white his teeth are”.

You got that right. Look how white his teeth are. We are in very unusual times. The world is in trouble. People are in trouble. Places are in trouble. We are in need of a collective Phoenix rising and we have to get there. We will get there because little, big ones, “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give YOU the kingdom”.

We have to make a choice and the antidote is YOU. It is You, and off course it’s a “Higher Power” too. Call in the light today and give peace a chance.

Use the mantra, prayer and statement of intent freely. In other words use the same strategy you might use when flying in an airplane. When the masks come down put it upon your face before assisting others. (1) Call the “Higher Power”, (2) receive the download and then (3) send it forward. This way we can all be Love, Forgiveness or at least stay Neutral, because the best solution is for us to not be a part of the problem.

Brian Roberts

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P.S. If you print out the first page you can use the mantra, send it out often, allow the Yantra to help you establish a balance and alignment.



Clearing Macro Mantra — 3 Comments

  1. On a completely different note… I saw a PBS show on Genes… Part 2 (site listed below… Warning it’s about 2 hours long~!) it’s about; DNA and RNA mapping, bacteria, viruses, cancer, discoveries, diseases, experiments, explorations, mapping yet still to be discovered, etc.\ The best description I heard (paraphrasing) concerning all of this, was genome mapping is like writing out a scale of music, which is static… However, the music made, is fluid… Within the fluidity is both silences and noise, the spaces between these, determines the modes of expression… (Same as the Sri Yantra above, manifested and unmanifested possibilities!)

    I hope by sharing the above and deciding to watch it too, may open you (and those you love) to discoveries in your own journeys, leading to cooperative manifestations that is good for all!\ By focusing on discoveries, solutions are immanent… Be the change you want to see in the world! Namaste…

  2. The Divine, New Earth, Harmony, True Love, etc… Only comes from “within”, then extends outwardly! A great example of this is the pictured Sri Yantra above… The center point is the Divine residing in “all” of us, then everything else (manifested reality) extends outwardly from that point… As someone else has already stated, “You don’t arrive to a new earth, it arrives through you!”… Release adopted false learned limited ego mind constructs, opening and revealing what you already are (the list above and more) and Be That!\ Another way of saying “be neutral”, is having balance, which means no preference… Everything happens for a reason… What may be bad in one moment (for however long that may be), may reveal later to be good, then realization of why events had to happen the way they did, allows the blessing(s) to be revealed… Instead of damning the moment, ask, “What blessings are happening in the midst of this chaos, waiting to be revealed?”, then open to answers that come.\ A great quote by Adyashanti, “Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”… In essence, stop following and start Being… Then all will Be as is necessary! We are That, BE! Namaste…

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