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Emergence: The Crowning Glory

Guest article by Alison.

Today, 28th March we witness the final ascending Venus Moon conjunction, known as a Kumari Kiss. In her cycle in the creation of each Pentagram in the heavens, Venus makes 7 conjunctions with the Moon descending into the Underworld, and then 7 ascending conjunctions. Today is the day that this emergence at the metaphoric Crown Chakra happens, and if you look up at the heavens you will see it and smile.

This pattern of Venus and the Moon is perfectly mapped out in the ancient Sumerian story of Innana and her descent into the Underworld. Innana makes this journey out of choice, to visit her sister Erishkigal who has been banished there after she was raped. At 7 gateways she is asked to give up her possessions and worldly power. She is hung on a hook to die, and in 3 days is resurrected. Erishkigal as you might imagine is raging – she is the repressed rage of the oppressed and battered, that which has been most dishonored. She kills Innana which begins the great transfiguration process. She emerges through embracing and integrating her Shadow Self as Queen of Heaven and Earth. The Queendom is born!

In these times of unprecedented transformation globally, what can we see emerging? I live in a small town called Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, but I perceive there are very similar issues emerging globally.

• People are self-organizing in an unprecedented ways to support those most vulnerable and ensure they have emotional support, food and medicines during lock down. Presently Pallas Athena is exactly conjunct expansive Jupiter beginning the incredible stellium line up of Pluto/Mars/Saturn/Ceres. Pallas rules the frontal cortex, the higher functions of the brain that allow us to see cause and effect, live with compassion and respect towards others. This self-organisation is extremely important because it is quantum leaping us out of dependency on authority and dying hierarchical structures. Saturn has just entered Aquarius joining Ceres the Mother Goddess. This enhances the energy of Universal Love and new structures reflecting that principle.
• Nature is repairing herself. After the ravages of earthquakes, deforestation, fires and floods as the Earth has attempted to re-balance herself now we see all around us nature flourishing in an unprecedented way. I don’t know about you but I have been praying for nature for a long time. A pandemic may be frightening, but a catastrophic event that makes our atmosphere too toxic to breathe would be a lot worse. As we see pollution levels drop we are perhaps getting a sense of the monumental effect of toxicity we have created as human beings, and that we can do things differently.

The Moon is in her exalted sign Taurus and the Sun Aries so these next couple of days are very special and help us to set our highest intentions. Vesta and Hygeia are conjunct in Gemini which assists us in this process. Vesta uses ritual, offerings, prayers and blessings for healing and transformation. Hygeia is the Goddess of healing, bringing all back into equilibrium. It is so important at this time not to allow our minds to be dragged into the 4th dimension of dualistic thinking and fear. We must surrender and relax and see what emerges for each of us as we have this space to pause. For some this may be very challenging. If your life has been running at 110 miles per hour then the void may be utterly terrifying. Take a deep breath and allow some time off your devices each day just to be, to listen to the birds, to admire the flowers and with and create art. This is what it is all about, the New Earth is already here we just have to slow down enough, get in the right honoring head space to see it.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron so this is a time also for deep healing of ourselves and the planet. We have time to rest, nobody could ever have predicted a 3 month global rest. Time to take stock, imagine a future not going back to the rat race, where the self-organisation continues to grow and expand into a Cosmic Communion.

We are being led out of slavery. Like Moses when he led the Israelites out of Egypt, it took a lot of really bad things for the Pharoah to let them go. The Israelites themselves were afraid and confused – many wanted to go back. God gave them water – Moses created springs from rocks, manna came from heaven and quails came each day. The people didn’t have a lot, but they had what they needed. In the holographic space time story this is the script running again. The life of Jesus who came to show us the true nature of God and lead us out of slavery, is another octave of the Moses story.

Think of this time as a global Exodus from the slavery of our minds and desires. It is also a collective crucifixion and ascension. We are all in this together and we can trust God to meet our needs. Resist the urge to let your own and others “Go Home” mentality prevail. Instead let us exalt Universal Love and gratitude for our Earth. We are already home, Earth belongs to all human beings equally and to the plant and animal kingdoms. Trying to keep others out will simply not work and that is a blessing. If Jesus taught us one clear thing it was to welcome the stranger and take care of the vulnerable, the refugee and those most marginalized in society.

This link will take you to a wonderful On Being podcast with scientist Nicholas Christakis about the inherent goodness of human beings, wired into our DNA: How We’re Wired for Goodness.

This is a link to a video about the Corona (meaning crown) virus by Earth Scientist Gregg Braden. I found it very informative and empowering and it shares information about how the plant, and especially mushroom, kingdoms may help us at this time: Truth and Fiction Coronavirus.

Warmest wishes and blessings to all and prayers for those who are ill and suffering in these times.

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Alison Dhuanna


Emergence: The Crowning Glory — 2 Comments

  1. Alison, I love your writings here; thank you. The Erishkigal/ Innana story is so potent. And here we are, during Passover, as you shared that whole Exodus story. I write this at nearly midnight in California, so it’s also Easter where you are, and about to be here. So many stories and myths point the way, as does Nature.

    I appreciated Gregg Braden’s science and spirit approach in the video. So many wacky fringe things going around, or just plain medically pharma on the other hand. His took a nice, grounded approach I thought, in the middle where facts and higher consciousness merge and dance.

    Thank you again, and blessings during this Holy Week.

  2. Thank you for this amazing & reality check for me. I love Mahala & Dave’s reading as yours. please let me know the price of a reading as I have limited resource. Thank you & bless you.

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