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Present Moment and Eternity

My artist friend Elizabeth called me one morning and asked me if she could read me something she had just written. I said “Sure read it to me”. I thought she had written a nice little article and asked her if she would like to send it to my mailing list. Some people are so stressed out these days that I thought they would like something

different to read to take their mind off all of the chaos that is happening in the world right now.

Here is her article, enjoy!

***** Mahala *****


Written by Elizabeth Berg of

It has taken me 67 years to begin to really understand what living in the present moment might mean to me. I know I have so much more to learn.

One of the things that I’m beginning to integrate is a sense of the Eternal that has begun to peek out of the Ever Present Now. The Now that I’m just getting to know. This peek of the Eternal has been a big surprise to me. It has changed my entire relationship to time.

I’m actually experiencing more discovery encounters with myself as a whole person. I’m able to utilize more of an integrated self as I remain in nonresistant presence. I was fracturing myself with my Will and my fear.

There is a profound peace in the Now, a profound peace in the Eternal. I have had glimpses of this. Lived in it for days, afternoons. Certainly, lived in “it,” the unified-completeness more consistently as a young psychic child.

Yet, a long journey in 3D distortion and discord can diminish one’s willingness to trust in a Source Field of Love where every step is taken in nonresistance; and vivid present moment could actually be not only safe but profoundly wise.

My recent revelation of the term nonresistance, while I had heard it and used it many times before, suddenly and like a moon shadow moving slowly and gracefully off the face of the sun, caused a gelling and a unification with Source in me on a much deeper level.

A profound stillness and soothing peace filled me. I could see clearly how I would jump into the past and be filled with regret. Or think I was really being responsible about the future and be filled with anxiety, totally neglecting my life’s sacred Now.

Gee! that’s where the magic happens!

Because of life-times of earth body terrors, I have to admit my Will would not allow me to surrender to Source completely until my Now got so big it couldn’t be ignored.

The term surrender, go with the flow, be at One with it… same idea, but somehow the term ‘nonresistance’ passed through the barrier.

When I make my to-do list now, I don’t just plow through it. I listen to my stillness. If I’m using my Will, I will feel it. My will has a clear and distinct feeling. It feels like armor. It is a thickness between myself and the world. Without it I am not vulnerable. I am instead unified in Source guided peace. More of me is present for everything.

That little prompting I use when I listen higher during a reading, I experience it so much more fully now. I hear and feel and know when to act on something and when to wait. My discernment has sharpened.

I really didn’t realize that I was only intermittently plugging into Source because I thought I Needed to push through with my Will.

Let me be clear I cannot really ever be disconnected from Source, but I can separate my feeling beliefs and actions from a life more thoroughly expressed in union with the divine. A divine that has our perfect next step prepared for us. We are that Source.

The saying, “This too shall pass”. I heard it in terms of a linear stream of time recognition, with the impermanence of everything as it is certain to be different, whether for good or whatever.

So, with “brand new” (new to me) Eternal sense of Ever-Present time, I can hear it, feel it as an evolutionary morphing, a good thing getting Better!

That with a kind of off planet overview I might be able to gather more information, a much larger amount of information to realize the perfect transformation that everything is constantly undergoing. “This too shall morph”.

With love, Elizabeth

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Present Moment and Eternity — 2 Comments

  1. Mahala… Thank you for all that you do (and Dave too!), and for sharing Elisabeth’s revelations… May her shared experiences, help morph us all into our own full experiences with the; Divine, God/dess, Source, Universe, etc. that truly lies within… Namaste…

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