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The Magi

Guest article by Alison.

I’ve often found that its not what you know, but the order in which it arrives that brings it to life, and information which previously would have been very interesting suddenly becomes a lightening strike.

In my last blog I wrote about the Lion’s Gate 2019; as I perceive it a key moment in the opening of what is termed in Revelations the ‘Seven Seals’. There have been further revelations in the past month, the planetary movements of our time illuminating the awakening of Universal Christ consciousness with a feminine overtone.

Recently I have been house-sitting and a book called The Magi (published in 1996) by Adrian Gilbert called to me. Gilbert follows the journey into the Middle East of Gurdjieff, a Russian who brought the Enneagram Wisdom to the West and spent much of his life trying to find out who the Magi were and where they came from. The book has been electrifying on many levels and a number of chapters are spent exploring a sacred site in Turkey, in a remote Kingdom known as Commagene. A King called Antiochus created a living horoscope on top of a mountain of his and his father’s Mithradates I, official birthday 29th July 97BC. There is a statue of a lion with stars on its back and on the western terrace alongside the lion other characters representing the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter.

There is also a strange tunnel they discovered angled at 35 degrees which the Author, using astronomy software, was able to work out aligned to 29th July in the lunar calendar used in that era, when the sun would illuminate the tunnel. What is fascinating about this date is that the Sun aligns to Regulus the Royal Star, the Heart of the Lion that day, and also it marks the rising of Sirius. This is also as we know the Mayan Galactic New Year each year also linked to Sirius rising. There is a further date, the 26th May, when the Sun illuminates the tunnel in the annual calendar, and on this day it points to the outstretched hand of Orion.

No sooner had I read this than it came to my awareness that a very similar line up of planets is present at the this moment in time – the current stellium in Virgo which has emerged from the Lion’s Gate. On the 29th August the Moon was conjunct Regulus with the Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Juno in Virgo. The feminine elements in this stellium appear on many levels; Venus has replaced Jupiter in the original line up Antiochus used. The stellium is still linked to Regulus but the rest of the planets are now in Virgo. The Mars Venus conjunction and the presence of Juno both suggest the sacred marriage of male and female. The Seal of Solomon is represented by the Six pointed star which is the perfect, harmonious combination of Fire meeting Water and within the matrix of the Star of David, Christ Consciousness arises. There has been much healing to do on this gender issue historically – King David forced himself in an act of blatant adultery on Bathsheba and went on to arrange the death of her husband; thus in the beginning of the line of Christ himself we have a massive distortion of male female relationships. It has been in our own relationships, of truly honoring each other and honoring women as equals, that healing this karma has taken place and still continues to unfold.

Ceres the Mother Goddess, who I have over the past year also come to see as a major energetic part of Universal Christ Consciousness, has moved into conjunction with Jupiter at the Great Attractor (for more on this read my blog ‘Re-Genesi’s). At first the connection between Ceres, Goddess of Food and Attachment and our primal feelings of safety on this planet, may seem far away from anything to do with Christianity. However, when we perceive that Communion is the central teaching of Jesus, to be fed by spiritual bread and wine which transforms the physical body and releases us from the hold of the shadow, then the connections start to become clearer. Ceres and Jupiter are part of the Mutable Cross of Mars in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces and Hygeia in Gemini at the moment, and at the Full Moon 14th September the Moon is conjunct Neptune and Sun Mars lighting up the whole cross. Perhaps something will happen in the church on this day? Keep watch with longing in our hearts for the coming of something special and beautiful for the whole world.

More on the unfolding feminine energies. Have you been having connections with electrical storms lately? Pallas Athena the Warrior Goddess is opposing Uranus at the moment so we can expect some unexpected breaking free from chains for the female of the species and perhaps even Mother Earth too. Pallas Athena embodies qualities that have historically been assigned to men such as intellectual ability, physical prowess and leadership; if you have not seen the BBC series Gentleman Jack by Sally Wainwright then get hold of it as she is a perfect archetype of Pallas Athena for our times. It is based on the true story of Anne Lister, a remarkable woman who lived during the Industrial Revolution in Halifax, Britain.

Greta Thunberg with her epic journey by sea to America is another such young women embodying this archetype. It was wonderful to see how alive and responsive the young people in New York are too her message to take care of our planet. Nothing else matter now but to take care of the planet and each other.

At the Autumn Equinox 23rd September this year in the USA, Vesta is stationary conjunct the Pleaides. So too, from the priestess and shamans amongst us, we can expect a beautiful flow of pure, loving consciousness streaming in through ceremony, praise and song. Ritual this year to celebrate the harvest will be greatly magnified and appreciated by our Mother so make a special effort to get involved or plan a harvest meal yourself for friends and family. With Neptune squaring Jupiter we can expect the dissolution of the old forms to be especially powerful – watching the profound beauty of the falling of the autumn leaves is a wonderful metaphor for the process we as humans undertake in each cycle of dying back.

Saturn at the Autumn Equinox is perfectly conjunct the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node lines up exactly with Astraea and the star Sirius. This is the portal through which the new geometric forms or archetypes are transmitted, and as Astraea is the Goddess of the Golden Age and the refining of all planetary energy, this is a very good time to clear our inner temple to allow the new light body structure to anchor into our bodies.

Blessing to you all for the coming period,

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The Magi — 1 Comment

  1. You forgot the original sin of Adam expecting submission from God’s co-creation with him, Lilith… Hence later, Eve was created to fulfill Adam’s ego desires! Ego in essence is, “Me before thee and not what is good for “both” of us!”… Which exacts the continual gerbil wheel perpetuation of duality/ separation, rather than creating unity! Continual fascination in duality, preserves redundancies… Change focus from what was, to what Is, in true unified “Being”! Namaste…

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