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Sophia’s Dinner party by Alison

Lunar Eclipse 16th July 2019 22.38 BST

This is the second eclipse this year across the Capricorn Cancer axis and it is oozing divine feminine energy and rebirth. Venus is conjunct the Sun and North Node in Cancer, the primal connectedness of life. The Moon is conjunct the South Node in Capricorn with Pluto and Saturn in that transformational cauldron. As we experience the cracking apart of our realities, particularly visible in Britain and America in political polarization we have a big choice to make; reject the ‘other’ or extend the hand of hospitality.

At this eclipse Ceres the Mother Goddess has just entered Sagittarius where the new vision is formed. She is stationary which means her powers are magnified. The vision we have today will later come to take form in Capricorn. It’s vital to remember that every structure we have in our society comes from an idea first – so what do we want things to look like in a hundred years’ time for our children’s children? What we are aiming for is to have a real sense of an embodied ‘I Can’ to create the future in the present moment. The first step is allowing ourselves to dream. This can be very difficult as we are so conditioned to feel powerless and things are pretty much out of control in Western politics right now, so its difficult to feel positive about the future.

Underlying the driving forces of conflict in the world, and in our individual lives, is a fear of survival, the notion that unless we buy into the dog eat dog culture we will lose out, perhaps even perish. Ironically this fear is usually more pronounced in wealthy countries and wealthy people. But is this true, and could there be another reality beyond this? So much of the changes of the future will rest on food; our relationship to it, the quality of it and the way we relate to Planet Earth, the plants and animals as living sentient beings.

This story from Proverbs has many levels at which it can be understood. That which we reject outside ourselves we also reject inside ourselves. We are One Body of life in a shared web, and until we have wholeness the empowering ‘I Can’ may elude us.

This is a translation from Hebrew of Proverbs 9:1-6
(Taken from Desert Wisdom: The Middle Eastern Tradition by Neil Douglas-Klotz)

KJV: Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars:

From the primordial, chaotic “within”,
Hokmah – the breath of nourishing insight –
Has created a separate place to live:
By enclosing her unknowable, inner mystery,
Holy Wisdom has created an address for her Temple.

She has done this by dividing the dark,
Pushing from outside
until the foundation of her dwelling- the necessary ‘basic’ selves-join together by their own mutual attraction:
this natural union creates the first conscious “I Am”.

It goes without saying that we need to have the “I Am’ before we can have the “I can”. As the meal unfolds Sophia (Wisdom) kills the beasts and then eats them – in other words she transforms and integrates rather than rejects that which are her demons. She then sends her maidens out to find guests on the street, complete strangers so there also a sense of expanded hospitality; not just looking after me and mine but extending this to the alien, the other or the refugee even. Wisdom invites all to eat of her bread and drink of her wine.

This story is so important and of course is then echoed at the Last Supper. I often think faced with execution what would I do? Most of us would probably run for our lives, but what Jesus did was sit down and share bread and wine with his friends. One of them he knew would be his final betrayer, so there is this profound teaching that all belong at this table, even those we know will behave is a despicable way and will almost certainly do us harm given the opportunity. That is the very hard bit to do, to open our hearts at that level, but in the end that is perhaps the only thing which will transform this world of conflict we live in and bring true and lasting peace.

The story of Wisdom’s Meal I have used to demonstrate what Ceres is all about and her strong connections with attachment and food, and she is supported by a Grand Trine in Fire of Chiron in Aries and Mercury/Mars and Juno in Leo. If you can do one thing at this eclipse extend the hand of generosity to someone you would rather not. Say a prayer for them that they may know a more tender way of being and living. Praying for one’s enemies is an excellent way to begin to transform ourselves and is a natural way of opening our empathy and understanding of the ‘other’ in my experience.

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