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July Update

To my wonderful readers:

Did you have a nice Fourth of July celebration and are you enjoying summer activities? I had been enjoying summer until I ran into a little problem. I started to bleed profusely from my colon and ended up in the hospital for a few days. I had a blood transfusion and lots of tests, along with a colonoscopy. I am home from the hospital and am in the process of healing. I am still very tired so I will not be writing an article this month.

I did want to let you know that we are in a very critical time period as we go through this eclipse window. Mars, the planet of war, violence, fire, heat, and energy is now moving through the fire sign of Leo and is approaching a square to Uranus in a few days. The energy from this planet has already caused many fires, earthquakes, explosions and challenges between different countries.

The focus point of the Mars/Uranus square is the West Coast (already had quakes in California) and the Middle East where there might be some more angry confrontations. Mars will be in Leo until August 18, 2019. The positive side of this Leo energy will be the activation of our heart chakras. Leo rules the heart and the back. This will give us the opportunity to open our hearts to love energy.

The full moon eclipse will be on Tuesday July 16 at 2:38 PM PDT. Please keep your cool as we move through this next week. It will be a very challenging week for those who express negative energy. For those who can stay on a higher frequency it will be very wonderful energy. We will be moving out of chaos and things will start to calm down as we move into the fall months.

I woke up with a very interesting dream on the morning of July 3, 2019. I was told that the war between the light and the dark is over and the light won. This is very interesting because we were the last planet to experience war and now the whole Universe can manifest peace. No more world wars because that cycle is over. It is time to celebrate, although there is still some cleanup work to be done on Earth. Because the energy of war is over we are now moving into a higher frequency world. I have heard there will be a huge wave of light coming in soon that will change everything.

It is our choice to move into this higher frequency world or not. Those who choose to stay on the lower frequency Earth will now experience major earth changes. Uranus is in Taurus, which rules the Earth, and Uranus rules changes so there will be many earth changes during this transit of Uranus in Taurus.

Everything is frequency. The New World is just a thought away. What you think is what you create so please keep your thoughts on love and focus on creating the world you would like to live in.

I send you my love and I would appreciate it if you would also send me love energy. I need that right now so I can get well. Blessings to everyone!

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July Update — 22 Comments

  1. Hello Mahala, I am slowly catching up with emails and such. I also experienced the same symptoms at the end of June and it lasted several weeks although not as intensely. I had another erratic bleeding experiences several years ago attending a healing clinic at Charlottesville, VA.The circumstances around that led me to believe it relates to a release of some ancient experience for me and was an opportunity to make another choice. In this experience I worked with one of my mentors who had the sense it was a release of disease from some other lifetime. Not necessarily mine, but existing in my contract for healing. Many blessings to you as you journey through your reflections of this experience for yourself, aside from the obvious medical attention you received, but the deeper meaning and clearing that might be relevant as well. We are all clearing the planet of ancient ills as we rise to our newer awareness.

  2. Hello Mahala,

    I wish you a rapid recovery & lots of love so you can continue your wonder full work! Today, I discovered 2 Virgos who I always read their postings, you & Kari Samuels who just recently moved to Portland from San Diego; if you don’t know of her, I wish you 2 will meet soon! ( I’m also a Virgo, Sept. 10,’48; we’re the best & it only takes a Virgo to truly understand another 1, which sometimes makes life a little difficult!)

  3. Interesting; I am experiencing somewhat the same symptoms and am wondering what this is all about. Is it about not being able to “stomach” the BS (literally) anymore,and Uranus in Taurus is cleansing the lower frequencies (lower bowel)???? No puns intended. I had a major emotional release mid-June, finally felt freedom, and then I, too, started to experience these physical symptoms. I guess we’ll see. Maybe I had just been holding too much back so this is a major physical cleansing. I’m not quite ready to see the Internist as it hasn’t gotten to a critical point and I’m doing a naturopathic treatment. Hope you heal quickly.

  4. Dear Mahala,
    I hope you are feeling better and that you’ll get well soon.
    I often read your monthly update, which always offers me some good insights on how to deal with the days ahead.
    Thank you for all that you do!
    Please receive all my blessings and love and good thoughts.

  5. Sending loving healing energy to you, Mahala. Thank you for all your share with us.

  6. Sending positive thoughts and healing energy your way Mahala.

    Thank you for writing the Planet Alert. I love seeing it in my inbox the beginning of each month.

  7. Wishing you a complete recovery, Mahala! May you experience a peaceful month convalescing at home with your loved ones. The cool summer weather we’re experiencing this year is sure a blessing for the PNW and I hope it lasts through August. Noticing swarms of small quakes around Mt. Hood, St. Helens and Rainier today. . Take care

  8. May you heal quickly and completely with all your energy and health restored to you. Blessings and faith and prayer to you.
    Thank you for even taking the time to write the above.

  9. Hang in there Mahala and keep on being positive. I will send you all my living love and healing of the most beneficial frequencies for you and your health. Your messages are loved beyond measure and is always uplifting which is so important. Thank you beloved.

  10. Blessings and radiant light to you Mahala! May love enfold you and lift the density of this physical challenge up and out of your being. Thank you for sharing the wisdom that helps ground energy as we absorb the new frequencies.

  11. Much love to you, Mahala. May you and your body be filled with light and a full healing experienced. Lots of Radiant Love and Blessings to All!

  12. Dear Mahala, sure hope you heal fast and completely! There’s a lot of cleaning up and tying up of loose ends going on, so in many places in the world, it’s far from a rosy picture. We can only join our hearts in prayer and make impeccable choices in our daily life. Thank you for gifting us with your info and insight every month. Please mend and get well soon! xoxoxo

  13. Precious soul, holding space for you as you release that which no longer serves. Be gentle with yourself…..much love and light

  14. Dear Virgo-mate~~
    How very Virgo-ish of you to help heal the planet via your huge gut cleanse! Gratitude and blessings, and good wishes for a prompt balancing of your physical body.
    May your refreshed physical form bring you new and fresh perspectives and insights.
    Hugs, love and peace—Noël

  15. Dear Mahala, Your positive work and willingness to share your beautiful insights has always been such a great to all of us who follow you. Please take care of yourself. You are much loved.

  16. Dear Mahala,
    You are always sharing such informative, insightful and uplifting articles with us! I look forward every month to them. This month, let us send you our deep appreciation, gratitude, and love for all you give to us! I give thanks for Spirit’s healing current of Divine Life flowing through every cell in your body, making you every whit whole and well. Please relax, release, recupperate, re-energize, and regenerate! Love and blessings to you!

  17. May you be surrounded by the highest order of angels, filled with healing universal love light and blessings! We see you healed and whole, in your highest potential ✨✨

  18. Thank you for all that you share with us. I send you loving and healing light your way. Wishing all the best for a fast reovery, so be it! Blessings

  19. Blessings for a full healing and recovery!.. Colon is release: blood loss can be a loss of joy, or releasing that which no longer serves (which could be “anything” on any and all; levels, timelines, parallel universes, etc.)… May that which or was, be fully “gone”, and full healing ignite on all levels permeating throughout all seen and unseen structures!… Be Blessed comrade in Light… The Love that you are, is in everyone… May all Awaken within the purity of Light and Love we are… Namaste…

  20. Dear Mahala, thank you for keeping up writing to us despite all that is happening to you. I wish you all the best and a prompt recovery. Lots of love

  21. Dear Mahala, as I write this I am sending good love thoughts your way for healing; I enjoy your articles very much and look forward to them and know how accurrate they are just by observing whats going on in our country or beyond. my subscription must be due by now, just let me know so I can send the m.o. as before. thank you so much and may you heal wholesomely.

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