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Power In Awareness

By Mona Delfino @ Sacred Reconnections

I have been seeing and working with many people recently, and much of what I am working with is helping people open to “awareness.” I was also woken up at 3am the other morning with information to share about this topic. Even a lovely gent in Singapore who heard me on the Energy Medicine Summit wanted to know more about “how to be aware!”

So here is what I downloaded from Spirit for all of us to be more conscious: Consciousness IS awareness. However, expanded consciousness is a clearer focus of awareness. Most of us are very busy lately. To take time for ourselves isn’t always priority, however if we don’t, we are at risk for stress to increase, adrenal glands to keep pumping unnecessarily, we can lose sight of gratitude, and we cannot “pay attention” to what the signs are that are coming our way to become more aware!

When we take a little time for us, we hear better and then can receive more insights. Organizing priorities in your life have to include YOU!

In the “power of being aware”, we have to come first. Since we live our best lives the best we can, coming first is not selfish. In this case, it’s confidence, stamina, and awareness! Every moment of the day we have choices. What will you choose? We can easily get stronger, more flexible, and present in the moment. I cannot tell you how many times Spirit noted “being in the moment.”

Stress is big right now for MANY people! If we didn’t take care of issues from the past, we could be experiencing the need to do that now. Take time for yourself and enjoy! As busy as we are, we need play just as much! After all, we are all children coming back to our essence without being told what to do. When Jesus said, “You have to become like a child to enter the kingdom of Heaven”, why not live that in the NOW? Life is working for all of us, it just depends how aware you are of how to make the best of it, and create new choices!


Power In Awareness — 1 Comment

  1. How to be aware… Be in aw and you are, aw-are.\ A post from 2013… “You don’t have to look or search for your “Enlightened Luminosity” (Awareness, Being, Presence, etc.)… It is, has always been, and will always be/Be, a part of you! It lays wait in the silent stillness of your inner Being, gently awaiting for you to pause and open to it’s ever presiding Presence already residing within you. You are already One with All (and All Awareness)”…\ “Be still (let the mind be still) and know (as a direct experience) that I (your inner most essence) is God/dess “… Bottom line… Just open and Be… Namaste…

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