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The Unrolling of Prophecies

Hi everyone:

After my article was sent out last Saturday, I received four emails that I thought you might be interested in reading.

The first one is called Revisiting the Duono Prophecy.  This prophecy was made in 1944 and sums up what we have been going through for a long time. He said that the people who ascend to the new vibration Earth are the People of Love. There is an old Mayan Prophecy that said the ships of love would return on a total solar eclipse in Mexico on July 11, 1991.  This happened and people all over the world saw these ships because of all the videos that were taken at the time of that eclipse. [Dave: Found a video on this too UFO Sightings – Videos of 1991 Solar Eclipse]

It was prophesied by the Mayans that we would enter the energy of the sixth sun on that day and that would start a transitional period which would last from 1991 to 2021. The sixth sun in the zodiac is Virgo and that sign is considered the Goddess. In other words, this event ushered in the Age of the Goddess. You can liken the 6th sun to 6D which is the energy of magic and miracles. We will be moving into both 5D and 6D around the same time. I know that I have experienced many miracles in the past couple of years.

The second email is a picture of a ball of blue light over the volcano in Mexico. I think this is a very important sign that we have reached the end of one cycle and ready to move into the New Earth energy. The total solar eclipse in Mexico was in 1991. This picture was taken on a total lunar eclipse in Mexico and I think this is saying we have reached the transition point and ready to move on to a higher frequency earth. From 1991 to 2019 is over 27 years. Now is the time.

The third email is one that summarizes how important this total lunar eclipse was that happened here on Sunday night and I got to see it. Amazing experience. [Dave: Original is in Spanish, thus you’ll need to translate the Facebook post]

The fourth one is a picture from showing a meteor crashing into the moon at the time it was being eclipsed.

I also just posted a poem written by my friend Brian Roberts. He writes beautiful poetry and this one sums up what a lot of us have been feeling lately. Enjoy his creativity.

Lots of love to all of you,


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