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I feel that I AM

by Brian Roberts @ LifeseedCodes

A Life Seed Code Poem

Taking a breath into the new fresh space.

Within my heart a wholesome place,

Now that the freedom bells have rung.

New mantras to sing and songs to be sung.

No need to save the world anymore.

Or crawl down the street knocking on doors.

At home in the heart one can see the whole world

A journey of a thousand miles without moving an inch.

I love it.

I Ask, I Seek, I Knock and still muscles have not stirred.

The Still Small Voice uttered not a word.

There is pause right there between each and every breath.

I AM here in this place of knowingness.

It’s blessed.

It’s new; it’s fresh and delicious.

So what’s the deal, it is true and it is real.

No picture of Jesus on the wall.

Can’t find the Buddha anywhere at all

And yet everything is right as rain.

As right as rain.

Explanation: I have been a student of Ascension philosophy since the early 90’s. Many of us were wondering what was happening back then. There were comet’s coming through the sky and plenty of talk about the close of the Mayan calendar. Although I have mentioned in my books that planet Earth has become an initiation chamber, I had no idea that the upgrades would continue with such frequency and intensity, now well past December 21, 2012.  A short article in the January Quantum Awakening newsletter called the Messiah Code by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan inspired this poem. I made contact with her after I read her Messiah Code and explained that since the winter solstice of 2018 I felt like I had a vacuum cleaner attached to my crown chakra. It was intense. As I write this I AM only 36 hours past the Wolf Blood Moon eclipse of January 21.  The energies are still very intense.

Now something has shifted for me and I feel that I AM or it is translating more smoothly as I Ask, Seek and Knock in a new way. As service to Others people the one common mistake we often make is giving in a diminishing way. The quantum energies that are downloading into all of us collectively seem to be anointing us from inside out. The notes, tones and rhythms of this cosmic symphony beg to be simply indulged and resonated. They are free energies that are not asking us to sign up with any directives or restraints. Our simple, humble presence sitting at the feet of the Holy One in any form of God or Goddess or open sky, completes the circuit. I was awoken a week ago from a dream where liquid crystals were being placed inside me. They appeared to be seed crystals. When I planted some they took the forms of my desire, amazing gardens and structures of light.

I hope that this poem will light a fire in you and confirm what you already know that the kingdom is within each and every one of us. We can meet the Buddha and Jesus on the road and embrace in unity and equality. Or we can walk alone. We can take down the pictures on our walls past and open now the windows of Spirit in celebration, plain and simple.

Go ahead read the poem again and let it really sink in.


Brian Timothy Roberts

January 23, 2019


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