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~Opening Doors Through Perception~

Guest article by Mona of Sacred Reconnections.

A recent quote from Marianne Williamson states, “When someone’s life is in chaos, they can’t stop the chaos just by addressing what’s wrong on the outside. They have to address what’s wrong on the inside. Until we awaken spiritually, we can feel out of control.”

She of course, is also talking about America, but the concept of chaos is similar for the individual. Each of us are going through a new time, and leaving an old paradigm behind. THIS NEW YEAR coming in 2019 adds up to a 12, which is a 3. These are master numbers, relating to achievement and completion.  Our astrological events are helping us learn new ways of seeing life THROUGH the chaos. Whether it be in our own life or watching it in the world, our opinions and perceptions are changing.

The ticket to balance is in our perceptions! How we see the world matters, but how we see our self matters more. When we realize what we used to act like, respond to, or even take personally, it can be evident that those times are old and negative. Rising above the drama and chaos means we are no longer finding ourselves attached to whatever judgment we’re facing. Today, recognizing that there are many other realities, we certainly can expand our thinking and let go of aspects of our life based from childhood, or even early adulthood. Many of the behavior patterns we had were from survival and are definitely no longer necessary. If you are aware, you will notice many people around you who may still be caught up in the past, the old paradigm, or even emotional confusion. It’s so apparent to me.

I see that some people are finding themselves angrier instead of flexible!!

The NEW word for our growing perceptions is “flexibility!” You might call it “the F word”, as my previous mentor did! HA! However, challenging your old responses to someone else in any situation will prove to be beneficial.

“The root of all suffering is from attachment.” Buddha~

May you make new memories and lasting friendships in this glorious month of December!!

Blessings to all of you!!    Mona~



~Opening Doors Through Perception~ — 2 Comments

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  2. Thanks for this! Chaos has a purpose! It stimulates change. As you say, how we respond is up to us. Love your new (to me) “F-word”!!

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