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Obedience to God’s Laws

Guest article By Alison Dhuanna

I’ve set out with a provocative statement about this New Moon, because taking into account the Goddess Asteroids and the powerful energies at this time, the energy is all about the correct use of will. I’d like to explore from a place of curiosity more about God’s laws and what they mean to us, but first let me say why I feel this statement belongs with this moon.

Since January 2017 I have been following the movements of the Goddess Asteroids Astraea and Hygiea as they crossed the Galactic Centre together. I felt at this time they represented a new wave of awakening Christ Consciousness. What I mean by this is the energy of pure light that has always existed.  The Holy Spirit is a pouring out of love and creativity. It is also very much connected to the Holy Grail mysteries and the Earth’s Light Grid.

At this New Moon Hygiea and Astraea are surrounded by Mars the planet of ‘Will’ and Neptune the planet of ‘Dissolving’. Also, in the cauldron are Chiron The Wounded Healer (A strong archetype of the Resurrecting God).

Christ consciousness is growing ever stronger and is being expressed in many ways. The rebalancing of male and female is fundamental and is at the core of the opening of the Seal of Solomon. The Fire and Water Eyes are coming into perfect balance. This is a process that infuses our brain chemistry and our DNA and is also bringing fundamental imbalances in our attitudes and political and social systems to the fore.

Jesus came to Earth 2000 years ago to embody Christ Consciousness and show us what it was all about. He taught us the ways in which the collective shadow which we now wrestle with may be transformed. Jesus simplified the Ten Commandments into

Love thyself, love thy neighbour, Love God with all your heart and know that God loves you.

When we live life in accordance with love then we start to flourish. Wealth and status no longer seem that important because love brings a boundless sense of prosperity to our inner being. We experience true vocation, surrender, security and contentment.

Some of you may be reacting to the word God because it has a whole history of patriarchal misuse. For me God/Goddess have become one in my mind and so from being very focussed on the Goddess I can now say God without wincing. For those who feel ready, it’s time to reclaim these terms, to turn to the institutions that may or may not survive this big change and infuse them with new threads of life if this is your calling. I’m very excited about the new women who entered congress at the last election. They need our prayers to grow into big, healthy trees one day.

Others will be setting up completely new systems for the future. Both I feel are equally valid. It is seeing the whole picture of death and resurrection which now lies before us. Part of this journey for me has been deeply immersing myself in the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene. I can highly recommend The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity by Cynthia Bourgeault on this subject. Coming as a powerful voice of leadership from within the church as a respected Episcopal minister, Cynthia finds a middle ground between the more Gnostic, New Age interpretations of Magdalen and her invisibility in mainstream religion. This book is a wonderful example of how polarised thinking is being diffused in this period we are in now.

Let us take a journey deeper into what is meant by God’s laws and perhaps territory you may feel more resistant to. Recently I attended a workshop on what is called Godly Play – a combination of Montessori Education and the Bible. One of the stories I heard told was that of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt and the giving of the Ten Commandments. The story was told in such a way as to approach the laws in an open and curious way, a sincere and authentic enquiry of how they might apply to your life.

God gives us these laws as ‘the best way to live’. Not the only way to live, but the best. This is an opportunity to review for yourself which of these laws you feel are still relevant? Do you have life experience of breaking the laws or of others breaking them? Rather than perceiving God as either punishing or rewarding us, can we see how cause and effect come following the laws or not?

  1. Don’t have other gods before Me. (What other gods do you think we have today?)
  2. Don’t make idols. (who or what is your Golden Cow?)
  3. Don’t take the name of the Lord in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  5. Honour your father and your mother.
  6. Don’t kill.
  7. Don’t commit adultery
  8. Don’t steal.
  9. Don’t lie
  10. Don’t covet what others have.

I reckon one of the most forgotten of the laws in our consumerist culture is ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy. Medical science is showing us that lack of deep sleep and our billions of body clocks being out of synch have caused a great amount of mental and physical illness. This is a key healing area of the asteroid Hygeia, who heals through sleep and dreams. Winter is the natural time of rest in the northern hemisphere. Take the wisdom of the trees and apply it to your life, bring yourself back into alignment with God’s incredible fractal by allowing time for the sacred stillness. Know that you cannot make it on your own and you are not meant to. When we surrender, cleave our will to the will of God all will be well. Finally, in this surrendering we know ourselves as safe, as part of the One Body and our struggles cease because prosperity and wealth are not the same.

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Obedience to God’s Laws — 3 Comments

  1. A wonderful reminder at all times. Aim for ying/yang balance, love all as they are God Goddess. Take time and reflect on this Love and surrender to Christ will. Thank you.

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