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Planet Alert November 2018

We just watched a blue wave of women come to the foreground to help change the energy in the United States government. Our government has been male dominant for a long time and I think we have needed some soft feminine energy in a leadership role. Our election chart had Venus conjunct the moon (female energy) in Libra and both objects were opposing Uranus, the planet of light.

Uranus was also in a perfect square to the north and the south node on zero degrees Leo and Aquarius. The north node is now on 29 degrees Cancer which is the degree of “A daughter of the American Revolution”. That means to me that many women who were connected to the government in the past are back in power. The sun was on 14 degrees Scorpio on Election Day and that degree means “the need to establish new lines of communication.” What a nice way to start the New Year of 2019.

The good news is that Uranus was in a perfect square to the North Node on Election Day, which means women will now start to be heard more than they have been in the past. We are in the age of Women (Virgo) which started on July 11, 1991 when we entered into the sixth sun in the Toltec-Mexico calendar. That was the day there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico City and lots of UFOs appeared in their videos.  The transition period into the sixth sun lasts from July 1991 to 2021. This transition period has been very hard for many people. The Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987 started many people on their journey inside so they could start releasing their past and make way for the new energy.

We are now in the transition period of our old government to our new government which starts in January of 2019. During this two month transition period the energy will still be very chaotic because Uranus has gone back into Aires and will stay there until March of 2019. Uranus will again be doing a dance with Eris. Eris is the planet of chaos. She was first announced by Astronomers on January 5, 2005 right after the Tsunami happened in SE Asia. This is the power of that Asteroid Goddess. She has been activating one disaster right after another and Uranus has been helping her because they have both been in Aries.

Vesta, the very powerful fire goddess was conjunct Pluto on the November New Moon chart. That has brought forth some very powerful fire energy that has been expressed in California. Jupiter has also moved into the fire sign Sagittarius where it will stay for one year.  The first degrees of Sagittarius are expressed in southern California up to about San Francisco. Thus, the fires started when Jupiter moved into Sagittarius and they are very large because Jupiter is a huge planet.

I received an email this morning from a woman on my list that just lost her home in the fire. I have much compassion for those who are losing their homes and some people are losing their lives. Please send light, prayers or whatever you think will help to these people who are going through so many traumas. In fact, I think it would be a good idea to send light all around our beautiful Earth because there are so many Earth changes that are happening all over the world. We could also send light to Mother Earth because she is also going through much trauma. We could tell her we love her and thank her for being our home.

We experienced a solar eclipse on September 13, 2015 which was in the sign of Virgo. This was the beginning of the dark night of the soul for many of us because we entered a very dark period of time. The dark ones from the Astral plane were sent down to Earth to cause havoc for a period of three and a half years which will end in March of 2019.  The war that had been going on in the Astral (4 D) for a long time came to an end and the dark ones fell to Earth to finish the war energy here on Earth.

The dark ones were given total control and we have had to witness this event for three years now. I do see a changing of the guard with the Blue Wave of women who were elected to change the energy of the house to one of balance. That is a start.

With Jupiter now in Sagittarius we will see many more law suits, arrests, subpoenas, and court hearings. Sagittarius also rules the higher mind, schools, colleges and religion.  The Vatican will probably come to the forefront now because of all their accusations of sexual misconduct. The sun is still in Scorpio right now which rules sexual energy. On November 22 the sun moves into Sagittarius and the energy starts to change. The full moon also happens on November 22 at 9:39 PM PST and the moon will be conjunct Jupiter. This starts the energy of Sagittarius big time and Jupiter will be in that sign for one year.

There are other things that happen this month. Venus goes direct on November 16 and Mercury turns retrograde on that day.  Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius and this can bring up things from the past that needs to be settled like old law suits or things on that order.  This could either be personal issues or worldwide issues. Then Mercury goes back into Scorpio again on December 1 and stays there until December 13 when it goes back into Sagittarius. This energy brings much confusion or change of plans so please keep your cool when things do not go as planned, or your electronics go a little crazy.

I think that our president Donald Trump has to look at some issues from his past that he does not want to see. He has entered a very hard period of time with Saturn opposing his Mercury.  This energy will last until mid-December. Trump said he came to power to drain the swamp. What exactly does that mean? I think he has been doing that by bringing up all the corruption that has been going on in the world for a long time, and bringing it to our attention so we can learn from that experience.  We should be grateful that he came in to tear down the structure of the United States government. Someone had to do that and apparently it was his job. The old has to fall before the new can arise. He said he came to make America Great Again. I think this blue wave of women elected to the house are about to ignite that new energy.

I also think Trump had a very hard and unloving childhood and he has been looking for love his whole life.  This is why he became so angry. He has not been experiencing the love he craves to make him feel good so he expresses anger. This has been a good lesson for all of us because it has given us a chance to look at our own anger and release it. In the process it has brought up a lot of chaos. Can you imagine all those angry thoughts flying around everywhere so people can pick them up and then use that anger to hurt people?  No wonder the world has been in so much chaos.

Maybe some of us need to change the anger we feel toward Trump and send him the love he needs. We could also send this love to ourselves so we can also heal. The holiday season is here so let’s enjoy this season by manifesting love and just be who we are, which is Love.  Everything is going to be alright.   So Be It!

I wish everyone in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving.

*** Mahala Gayle ***

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Planet Alert November 2018 — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Rondah,
    It might not be completely accurate to say the house turned blue because of voter fraud – yet. Circumstantial evidence seems to be pointing to a few different places where it *looks like* voter fraud is happening. If fraud did happen in these three locations to the extent of changing the color, overall, the house still turned blue.

    Yet, by executive order, the DHS has until the 21st of December to compile their report regarding whether the election was influenced by foreign power or not. Thus, if there actual evidence of voter fraud, it will come out in that report. Note how that date aligns to the December Mercury Jupiter conjunction.

  2. Oh dear. The house turned blue because of voter fraud. Sorry I no longer listen to the crazy left

  3. Hi Paula, Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope you are open to some discussion regarding your comment. The three posters that you mention come across as real humans with real feelings and points of view. At least, I have shared emails with many of the people that post on this site and I haven’t found someone that intentionally trolls this site. If I find a troll, they will be banned. So far, some people (like the ones you mention) have felt strong enough to post a comment stating how they feel. Some of the posters are nice, others are not. I like to encourage people being nice so it is important that everyone choose their words with care.

    Keep in mind that Mahala has been warning people about this period of time for a *long* time. There are strong energies around that are influencing ALL of us that amplify what you and I all think about. This period of time will be a lesson for everyone as thoughts stir emotions which manifest things. The experience that people get out of this lesson is that we (all, or at least the people that know the manifestation process) will realize the power of our thoughts, because the emotion is here to create the manifestation.

    Stated differently, the energies from space (all around us) are amplifying the human ability to generate emotion (emotion comes from within). Likewise, the counter to this is, the energies from space are amplifying our ability to feel (perceive the emotion that others emit). We, as a single point of consciousness, are becoming more sensitive.

    Knowing that this is happening on a personal level, it should make you wonder how this might happen on a collective level.

    I will share my personal observations. When I stay disconnected from technology and don’t *think* about the latest ‘news’, I can’t help but feel great. When I connect and really *think* about what the ‘news’ is presenting, I can’t help but feel moved emotionally in a way that doesn’t feel natural to me. Knowing that people ‘present’ news and knowing that propaganda exists, I can’t help but wonder if I am being manipulated to manifest something that I don’t really want to exist.

    So, I ask myself, is my energy being manipulated by someone else?

    How can I measure this? People have the built-in ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. This is felt as being in harmony with your inner Being or being in discord. I want to be clear that it’s not being in harmony with what you want, but rather what is. Anyone with a mature spirit will understand this concept.

    Now, put this innate ability to use to see if someone is manipulating your energy or not.

    When I do this, my understanding is that there is an organized effort, probably by a small group of people that are using technology to manipulate the emotional energy of Millions of people so they can manifest what *they* want over what the individual wants. To me, it feels like a great misuse of our collective power. If you want to help them manifest what *they* want and what you feel you do this is not in harmony with what you are inside, are you doing what is right – for you?

    So, if you find yourself moved emotionally, ask yourself why so that you can make sure your energy goes where you want it to go rather then having it manipulated away. Do what you love rather than what you hate. Be the balance that you want to see in the world. Yet, all the while, know that everyone has free will to choose what they do with their own energy. My hope is that people will share their energy consciously rather than unconsciously. I have a feeling that this is a great collective lesson that humanity gets to learn.

    Hope you have a great day.

  4. I have been reading your columns for YEARS and you have always been very open in your view of bringing in the feminine energy and your quest for peace and equality on the earth for all beings. You have a gentle, beautiful soul and report the astrology as you interpret it, in a balanced way. It is unfortunate that ‘pat’ ‘amber’ ‘moonstars’ (clearly trolls bent on spreading their shadow message) have infiltrated your column and feel the need to create such polarity. I for one love your messages and hope you will continue to represent all that is possible in the new age of light.

  5. Hi MoonStars, The political energy that is playing out now is probably going to get even more intense in the coming weeks (see previous comment for end of November). As we go through this, we should all hold compassion and understanding for those that don’t see what the truth really is. From my point of view, everyone is being played for no one is allowed to see the actual truth. Technology has allowed the wicked to create anything that they want which puts them in a powerfully persuasive position. It is up to us to look within to find what is actually true. Once you find it, stick to it so that you can be the role model for others to be inspired by. If we all stick together – living, speaking, thinking and expecting the truth, the universe will eventually deliver it and we will feel the harmony again. … Thanks for commenting and how to see you in the comments more…

  6. Hi Ellis, Good observation. I think of Jupiter as being the influence of abundance so it amplifies everything that it comes into aspect with. Note that Mercury turns retrograde on the 16th of November. By the 27th-28th, it’s in a nearly perfect conjunction with Jupiter AND the Sun. This should be a very powerful conjunction being about 5 degrees Sagittarius. If you consider the classic mundane meaning that the Sun represents the rulers and Mercury represents communication (being retrograde brings up things from the past that were not dealt with properly) and Jupiter being the influence that says that there will be an abundance of information, specifically from the legal system or judicial system or religion or upper class or the wealthy, I would expect that by the end of the month you (and I) will have been bombarded with one news story after another that the ‘leaders’ are involved in and the focus should be on things from the past that were never dealt with properly. Also note that during the time of the triple conjunction, the opposite point on the map is the area from south western US (Mexican boarder with California and Arizona) all the way north to mid Idaho and southern Montana. When Jupiter moved into Sagittarius the fires immediately broke out in California which is directly under the opposition point for Jupiter. Yet, at that time, Jupiter was square Mars. Mars has moved on and the trigger is Pluto at a semisquare. Pluto is about dark secrets and transformation. Be prepared, the situation looks rough…

  7. I was wondering since Jupiter, the expander, just went into Sagittarius, if it magnifies the effects of Mercury’s retro there?
    “Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius and this can bring up things from the past that needs to be settled like old law suits or things on that order. This could either be personal issues or worldwide issues.”

  8. This column has turned decidedly political and I’m not vibing with your views. I feel Trump was born, even destined, for this job and he is the one best suited for the role. There certainly MUST be a dismantling of the decaying establishment to make space for the new. Yay Trump! Please no more politics in your newsletters or I’m out. Please.

  9. Hi Amber, Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all breaks down. Keep up the good research. Dave

  10. Pat………….many NEW people were elected to the House this past election. Change is happening but will take time, like the Senate. Open your eyes to what truly happened. Quit your old energy words, anger, accusations. Let light in.
    The energy of All is One is beginning to take hold for all of us and our Mother Earth

  11. There are many levels of awakening. Trump is a being of light, with a mission to clear the dark energy of this sector of the world. He is working in unison with other leaders of global government to dis-assemble the satanic circles of this planet with the Vatican being central and reptilian controlled and influenced. Circles that have infiltrated the world banking systems, governments, media, entertainment, food, medicine, educational, and child protective services. Children are their food – research adrenochrome and kuru. Many lightworkers are yet unaware of this because it has been carefully hidden for so long amongst the secret societies (skull and bones being one, who many members of our government are active long term members of), and if you are a TV watcher you are under the influence of MK Ultra mind control that is embedded in TV, and especially the media. If you are unaware of this, you have other levels of awakening to occur. The truth will be known to all.

  12. So all the blue ladies who rigged the votes for your blue democrats are wonderful and Trump is evil and NOT A WORD about the rapists who “won”, the bigamists who won, the outrageous voter fraud by the same people-demonic blue ladies like the ones admitting to committing fraud, then threaten to arrest anyone who tells on them. Is this an astrology reading or a spew from someone with Trump Derangement Syndrome????? Astrology as a political weapon IS NOT ASTROLOGY. You AND your readers deserve better than this distorted delusional spew…and no i am not a fan of Trump-just a person who is tired of the meta psychosis of the demon possessed leftists communists who call themselves democrats and think common decency laws do not apply to them.

  13. Hi Dawn, Thanks for sharing. The stars are indicating that there are strong emotional aspects coming up so I’m sure we will all be tested again. My suggestion is that we all find something/someone to love and make sure we focus on that for a while. It’s like a dark storm that has to blow over. Finding the ability to love will be how we will stay grounded. Dave

  14. It’s difficult to send love to those who are evil and tear down the fabric of society by promoting hate and lies. However, I will agree that Trump is meant to shake up the establishment so that those who have been asleep at the wheel, all their lives, begin to realize they have a part to play in healing the planet and bringing equitable solutions for new systems and peaceful co-existence. He is the egotistical sacrificial lamb and that takes a martyr’s mind. Not all martyr’s manifest as saints; others manifest as dark forces for dark causes they believe in which end up bringing opposite changes. For that, he deserves at least some humble contemplation on our part of his ultimate role in lasting change.

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