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Soul Connection Series

From Mona:

I am hosting a series called “SOUL CONNECTIONS” that you are welcome to join in with! There are different topics and replays for those who cannot tune in on the live call. Just go to the website (Sacred Reconnections) and sign up there, and you will receive the call-in number. THIS month, it’s on “The Meaning of Dreaming.” It starts at 4:30 PST. I hope you can join us!!

Details from her new website…

Soul Connections Details

Soul Connection is an Ongoing Series

 Through December 2018.

Connecting with your soul desires, Mona will help you work on your life purpose with monthly connections to the differing aspects of the inner work to reach your soul desires and purpose. Each month, Mona will delve into different aspects of ways to connect with your soul. She will help you to also connect deeply with your feminine power and create a stronger sense of self and creating a lightness of being.

** Replays available after the call. 

$10 / Month Online Session 

Sign-up available after each month.

  • September 21st – Crystal Clarity and Healing
  • October 19th – Hidden Fears / Shadow Self
  • November 16th – Thankfulness
  • December 21st – Opening to Your Higher Self: Year End Wrap Up: 2 hour call 

Let this month of August bring you a new receiving energy of that which is lovely, benevolent, and peaceful!

It feels like this event will be a fruitful one.


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