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Yellow Crystal Star – the Heart of the Swan

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Yellow Crystal Star marks the Day Out of Time on the 25th July and then we begin the Galactic New Year of Red Cosmic Moon with the longest Total Lunar Eclipse recorded this century. These momentous events lead us into the final 13 years of Purification in the Mayan calendar and the number 13 is going to be important for this coming cycle. In this final year of Purification, we can call upon the Waters of Life to baptize and cleanse us. I feel in the same way St John the Baptist came to prepare the people for Christ, we are being prepared for a new wave of Christ consciousness.

The number 13 embodies the Holy Mother, Father and child’ the Sacred Trinity of Life. In the Golden Mean spiral the third energy is that of synthesis. It is a wonderful thing to find the good in both the thesis and antithesis and depolarize situations. When our mind enters the realm of 3 we can see beyond the limited truth we are presented with to the spiritual abundance and peace beyond. The notion of the Mother as the Holy Ghost always leaves me with a feeling that something is wrong because a Ghost is only half there. This does however perfectly describe how many people are living right now. So many have given up on their dreams and talents, the life they were born to lead and out of fear and believing in the limited vision offered to us by a failed system are deeply afraid to live.

The good news is that we are receiving powerful transmissions, and I’m sure many Lightworkers are embodying and channeling this now, from the Swan Cygnus who is orientated north in the heavens. The ancients showed that Cygnus fell in the Womb of Nuit (see the video below). Science has shown that the unique radiation from Cygnus has been responsible for evolutionary leaps before in humanity and now the portal is open for a new wave of life giving radiation. I perceive that Yellow Crystal Star Day Out of Time is an opportunity to open your own portal to the Heart of the Swan. There are so many beautiful stories, songs and mythologies about the swan from which to choose. Ultimately the Swan is connected to the Soul and being connecting with our soul means living a full life. Below is a link to my own poem The Red Troubadour about 1.5 mins.

Recently this poem emerged in my morning writings and the image on the video from left handed drawing – both perfect tools for accessing your sub-conscious. The well-known book The Artist’s Way is a wonderful book to work with in Red Cosmic Moon year because it’s all about accessing the sub-conscious realms.

Pallas Athena is conjunct the North Node and Sun at this Total Lunar Eclipse. She stands upon the mountain quiet, still and composed with her Magenta Spear of Fire. Her Shield reflects the Sun just as the Moon does, and she is able to deflect and transmute negative energies in her environment and self through her mastery of spiritual martial arts.  She carefully considers how and when she will respond for maximum effect understanding the patterns beyond the patterns and the laws of cause and effect.

Ceres and Venus embrace in the green and fertile sign of Virgo the Earth Goddess. This is such wonderful healing energy for the feminine. In my last blog I wrote about the teaching of Jesus with the bread and fish which expanded exponentially. I have been working with this and it is wonderful and miraculous. How will we the Lightworkers and healers of the world feed all those from the Grail Cup so that they may blossom into God’s perfect creation? When we ask this question, we enter into the realm of service and may access this realm of abundance.

Astrology is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and your family and to align yourself with the Divine Mind. Mahala’s new community is a perfect way to get regular reports to keep you on track. Details can be found on the website. I continue to provide one to one chart readings, please email me at for details. Here’s what one of my recent clients said

WOWOW – Alison Dhuanna sure wished I was doing radio again – it would be so exciting to share with humanity your superior skills as a reader and counselor.  The upliftment and directive you bring to others allows them to see and experience to higher degrees a way to capture their natural essence within their soul and grow.

Alison, there are no words for what you have directed my way in support of this next part of my journey … it was truly validating. I have never known anyone with such descriptive ways of delivering techniques to master what needs to be on one’s plate. Tazz Powers

Here is a link to Andrew Collins speaking at a conference recently in Glastonbury about The Cygnus Key – its about 1 hour long

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