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Announcing Mahala’s Astrology Community!

Today, Mahala and I are announcing the launch of the Mahala’s Astrology Community. The focus of this community is to receive and learn about many of the different computer-generated astrology and (other) divinity reports. There will be a cost associated with signing up for the different reports, but most the educational information will be public.

I have put together a video with the hope of giving you a better idea regarding this offering.

Youtube link:

Please also notice that the main menu for this website has been updated. You will find the following new pages that are directly related to this new project.

If this is something that you would be interested in, please join the email list that we setup specifically for this functionality. You’ll see the signup forms on the top of these different pages.

Thank you all so much for the long-term support here at Mahala’s Astrology. I’m looking forward to putting together reports for many of you!



Announcing Mahala’s Astrology Community! — 3 Comments

  1. Hi William,
    If you have questions about this, send me an email. With community, the communication needs to go both ways.

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