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The Power of Non-conformity

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

In the next 7 months Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius in a challenging square to each other will be doing energetically something akin to an Argentinian Tango as the Earth’s Light Grid awakens at ever deepening levels.

Mars in Aquarius is the archetypal rebel, so it’s a good time to reclaim that part of yourself. This is a part naturally very active in adolescence as we define our values as a human being in relation to our family and culture. Historically non-conformists have led the way in bringing about the furtherance of social justice and have often had to endure persecution.

Reflecting on Mahalas’ last post about clearing the Akashic records, there is much to heal on this level. The non-conformists within us can make much progress when we recognise the role fear plays in suffocating this part of ourselves in apathy and despair. It is also a part particularly prone to addictions. The tobacco industry for example targeted women of a non-conformist nature. Unfortunately, over time we can see how these addictions acted to weaken those who perhaps had the most fight in them.

We arrive at a different place as Uranus moves into Taurus, moving deeper into Gaia and Solar consciousness. In the past few months I have become aware of the Non-conformist Christian movement that began in the late 1800’s in the Pennines where I live. It was and still is a wild place, still attracting non-conformers of a different sort. In this valley people refused to be told how to pray by the government and many non-conformist chapels were set up – a hundred to be exact in one small area.

These churches and their Sunday Schools were a massive leap forward in terms of ordinary people managing their lives for the first time. It was an early democracy and both women and many hundreds of children learnt to read who were otherwise consigned to a life of misery working in the mills. Today we take this for granted, but our ability to communicate with others – now globally as I am doing here – gives us a great power to send a message of social justice into the world.

The Non-conformist movements seem most relevant because we are going to experience another wave of this energy during this transit. If we want to see someone standing totally in their power as a Non-conformist Rev. Michael Curry of the Royal Wedding is a wonderful inspiration. There is still much Social Injustice around the world and there is still much to do to bring about peace and equality for all human beings. I also feel that Christianity is going to show itself to have much to offer as we undergo this collective Transfiguration. Christ was after all a Non-conformist to his very roots and prepared to stand up for his beliefs. It always seems incredibly ironical how much this is ignored by the mainstream church.

In the past year I have had one experience after another of Christ consciousness emerging from the Earth’s Light Grid – this is quite unexpected as I always seem to expect it to come from above – from heaven. Uranus in Taurus has the potential to free the energy of Gaia, and as is Uranus’s nature always has some surprises in the bag.

In Britain there has been historically a lot of locking down of the light grid, but there are many working on releasing that. Sometimes it was Druids themselves who shut down sites so that nobody could interfere with them. The Earth’s Light Grid is also intricately connected to the many churches across the country built on ley lines. It’s a fascinating time to see how this will all unfold.

This next six months nurture your inner rebel and notice fears that come up around your non-conformist nature. What are you afraid to say and why? How do you feel when somebody elses’ ‘non-conformist‘ contradicts yours? These are ways in which we can clear those Akashic records through mindfulness of our own fear.

One of my favourite non-conformist movements were the Wesley Brothers who spent much time preaching in this valley. There is a beautiful Octagonal Wesleyan chapel in Heptonstall close to where I live. John Wesley was one of the few preachers who had women preaching with him so he was very forward thinking for his time. Below is a link to one of my favourite Charles Wesley hymns- I love the verse where his dungeon fills with light and his heart breaks free from chains. This is how I feel myself. This to me is the essence of Uranus in Taurus squaring Mars in Uranus.

The summer eclipses are all connected with the Uranus Mars tango so blogs on each of those will follow in due course.

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 Reference: Valley of a Hundred Chapels by Amy Binns


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