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The Great Dissolution in Pisces

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

The activity in Pisces is at present quite remarkable with a line up of Sun, Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces connected in a stellium with Juno, Hygeia and Astraea in Aquarius. Energetically this feels like the alchemical stage of ‘Albedo’ and big changes are occurring energetically on our planet. The Full Moon across the Virgo Pisces axis was the pinnacle of the cosmic purification.

For those who have read my blog before I have talked a lot over the past 13 months of the conjunction of Hygeia, Astraea and Juno which marks the rising of the Holy Grail mysteries in the Earth and within the DNA of all life. These codes are found within what scientists have termed junk DNA, but once they receive the right signal it will become clearer what they are all about. They have been mostky linked to language abilities. This ‘Great Dissolution’ in Pisces marks a further important opening of these codes. The connections between Neptune, Chiron as the Fisher King and Venus as a Goddess of Love appear together in myths across cultures from Egypt to Iran to Britain to Norway to name a few. It therefore feels the archetypal patterns involved are truly global in this cosmic transformation.

This morning I went to my local Indonesian style café where I enjoy Puer tea after a dragon ley line walk. The perfect way to start the day. There has been a lot of snow in Britain at present so that in itself has meant a shift in energy. Everything has stopped for a few days and the world is white. As I sat sipping my ceremonial tea a book on the café shelves jumped out at me; Astrotheology & Shamanism: Christianity’s Pagan Roots. A Revolutionary Reinterpretation of the Evidence by Jan Irvin. We have just been discussing a walk called Jacob’s Ladder with a guy sitting nearby and I open this enticing book at ‘Jacob’s Ladder’.

Jacob’s Ladder is a very Neptunian theme as its about dreaming and rising to a higher vibration. The stone on which Jacob rested his head is one of the Holy Grail objects, the Stone of Destiny. Neptune is the planet of poets and musicians, the sacred artists who are changing the world. Astraea as Goddess of Golden Age and Sacred Arts is very much in resonance with Neptune along with Hygeia who attunes our body to the highest solar frequencies our body’s can hold.

Flicking through the book again it opens at a page relating to Pisces and an image of a Fish Man, a King called Oeanna from Babylonian times. I do love book divination! The Sumerian records say that the Fish people came to Earth to teach us how to live in accordance with Divine Laws. The dolphins and whales are their forms, now taken completely to the oceans. According to the Dogon Tribe in Africa, who knew about Sirius B long before astronomers had discovered it, the dolphins came from Sirius.  Joy, expansiveness and wonder are the feelings Dolphins and Whales generate for human beings which gives me a great sense of heart glow for the future. Whatever male postering is going on in politics, there is also a wondrous story unfolding and all that is asked of us is to listen. Where attention goes energy flows.

Chiron in this aspect is asking us to enter into ‘Wilderness of Soul’, one of the deeper teachings of this mysterious asteroid who defines how we liberate ourselves through Uranus from the limitations of Saturn. Wilderness can mean many things for different people. There is a lot of activity of shamans globally purifying the land and water – we are many people but one consciousness guided by the Creator in our diverse work. In this state of dissolution race, gender, sexuality and nationality become meaningless as all the old stories simply vanish and we experience the Galactic Mind. We experience the true meaning of Holy Communion, that we are one organism with One Body and One Blood. This is the end of separation when we have felt this in our soul even once. Wilderness is a place outside your usual boundaries and knowledge. When we consciously step across this boundary, which can feel both exhilarating and scary, we cross the threshold.

Here is a poem I wrote about a recent wild and wintery walk across the moors and the coming of Christ consciousness. Enjoy

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