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Rare Blue Moon Eclipse

Guest article by Alison.

The Total Lunar Eclipse on the 31st January will be a rare event as it is both a Blue Moon (the second full moon in a month) and a Super moon (making its closest approach to Earth). It is going to be chaotically potent and this is what it is going to do for us. Overall the theme across the Leo Aquarius axis is Creative Self and the Synarchy (Higher vibrational collective). This could be imagined as a Human Bee Hive with the Mother Goddess and Father Sun giving signals according to the light and seasons for changes to take place in the rhythm of the whole organism. Our priority aim as far as the cosmos is concerned is getting to where we can recognize the signals and act on them. It feels that there has been a shift and now we can longer think about purely our individual balance without considering the whole as we are in fact a cell of that organism.

Ceres is exactly conjunct the Moon at 11 degrees Leo. This will open a portal of opportunity to heal issues from childhood which impact our ability to blossom as an individual. Examples of what may arise for a deeper level of healing are wanting a greater sense of belonging and connection. Feelings may arise triggered by life events such as fears of rejection. Perhaps you have glorified your alienation status but that is no longer serving you?

If you go far enough back, even to your conception and womb experiences, energetic imprints may have been laid down which can now be transformed. A Total Lunar Eclipse brings things to the surface from the personal and collective shadow so it’s a good time to contemplate and honor the path of your ancestors, lay to rest things which happened which may not have been ideal but they were as they were. This eclipse really is potentially a reset button for the ‘magical’ inner child and this honoring of the past can be very transformative of family karma. If the only reason you can find to honor somebody is that it enabled your life to happen, then start there. Somebody was telling me about a program they saw of Trump’s family history which sounded not very conducive to him being a loving human being so perhaps too as he is part of the whole organism we can send him a wave of compassion down his ancestral line. The male line has learnt to be hard and rigid and only compassion, gentleness and kindness can provide the right conditions for that to relax.

Food and health are going to be high on the agendas of many this year. Rather than just ‘dieting’ and then failing we can go much deeper into the reasons why we sabotage our health, fail to nurture ourselves and don’t honor our bodies. Here is a link to a ‘Love the Body You’re In’ meditation I created from the Ceres teachings which will help to transform these patterns if you feel ready for that. The vibrant birdsong of Catalonia behind my voice is part of the neural re-patterning to be completely alive and in ones’ joyful, powerful voice. The voice is a good measure of the strength of your spirit in any moment.

Eat Mindfully’ Meditation for lasting change

Animal welfare is also likely to be high on the agenda and other environmental issues as Ceres is our Mother Earth frequency in the asteroid belt. Healing at a quantum level in the DNA sequencing is also likely to be an expanding field this year. My life has exploded into the Gene Keys at an enhanced level so I’m sure my blogs shall have more on that.

Conjunct the Sun in Aquarius at this eclipse is a stellium of South node, Astraea, Venus, Hygeia, Juno and Neptune. The transit of Astraea, Hygeia and Juno has been fascinating over the past few years. They are a cosmic union of sacred masculine and feminine expressed in the Chalice and Spear which drips the blood of Christ. The further I dive into it, the more it leads to attuning to cosmic frequencies at higher and higher levels. This will occur through DNA activations, mythical stories, light and sound attunements. I feel systems such as the Gene Keys are going to become more and more popular as people reach this vibrational level. Sacred arts will continue to be a wonderful way in which these new energies can be captured and expressed. Make creative space a priority this year, not just for you but for the evolution of humanity. Whatever you do, do it with presence, heart and creative genius. There is no relationship or job that this cannot be applied to.

In my previous blog, I wrote about the extraordinary synchronicity that the first 4 full moons of this year fall at 11 degrees and in a Master 11 year. After I wrote it I had a thought that our legs might be an 11 in our body, the left leg representing the feminine and the right the masculine. The next day in my Feldenkrais somatic movement class we started a sequence of balancing the legs and I’m feeling more and more that imbalances this year may show up in the legs. So, give the legs some love and feel each foot firmly on the ground each time you stand up. This will help to anchor you in your masculine and feminine self no matter which gender you are.

The Sun falls in Gene Key 19.5 and the Hexagram Advancing. Line 5 expresses themes around ‘Leadership’.  As Pallas Athena and Saturn are in a harmonious trine in the Earth signs this is a good time for practical steps and new forms of leadership styles to emerge.

Shadow: Co-dependence        Gift: Sensitivity      Siddhi: Sacrifice

Power animal: Pelican

The Moon falls in Gene Key 33.5 Retreat. The opposing themes of Advance and Retreat suggest knowing when to be active and when to be receptive, leadership in balance. As regards Ceres and self-nurturing, mindfulness practice in eating and food can be immensely helpful. Mindfulness is being aware of what is going on inside you are deeper and deeper levels, and using awareness and breath to transmute it. Again, it’s not a quick fix but it will bring lasting changes and when you least expect it, ‘Revelation’. The meditation practice above will help you slow down and connect with the energy of your food and learn to love what you are eating and not to eat anything you don’t love.

Shadow: Forgetting   Gift: Mindfulness    Siddhi: Revelation

If you would like a one to one reading email me at . Visit If you visit soon my video on Gene Key 26 and the Earth’s Grid of Light will still be in the live feed.

Love and blessings

Alison Dhuanna, Blue Spectral Eagle


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  1. Wonderful! Thank you Alison. Love the potentials you illuminate here. I was just outside here in California from 4:45 a.m onward, watching the last sliver of moonlight turn into the magnificent blood red moon. ✨

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