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Goddess Asteroids 2018 – Take Flight from Your Gilded Cage

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

In the beginning, God/Goddess created man and women as equals formed from the Earth, and having within them love, and spiraling galaxies of DNA.

However, Adam refused to respect Lilith as an equal and thus began a great distortion of human life. Eve, the replacement for Lilith, agreed to be submissive and not a whole human being in her own right – Eve exists to serve Adam. All women have a Lilith and Eve within us, and Lilith who is the archetypal equal woman who has her own creative source within her, is becoming stronger and stronger. Eve has been afraid to leave her gilded cage, but it is Lilith who will finally liberate her.

At Winter Solstice, the Rebirth of the Light was a very tangible experience in Bryn Celli Dhu in North Wales. Each year at the solstices the Sun enters the womb chamber, but this year was a very special as Venus, Saturn and Black Moon Lilith also aligned with the triangular entrance. Looking out from the cairn one looks up towards the Galactic Center and the constellation of Capricorn. The Sun enters Capricorn at Winter Solstice and at sunset enters the womb cave to fertilize the new cycle of life. Traditionally Capricorn is known as the sign of the third rebirth.

We enter 2018 with Saturn, Venus, Black Moon Lilith, Sun and Pluto in Capricorn suggesting that the breakdown of the old order and the institutions most of us have known all our lives will continue apace. New seeds are being fertilized and that it is Yellow Crystal Seed year makes this more important. Those who are most adaptable will cope best. Those who cling to their gilded cages will experience great fear. Such transitional times in history offer unique opportunities for breakthroughs for artists, poets, and philosophers to create the new values by which we will live in the future.

On the 31st January, there is a highly potent Blue Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse across the Leo Aquarius axis which will unleash unprocessed shadow material for humanity. I love the Goddess Asteroids because they always show the solution, how to move to the higher ground and ride these powerful cosmic waves. Ceres is exactly conjunct the Moon/North Node pointing us clearly towards Mother Earth and the importance of environmentalism, food and nurturing. The connection between high vibrational food and our spiritual evolution will start to become more and more apparent to people. I have created some meditations called Love the Body You Are In on my You Tube channel to open multi-dimensional ‘food’ consciousness and will continue to develop this theme of how we move into closer harmony in our bodies and DNA structure with Mother Earth. In the UK, its interesting how well high quality, organic and local food producers are doing. High end farmer’s markets are flourishing even in the recession and this trend is set to continue.

The Sun in Aquarius at this eclipse points to another major theme we will continue to explore from 2017 which is our relationship with ‘Time’ and ‘Creativity’. The Sun is in exact conjunction with Astraea the Goddess of the Golden Age. She is an equivalent of the Indian Goddess Sarasvati representing music and all that is beautiful. She is opening our multi-dimensional channels, freeing creativity and light languages, star gifts and sensitivity to cosmic energies. We have lived in a numbed-out state for so long that this process can be challenging for many people. We then also have in this conjunction Venus, Hygeia, Juno, Neptune and Chiron who will be in a dance together all year. Attuning ourselves to natural cycles is most important – as time speeds up people will literally feel squashed and incredibly stressed if they don’t take steps to connect on a deeper level with nature. It is a very big leap for many people to live out of human made time and my feeling is it’s good to begin living by both the natural clock e.g. moon cycles, night and day, seasons, Mayan cycles and by the human clock. Think of human made time as an invisible program which is controlling all of us and which we feel our survival depends. Time is a hard habit to break.

Also at this eclipse we see a dance of Vesta and Mars beginning in the sign of Sagittarius. This will be a year of energized activity of women in the realm of spirituality, reclaiming what was once the domain of the patriarchy. There will be resistance to this and later in the year both Pluto and Saturn will be joining this dance as it moves into Capricorn indicating challenges, obstacles to be overcome and the forging of new pathways for the Vesta archetype who is the ‘priestess’.

Pallas Athena the Warrior Goddess enters Taurus the Earth sign having liberated herself in the past 6 months through her journey with Uranus. I’m feeling that she is going to be a great support to Ceres the Earth Mother as an Activist in the year ahead and to Vesta in reclaiming her spiritual voice. She may also be an entrepreneur of new products which bring us closer to nature and wellness.

On the 15th February, the day after Valentine’s Day we have a Partial Solar Eclipse. The eclipse is conjunct Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage – also concerned with equality. Relationships are going to be hugely transformational continuing the past few years of alchemy in our inter-personal lives. Our greatest gift will be to see the bigger picture of change in gender roles and make our choices based on what we would like for the future generations.

On the 28th April Juno and Chiron, the Wounded Healer move into Aries together. This marks the beginning of a whole new zodiacal cycle for our relationships and we are going to be able to let go of a lot of old, dysfunctional stuff this year. The presence of Chiron will enable us to see deeper into the issues and our primal reactions. Where did they come from? How can we own our reactions without blaming or projecting onto others? Can we see the ancestral story in our relationships? When we can do this, we unleash the possibility of living without ‘dominance’ which has almost become second nature to us.

This need to dominate which we first saw in Adam extends to all life. The primal wound is between men and women, but it is not hard to see historically how some people have expanded on this ‘Adam’ complex and oppressed others out of a sense of their own right to do so and a false sense of superiority e.g. racism, homophobia. It also extends to the way we treat nature. The equality open to us now is the portal to a world of true happiness where nobody must batter somebody else down to survive.

I have been much intrigued by Gene Key 45 where the Shadow is Dominance, the Gift Synergy and the Siddhi Communion. Synergy is the being together with others in positive resonance. It’s a state that allows the creative genius of each person to blossom. When we sit in circles with the talking stick we create Synergy. Communion is a higher state of Synergy where the Oneness is experienced kinaesthetically with others. Through Holy Communion Jesus gave us his final teaching, that we are of the One Body and Blood. When we feel this, there is no way we can harm or oppress other people because we understand that we are harming the whole organism that is humanity and our Mother Earth when we do so. (Ref: The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd)

In April Pluto, Mars and Saturn move into closer conjunction in Capricorn so we may see the collapse of old structures accelerate.  Neptune is conjunct Hygeia so this is a particularly good time for working with re-attuning to cosmic time. A stellium of planets and asteroids supporting living in natural time and creativity continues to hover over this great point of Life, Death and Rebirth of the ending of Pisces and beginning of Aries in the zodiac. It marks the beginning of a whole new Epoch, the Third Golden Age and the coming of the Holy Grail.

In May Saturn comes conjunct Vesta in Capricorn and this feels a very positive time for women involved in spirituality to begin new projects or training and for men to support that. It may also be a time where the limitations for women become more apparent in these areas. Saturn always helps us to focus through being able to see clearly what the obstacles are. Perseverance is the greatest gift of Saturn ruler of Capricorn.

In June Juno comes conjunct liberating Uranus. This may result in the end of some relationships where equilibrium has not been able to manifest. It’s a make or break time to become free emotionally and mentally from the past cultural patterning or leave a suffocating situation.  It will be interesting to see how this manifests across different cultures globally. Ceres moves into Earthy Virgo which is a very happy sign for her and Vesta is now crossing the Galactic Center in a retrograde motion. The Galactic Center always seems to energize and bring new levels of insight to whatever crosses its path so that should be exciting for the Priestess archetype.

On the 13th July, there is a Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Pallas Athena has just moved into Leo along with the North Node. Venus and Ceres are conjunct in Leo so it feels a positive eclipse and portal for the Goddess energies. Chiron is in an exact conjunction now with Astraea so as is Chiron’s way may bring up wounds to do with this archetype. How is our less dulled down, sensitive nature coping with life? Are their harsh energies around us we cannot cope with? Do we feel creatively blocked? Do we and those around us value arts, culture and beauty? Astraea is travelling all this year still with Hygeia so it feels that our circadian body rhythms are a very important part of this creative re-attunement process. The processing unfolding are doing so within our DNA.

The most potent time of 2018 is the Total Lunar Eclipse of 27th July. It comes just 2 days after the Day Out of Time and coincides with the closest run of Mars to Earth. Mars is also conjunct the Moon along with Pluto so will exert even more influence as the portal of the eclipse occurs. Total Lunar Eclipses uncover sub conscious collective material and exert great forces on the water of our planet. Traditionally Mars has been seen by astrologers as bringing war and strife so this may be a scary time as explosive world events unfold. The threat of a global war feels like a real possibility. When we look historically at the breakdown of civilizations we see that they can become very desperate and brutal in their dying days. We can only be grateful that there are so many Light workers and good people here too who can hopefully hold the balance. Working with our own feelings of being ‘oppressors’ and the ‘oppressed’ is a real key for liberation this year. Make the choice to be part of humans fully and to bring people together in your community in ways that are supportive and nurturing. Create synergy all around you.

This year the Leo Aquarius axis is very important as many of the eclipses occur here. Leo is the Creative Self and Aquarius the Collective, so we are finding our personal connection and unique role in the collective. Our own personal story will become less and less important and the questions of how we can serve the greater good the more pressing question for our times. Even our most personal relationships are about the collective.

The final eclipse of the year falls on 11 August in Leo and conjunct Pallas Athena and Mercury. This marks an important victory in the ascension of the Warrior Goddess energy within humanity. Perhaps we will see women moving into more influential positions of power this year. Uranus enters the sign of Taurus and this may highlight environmental concerns.

In September Juno enters Gemini and lighter energies come into relationships. Ceres also enters Libra supporting this. It a good time to travel, to learn something new together. Astraea, Chiron and Hygiea move back into Pisces giving an opportunity to understand what we need to drop in the new Golden Age. What do you feel marks a Golden Age and what can you do to begin that process? Neptune ruler of Pisces also makes its closest approach to Earth in September bringing its spiritual lofty energies.

October is a great time to dream about the future as Neptune and the Moon co-join Astraea, Chiron and Hygeia. Dreaming is the beginning of all transformation so allow your imagination to soar. It may only happen in a few thousand years’ time but every dream helps the creation process. In a few thousand years’ people will look back and remember this time when the new Golden Age was opening. That is a beautiful thought – a world living in Peace, in Communion finally fully understanding the teachings of Christ.


Goddess Asteroids 2018 – Take Flight from Your Gilded Cage — 3 Comments

  1. I love alisons writing. .I have to disagree with the above comment for I see the balance in alisons writing but she does not shy away from the divine feminine. It’s powerful stuff and it’s a shame if anyone carnt see her wish for a balanced male and female world

  2. I’m not against the masculine at all. Inside the womb cavity at Bryn Celli Dhu my sense of the Divine Masculine embodied in the Sun is beyond words. Without the Divine Masculine and Feminine being in balance we have no hope of peace. Until Eve is liberated we have no chance of peace. I am not for women and against men. I feel though that perhaps the Divine Masculine is something men should write about and I wouldn’t like to make assumptions about this. I do wholeheartedly agree we have all been in both male and female lifetimes.

  3. Why does this writer dislike the Divine Masculine? Almost every post I read of theirs is anti male. It is not the way of today. Each one of us has lived as both. Each one of us are equal. Yet this writer makes out that men are a lower form of divinity in human form. I’m sorry that I came here to read the article now, I was once again extremely disappointed with the bias. I decided not to finish reading it due to the bias and inaccuracies, especially toward Lilith and Eve.

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